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Gap Year Courses - The Hurst Campus


Looking for Gap Year Courses in Cape Town, South Africa. The Hurst Campus offer Gap Year Courses in various fields such as hospitality management, hotel management, chef training, chef courses etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Gap Year Courses - The Hurst Campus

What are Gap Year Courses?
Initially, professionals or learners used to drop
a year in order to pursue a vocational course for
better career scope and this phase was known as
gap year.. Engaging in advanced academic courses,
pre-college math courses, extra-academic courses,
art studies, non-academic courses, travel
courses, culinary courses, language studies etc.
highlight topics of todays gap year courses.
Importance of Gap Year Courses
Gap Year Course in South Africa as well as in
other parts of world offer, read on the pointers
mentioned by us
  • Helps You to Decide On Your Future
  • It is an accepted fact that all of us grow up
    believing that good education can lead to
    successful career path and when the time comes to
    take the great leap, we might be confused with
    what best suits us. In such a point, you ought to
    go for a gap year and apply for a Gap Year Course
    of your interest only to decide whether you love
    doing so.
2. Gain Work Experience After the completion
of your Gap Year Program, if time permits before
getting back to university you can even apply
for interning or volunteer to work in a foreign
organisation. This work experience will boost
your resume latter on when you will be out
looking for jobs. Almost all companies and
organisations prefer candidates with prior
3. Explore the World If you are interested in
visiting various destination and love interacting
with people from varied cultures and communities,
then you should opt for Gap Year Programs that
specializes in travelling and tourism. This will
not only cater to your interest by opening up
scopes for better future but will also provide
you with an opportunity to explore the globe and
its beauty.
4. Engage In Professional Course Gap Years are
not year long vacation that you can sit idle at
home doing nothing. Rather it is a break that you
have opt for to figure things out or for the time
being relax from the day-to-day up and down to
school. So, to productively utilise your free
time, enrol into a professional course that are
coming up these days with positive scope for job
growth. Owing to your interest, make yourself a
part of any culinary courses, nursing programs or
tourism and hospitality curriculum.
5. Save Money There are some Gap Year Courses
that allows a student to earn college credit and
save some amount on tuitions. Whether you are
financially secured or not, it is a sure sign
that you will be happier to have some extra money
by the end of the year seeing to the dramatic
rise in college and university fees.
The Hurst Campus can save you from being puzzled
at which direction to move on. Whether you are in
need of higher motivation to enrol into
university, require personal grooming or desire
to explore the possibilities of future career we
are here to guide you through the safest path.
With our base in South Africa, we are an
internationally renowned Gap Year School that
assures young talents to be part of Gap Year
Courses such as Chef Training, Hospitality
Management, Hotel Management and other culinary
programs. We have experienced and specifically
chosen tutors and academics to not only simply
take care of the learners enrolled in our Gap
Year Classes but as well to turn each course into
a pleasant learning experience.
Thus be a part of our learning process to either
develop a new Skill or to polish and refine the
already existing one.
Questions BEFORE Taking a Gap Year
  • Why do you want a gap year?
  • What do you hope to learn from your gap year?
  • What is the emphasis academic, volunteering,
    internship, teaching, certification in a skill?
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