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ADHD Treatment App


Revolutionary ADHD Treatment APP from MindMed Is Now offered For Download – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ADHD Treatment App

ADHD Treatment APP
How This APP Useful for You
By Cerebra BrainTech
Revolutionary ADHD Treatment APP from MindMed Is
Now offered For Download
  • MindMed has launched a revolutionary ADHD
    treatment App which is the first one of its kind
    in the market. The application is fully based on
    the science of neurocognitive training which is
    considered one of the best and most effective
    natural remedies for treating ADHD in children as
    well as in adults. Every feature of the App has
    been designed specifically to improve symptoms of
    ADHD. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive
    Disorder, is a neurodevelopment type of
    psychological disorder that appears in both
    children and adults.
  • ADHD blocks the executive functions like
    cognitive abilities involved in learning,
    behaving, communicating, decisionmaking, and
    self-management. The ADHD App, developed by
    MindMed, particularly works on these aspects of
    cognitive abilities and strengthens them, making
    it one of the most effective neurocognitive
    training processes. This application can be very
    effective even in adult ADHD treatment not only
    children but also adults suffering from attention
    deficit disorder or ADD can reap great benefits
    from this App. For adults not suffering with
    symptoms related to ADHD, this App can be a great
    way to improve their capacity to focus and make
    decisions. The ADHD treatment App of MindMed
    improves learning skills, helps in developing
    self-discipline, and increases alertness and
    clarity, and the application can be used by
    anyone of any age who wishes to improve on his or
    her mental skills.

  • The ADHD treatment App is a digital
    neurocognitive treatment procedure for children
    and adults afflicted with ADHD symptoms. The
    application has its base on peer reviewed
    scientific literature in the fields of
    neurocognitive technology and cognitive sciences,
    and it took around a year of research for MindMed
    to come up with this particular App according to
    the proven techniques of ADHD treatment. Studies
    show that folks with ADHD are usually
    intelligent, but suffer from some cognitive
    impairment to apply the intelligence into work.
    With the application of neurocognitive training
    processes such as video games, the impairment can
    be improved to a great extent. Neurocognitive
    therapy based computer games are already
    available in the market, but they are a costly
    affair and need a PC to run.

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