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Healthy lifestyle


People are being contracted with various disease daily as virus are evolving and mutating. The rate of virus evolving is shockingly faster than our medical progress, thus there are still many disease that medicine cannot cure. The only way to stay away from these disease is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One of them is to stay away as much as possible from radio wave releasing device such as mobile phone. Parents should advice them in this matter and even change their plan if they refuse to listen. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle
  • Advancement of technology not only bring benefits
    to us but also disease
  • Waste materials from factory are being disposed
    carelessly causing people to be infected
  • The advancement of medical field is unable to
    keep up with the pace where virus evolve and

  • Deathly disease like Ebola and cancer are still
    with no cure
  • Ebola outbreak recently has cause distress around
    the world
  • Although some patient recovers from it, there are
    still no official medicine for this disease

  • Doctors have warned us that medicine is not the
    cure to everything
  • Medicine is still a drug and people should not
    over consume them
  • People are required to practise healthy lifestyle
    in order to keep their body healthy and prevent
    from getting sick

  • First, people should not try drug or smoking
    cigarette. Smokers and drug addict should stop
    their action as fast as possible.
  • Smoke and drug contain tons of harmful substance
    which can lead to deadly disease and bodys
    system failure
  • It can cause addiction too, which lead the user
    mental and physical problem

Eating habit
  • Have balanced diet rather than junk food to keep
    your stomach full
  • Control your intake on salt, sugar and fats
  • Parents should avoid buying junk foods for their

  • One should eat plenty in the morning, moderate in
    the afternoon and less in the night as proposed
    by experts
  • We should eat according to the food pyramid to
    balance our diet

  • Limit the time spend on movies and online game
  • Addiction will result in bad eye sight and weaker
  • Mobile gaming are popular among people who have
    data mobile plan. They will not be able to
    concentrate in class or at work.

  • Participate in more outdoor activities like
    jogging, swimming, hiking or hanging out with
    friends instead of shut off in the room.
  • Adopt a rational mobile plan if you think that
    data plan is constantly disturbing your

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