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SAP HR online training | Online SAP HR Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India, Singapore


Hyderabad Sys is the leader in SAP HR Online training and ABAP online training courses in Hyderabad. We provide quality of online training and corporate training courses by real time facility and well trained software specialists. Our SAP HR online training is regarded as the best training in Hyderabad by students who attended online SAP HR training with us.We provide the SAP HR Online training in India, UK, USA, Singapore and Canada etc.. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAP HR online training | Online SAP HR Training in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India, Singapore

SAP HR online training
  • SAP HR online training Online SAP HR Training
    in usa, uk, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, India,

About HyderabadSys
  • Hyderabadsys Online Training Institute
    ensuring accomplished carrier in IT Industry.
    Hyderabadsys provides best online training for
    all software tools and technologies. We offer
    real time specialists with a successful track
    record in their field of expertise. Hyderabadsys
    introduced online training to reach worldwide
    students who wants to build their carrier by
    learning new technologies. We will provide online
    classes to the top corporate companies by IT
    Industrial experts. We specialized in providing
    best quality online services on java, dotnet,
    data warehousing, oracle and sap modules. Also,
    we provide project support to all IT
    Technologies. We are Providing Online trainers
    who are highly experienced and skilled. Learning
    online gives you the flexibility to set your
    study in free hours and save money on travel and
    accommodation. We offer 247 technical support
    and job support to the trainees even after the
    completion of course
  • About Course and Trainers
  • Our Trainers are certified and highly
    skilled in their technologies. Our Trainers
    provides online training with real time
    Methodologies. We provide sophisticated study
    material. Recorded videos of regular online
    sessions. Excellent Resume Interview tips by
    IT Experts

What is SAP HR?
  • SAP HR stands for "Human Resources" which can
    be called as SAP HCM which stands for "Human P HR
    represents "Human Resources" which can be called
    as SAP HCM which stands for "Human funds
    Management" and is among the biggest segments in
    the SAP R/3 system which empowers the effective
    management of details about th individuals inside
    an organization and incorporates this advice
    within outside program and SAP's segments. We
    define a business as an individual enterprise
    that works like HR, Marketing, fund, RD with sub
    sections etc. For any business workers or Human
    Resources are are seen as the most powerful
    resource. So to maintain the employee related
    data we need one process which assures accuracy
    and steady within the organization.Human
    Resource Management's essential endeavor is to
    enable powerful storage and management of
    employee data and also to create the
    organizational hierarchies, relationships between
    employees. Today from the Organization
    administration view, businesses can design the
    reporting structure among employees, workers to
    different business units' connections and a small
    business hierarchy.

  • SAP HR Online training provided by HyderabadSys,
    will give you thorough understanding about
    analyzing and managing information related to the
    various functions of HR such as Recruitment,
    Payroll, Personnel Administration, Time
    Management, Personal Development and
    Organizational Management. 
  • SAP HR online training is provided as a
    customized course by SAP HR certified real time
    working professionals. 
  • HyderabadSys is the leading provider of SAP HR
    online training with dedicated management and
    experienced trainers. HyderabadSys provides
    placement assistance and had provided
    opportunities for students and working
    professionals in various counties across the
    world. Placement is guaranteed for H1B, GC and
    citizenship holders.
  • The live instructor led SAP HR training will give
    you in-depth understanding and experience to work
    on any of the modules on Human Resources
    Information System(HRIS), Human Resources
    Management System(HRMS) and Human Capital
    Management(HCM).Contact us and get ready to
    become an expert in providing employee related
    analytics and intelligence with high efficiency
    and low cost.

  • What is SAP?
  • ASAP Methodology
  • About versions and Architecture
  • SAP landscape
  • HR in SAP
  • Why SAP HR as ERP Solution for a company
  • Enterprise Structure
  • Personnel Structure
  • Organizational Structure
  • Overview of Organizational Objects and Structures
  • Creating and interpreting positions
  • Relationships
  • Info type Maintenance
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Expert Mode
  • Reporting Structure

  • Hiring
  • Maintaining Master Data
  • Maintaining Info types
  • Orientation of Features and Configuration
  • Creation of Info groups
  • Configuration of Personnel Actions
  • Maintaining Info type Menus
  • Defaulting the User Parameters
  • Overview of Dynamic Actions
  • Maintain Number Ranges for Personnel Actions
  • Integration of Personnel Administration with
    Organizational Management
  • Overview of scenarios with respect to different
  • Exercises on hiring, personnel displays and
  • Employee Groupings
  • Configuration of Holiday Calendar
  • Configuration of Work Schedules and Daily Work
  • Configuration of Period Work Schedule and Work
    Schedule Rule
  • Generating Work Schedules Manually and Batch

  • Configuration of Payroll Area, Payroll Sub-area
    and Control Record
  • Generation of Payroll Periods
  • Absence Valuation
  • Time wage type Valuation
  • Pay Scale Structure Configuration
  • Wage type Configurations
  • Indirect Valuation Concepts.
  • Allowance grouping
  • Payroll Status
  • Payroll Process Overview
  • Deductions
  • Info type Maintenance
  • Tax Calculation and Verification
  • Overview on Payroll Postings to FI
  • Overview of Processing Classes, Cumulating
    Classes and Evaluation Classes.
  • Payroll Schema
  • Retro-Payroll
  • Variation of payroll with respect to countries

  • Workforce requirements, Vacancy identification,
    assigns Position toVacancy
  • Create channel of recruitment, give advertisement
    for the vacancy andObtain applications and its
  • Support for selection for procedure involving
    on-listing, InterviewResults offer or contract
    and acceptance of contract.
  • Maintain the applicant Actions, Activity,
    Application status etc.
  • Transfer of applicant data to master data on
  • Benefit Plans
  • Benefit areas
  • Beneficiaries
  • Benefit Providers
  • Benefit Parameters
  • Benefit Integration with Payroll
  • Related Features
  • Training and Event Management

Sub Modules and Features
  • Some of the Sub-Modules of HR
  • - Organizational Management-Personnel
    Administration-Recruitment Time
    Management-Payroll Benefits Compensation-Managem
    ent Personnel Cost-Planning Budget-Management
    Personnel-Development Training Event
    Management-Travel ManagementMany of these sub
    modules are further sub divided into many
    components like Time Management which is further
    divided into Time Administration, Shift Planning,
    Incentive Wagesand Time Sheet. 
  • 50 hours of Online Instructor led training on
    SAP HR module
  • 90 days of Online SAP IDES Server Access 24/7
  • Recorded videos of your sessions for future
  • Customized course materials
  • Certification guidance from real time industry
  • Job placement assistance in USA and India 

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