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Gait Analysis - For Healthy Joints


It is quite important to understand your walking and running gait to ensure health of your hips and feet joints. If your work requires too much movement of your legs, then ensure you maintain a good posture and gait while walking. This should be done to avoid health issues related to joints. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Gait Analysis - For Healthy Joints

Gait Analysis - For Healthy Joints
  • The evaluation and examination of walking style
    at a normal speed is known as gait analysis.
    Though it may look simple to you, but it is
    important to understand that walking, pace, step
    etc. have a great level of effect on different
    type of ligament and joint problems. While
    walking, you put weight on one leg and foot and
    then on the other one each time you take a step.
    Nobody gives a thought about this everyday
    activity, but it gives a whole new meaning to
    walking when you recognise the work of every
    single joint in your body.

  • Gait analysis is quite important to understand if
    your work requires continuous walking all day
    long. This should be done to avoid any harm to
    your body and complications in joints. Style of
    walking has a significant role in affecting your
    health because distribution of the stress is
    established by it on every joint from your waist
    to feet. Those who suffer from various issues
    with their legs think that some old health
    problem or working factor is responsible for the
    pain in the joints. They generally fail to
    understand that their walking or running gait is
    affecting them by putting strain on the legs.
  • You would find that there is no specific pattern
    or way of walking because proper gait appear in a
    wide range of types depending on the different
    physical attributes and body types. By general
    assessment of gait, it can be described as

  • Ensure that while taking each step, your heel is
    making a good contact with the ground and the
    base of your feet follows in rolling motion. This
    is followed by foots ball and toes helping you
    take the next step.
  • Your foot should not be slanted outward or inward
    when it touches the ground completely.
  • There should be no jerking motion instead a
    rhythmic motion should be produced by legs and
    hips stepping together.
  • With each stride, make a habit of moving your
    legs symmetrically.
  • Neither outward nor inward direction should be
    pointed by knees.
  • To improve balance of the body, your arms should
    swing uniformly and rhythmically in forward or
    backward position.
  • Do not slouch, but rather a relaxed and a good
    posture should be sustained by your body.

  • If you are suffering from joint pains and other
    problems in your feet and hips, then it is
    advisable to visit a physio and by searching
    online you can find a good one in Willoughby.
    Before starting the treatment, a physio would
    first analyse your gait by following ways
  • Would check the pattern of wearing on your
  • Your standing posture would be observed.
  • The physio would make you walk in different
    styles to observe your walking gait.
  • By running on treadmill, your running gait would
    be analysed.
  • The range of motion would be checked and analysed
    available at your joints from the hips to the
    feet. This is generally done to carry out a
    functional assessment.
  • The areas of your feet with high pressure would
    be checked.

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