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8 easy weight loss tips


Try these 8 easy weight loss tips next time your thinking on embarking on your next diet – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 easy weight loss tips

8 easy weight loss tips
  • Today I'll be sharing with you 8 easy weight loss
    tips that will only require a small lifestyle
    change to see definite results.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • For any of these tips to be truly effective you
    must take ACTION, this is probably the main
    reason people don't see results.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 1. Don't eat until you are full, the trick is to
    aim for 80 fullness. This can be easier said
    than done, especially when we have spend most of
    our lives eating until we feel full. Our brain
    though takes 20 minutes to realise that we have
    reached capacity, so in reality we can consume a
    huge amount of food before our brain tells us we
    have had enough.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 2. Try not to eat 3 hours before your bed time,
    if your cravings get the better of you then eat a
    piece fruit and most definitely keep away from
    processed foods.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 3. Have frequent meals, you should be aiming for
    five to six small meals a day. Getting into this
    way of eating has many benefits. You reduce the
    big hunger pains that come by eating three times
    a day. It also keeps your metabolism humming
    along nicely which works on digesting and burning
    excess energy.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 4. Reduce or eliminate soda drinks from your
    diet. The amount of sugar these drinks have is
    phenomenal, even some orange and pineapple juices
    can have large amount of sugars.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 5. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before
    meals can help to reduce your hunger and giving
    you that fullness before sitting down to a meal.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 6. When ordering a meal dont order the sides,
    these extras taste great and are great with a
    nice burger but they contain mostly saturated
    fats and unless you work out daily the calories
    will simply be stored as fat.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 7. Drink green tea instead of coffee, we tend to
    drink at least two coffees a day and many have
    more than that. Green tea contains caffeine which
    will still allow you to get you fix but has many
    benefits such as increasing your metabolism and
    reducing bad cholesterol, to name a few.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • 8. Eat more wholefoods and less processed foods,
    this will make it easier for your body to digest
    the foods you eat and will help you stay regular.
    Many of the stomach disorders in the western
    world are caused by too much processed foods in
    their diets. Populations that base most of their
    food on whole foods tend to have a lower rate of
    diabetes and heart disease as well.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • However you decide to approach these tips is up
    to you but as I explained earlier without action
    your will so no results. Remember the adage The
    definition of madness is doing the same thing and
    expecting a different result.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • Apply some or all of these tips and you will see
    results. You can pick up my 7 step approach to a
    healthy lifestyle FREE ebook here. This will arm
    you with everything you need to change your life
    around and stay fit and healthy forever.
  • Heres the address for the FREE ebook
  • http//motivateyourselftoloseweight.blogspot.com

8 easy weight loss tips
  • One last point I would like to make is, dont
    forget to let your hair down once in a while,
    dont deprive yourself completely of foods that
    you love. I suggest that once a week you indulge
    in something that you enjoy, even if it is highly
    processed or high in sugar, just pick a day and
    enjoy the little pleasures in life.

8 easy weight loss tips
  • Ive really enjoyed sharing these tips with you,
    for more motivational healthy tips and articles
    you can visit my site How to motivate yourself
    to lose weight.

8 easy weight loss tips
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