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Title: Clinical Research Training in Hyderabad - Ikyaglobaledu

Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management
Clinical research is the study that is
administered by researchers on human subjects to
understand drug interaction through clinical
trials. It is a branch of medical science that is
aimed at determining the efficacy and safety of
drugs, medications, treatments, medical devices
and aids, and diagnostic products. For more info
visit http//
It largely involves the investigation of drugs
and equipment that will be used to prevent a
disease, treat it, diagnose it or control it. In
clinical research, a research is required to
interact directly with patients. Clinical
practices employs established treatments while
clinical research establishes a treatment.
The science of clinical research is different
from that of clinical practice.
Investigations involved in clinical trials are
carried out in conformation with formal protocols
that determine exactly how the trials are to
proceed. Clinical Research Training in Hyderabad
The trials are carried out in phases. The first
phase involves the testing of a new drug, device
or treatment in a small group of subjects to
determine its safety, safe dosage range and
Phase 4 is the stage in which studies are
conducted after a treatment or drug is
distributed across populations to find out its
long-term effects and side effects.
  • The next phase involves the administration of the
    drug to a larger number of subjects so that the
    treatments efficacy can be ascertained and its
    safety established.
  • In the third phase, the treatment is administered
    to a large population of human subjects to
    confirm its efficacy, find out its side-effects,
    to compare it with other current treatment
    options, and to confirm its safety.

Clinical data management is that aspect of
clinical research that involves clinical data
entry, validation, verification and quality
control of data associated with clinical trials.
It is a critical aspect of clinical research in
which statistically relevant data is collected
from clinical trials for research purposes.
Clinical data management (CDM) involves various
activities that include designing and creation of
case report forms (CRF), annotations, data
validation, data entry, data extraction and
quality assurance.
It relies on a large number of skill sets ranging
from scientific, technical, to IT, engineering
and even interpersonal skills.
CDM involves the use of various data management
tools, most of which are web-based. Those wishing
for a career in CDM need to be able to conform to
stringent regulations and protocols. Data
management needs to be error-free in order to
ensure the validity of the research findings.
The courses may range from a few weeks to several
months. The classes may include both online and
offline training. Most institutes offer flexible
schedules in addition to one-on-one training
along with course materials.
Most training institutes offer integrated courses
for clinical research and clinical data
management, which may also include SAS training.
The training may also include internship programs
and on-the-job training. These courses have a
great scope for those interested in the field and
have the necessary background qualifications.
In order to ensure job guarantee, students should
make sure they develop their personality,
communication and interpersonal skills. Visit
However, in this field, as is the case in every
other field, jobs can never be guaranteed. This
is because while the courses are very much in
demand and professionals in the field are also
highly in demand, whether or not an individual
can acquire a job depends on how far he has
absorbed the training and has presented his
skills in front of prospective employers.
Courses taught by Clinical Data Management
training institutes in Hyderabad cover various
topics on the subject.
A good course module should include case report
form design, central laboratory data, clinical
trial monitoring, clinical trial preparation,
compliance and audits, computer system validation
(CSV), data entry, data management and
biostatistics, data management plan, data
queries, data validation, database design and
build, database finalization and extraction,
epidemiology and evidence based medicine,
essential documents and regulatory submission,
ethics in clinical research, financial management
of clinical trials, general introduction, medical
device trials, metrics and tracking, other
external data, patient recorded data, personality
development and communication skills,
pharmaceutical medicine, professional
organizations for clinical data management,
project and vendor management, quality control,
regulatory affairs in clinical research, role of
the clinical data manager in a clinical trial,
roles and responsibilities, serious adverse event
reconciliation, standard operating procedures,
study start-up, therapeutic areas, user
acceptance testing, and validation rules.
No training institute can offer 100 placement
guarantee but can offer 100 placement
assistance. So one must stay away from institutes
that claim 100 placement guarantee.
While choosing an institute for Clinical Data
Management training in Hyderabad, one must make
sure the faculty is well experienced in the
industry, rather just being an experienced
Placements depend solely on the skills exhibited
by the job seeker. Additional skills that can be
acquired by those seeking a job in the field
include knowledge of Encoder Pro, typing test
software, and Live Charts. There is no specific
eligibility requirement for the course.
Most of the students who opt for this course are
either graduates or post-graduates in
life-science groups such as microbiology,
biotechnology, genetics, etc. or are MBBS, BDS,
BHMS, BAMS, nursing or pharmacy graduates or
However, it is advisable that those seeking this
course should come from a life-science
In order to pursue a fruitful career in the
field, students should seek reputed institutes
that offer Clinical Research and Data Management
training in Hyderabad.
Some institutes offer their own certifications
while others offer certifications from other
bodies. Irrespective of the course taken or the
certification sought, students should strive to
develop their soft-skills as well as their
industry-based knowledge if they wish to further
their careers or acquire employment easily.
Among the various institutes for Clinical
research and Data Management training in
Hyderabad, Ikya Global Edu is one of the key
leaders in the industry.
It also strives to make students job ready
through an array of other courses and modules
that develop the personality, soft-skills and
interpersonal skills of students to get them
better placed in the job market.
The training institute offers 100 job assistance
and has trainers from the industry.
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