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Eco Green Homes


Eco Green Homes: Going green means saving green – and a green Barry Andrews home means savings each month, an investment that will keep your family happy for a lifetime. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Eco Green Homes

  • 8 Clematis Way
  • Conowingo, MD 21918
  • Phone 443-987-8325
  • FAX 443-731-1801
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  • Well it has been a year since Al and I moved
    into Murphys Run. I just wanted to drop you a
    quick note to let you know that I truly have
    never been happier.
  • You, Barry, Brian and your staff have been
    absolutely terrific. I can't believe we found
    such a wonderful community to live in. Thank you
    again for building my dream house! You guys are
    the BEST!
  • - Jacki Bader

  • Barry Eve,
  • On a sunny day we drove by and discovered a very
    special place (Murphys Run). Thanks to you two
    for helping make our happily ever after.
  • - The Collins Family

  • Barry, Eve and Staff,
  • What an absolute pleasure it has been working
    with you for the building of our home. Everyone
    we have dealt with has been fantastic and it has
    been a very enjoyable experience.
  • - Eric, Laura, Olivia and Ava

  • Barry Eve,
  • Words just cant tell you how happy and blessed
    we are to be able to live in one of your homes.
  • - Diane and Larry

Green Home Trends The Easy to the Extremely Hard
  • It is the IN thing nowadays. You hear just
    about everybody claiming they have a green home
    and exclaiming to the world how much they help
    the environment. Were not really here to discuss
    whos doing what but were here to list down the
    easiest and some high-level green home trends you
    can apply to your house.
  • Update your bulbs
  • We all know that incandescent bulbs are already
    out these days. Change your standard bulbs with
    CFLs or LEDs. Studies have shown that you not
    only help the environment, you are also doing
    your wallet a favor.
  • Energy-star appliances
  • Thinking of buying a new appliance? Then check
    out the ones with the Energy Star rating. This
    is one of the simplest and most practical start
    in going green. These appliances are not only
    designed to reduce carbon footprint and
    greenhouse emissions but also conserve energy
    usage. Some of these products may even mean tax
    rebates for your green efforts.

Green Home Trends The Easy to the Extremely Hard
  • Reuse rain water
  • No, you dont need a state of the art water
    capture and filtration contraption for this one.
    Just install a rain barrel to catch all the
    runoff from your roof and gutters and use them in
    your garden or cleaning the car.
  • Go geothermal
  • We are not going to produce electricity here but
    installing geothermal tech on your house means
    you will spend less on keeping your house warm
    during the colder seasons. Geothermal technology
    refers to tapping on the frost line below the
    ground that stays on the same temperature range
    all year round. It is costly but the tax
    incentives and the long term savings you will get
    will be more than enough to pay it off in the
    long run.
  • Solar panels
  • As kids, we have always been fascinated with
    solar-powered calculators. Now that we are adults
    and because technology is moving forwards, we can
    now have solar-powered homes. Compared to 5-10
    years before, using solar power for our homes is
    relatively cheaper these days. Although still not
    for everybody price-wise, solar energy for homes
    is a good way to cut electricity costs and
    greenhouse emissions.

  • Trusted and Recognized as a Quality Builder since

  • Your familys life revolves around your home.
    Its where you raise your children, where you
    keep them safe. Its where you gather, where you
    cook up holiday meals, where you laugh. Your home
    is where you make many of the memories and
    traditions that you will past down to generations
    to come.
  • Choosing a builder is crucial when looking to
    build your families dream home. There is no room
    for error when putting together the space that
    will define your family. And because the Barry
    Andrews Homes team builds each home like its own,
    you can rest assure your finished product will be
    nothing short of perfection.

  • When building with our family, we will all be
    committing to build an environmentally
    sustainable home. Our team uses Energy Star
    labeled products and Energy Star appliances. Plus
    Energy Star approved light fixtures, CFL bulbs
    and water efficient fixtures.
  • Our heating and cooling units are properly sized
    for your comfort and for air quality. Barry
    Andrews Homes always uses green products, such as
    low VOC paint and adds plenty of windows for
    natural light, reducing the use of artificial
    light through the day. We also use native plants
    and vegetation for landscaping.
  • Going green means saving green and a green
    Barry Andrews home means savings each month, an
    investment that will keep your family happy for a

Eco Green HomesWhere are we building?
  • "Cecil County Maryland can best be described as
  • the best of both worlds."

Where are we building?
  • The beauty of the country-sides and the
    accessibility of being right off of I-95.
  • Located along the upper banks of the Chesapeake
    Bay. Once you have boated and drove around and
    sampled some of the fruits from the local
    orchards, fresh poultry and dairy products from
    our local farms we are sure you will agree...
    this is a wonderful place to raise a family.

The Barry Andrews Homes Team has Moved!
  • This week, we've moved our model home from
    Murphy's Run to our newest Cecil County
    community, The Woods at Spring House Station.
  • Come check out the fabulous, fully decorated
    model to see the amazing features our award
    winning company has to offer.

Open Daily!
  • Noon - 500 p.m. Appointments Recommended
  • 8 Clematis Way
  • Conowingo, MD 21918
  • Contact Eve
  • for Details at
  • or call
  • 443.987.8325.

Over the river and through the woods...
The Woods at Spring House Station that is!
  • Come check out Barry Andrews Homes' new
    groundbreaking community in Cecil County, MD.
    Just minutes from I-95!
  • Hook up the horse and jump in the sleigh! Head
    to The Woods at Spring House
  • At this time, four lots are available. The
    largest lot is more than three acres. To check
    out the lots, or to reserve one, contact Eve at
    443.987.8325 or

  • 8 Clematis Way
  • Conowingo, MD 21918
  • Phone 443-987-8325
  • FAX 443-731-1801
  • http//
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