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Learn the importance of continuing your education after high school. ... You can get a cosmetology license at Lincoln Technical Institute. Yes or no? ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Junior Career

Junior Career College LessonSearching for Your
Next Path
  • Howard High School Student Services
  • Mr. David Glenn School Counselor
  • Mrs. Jan Bornstein School Counselor
  • Mrs. Nicola Hildreth School Counselor
  • Mr. Matt Mindel School Counselor
  • Mrs. Sonya Sutter School Counselor

Junior College Night
  • WHEN Thursday, March 12th
  • TIME 630pm
  • WHERE Cafeteria
  • WHY To learn about necessary details required
    when completing a college application to learn
    Howard Highs transcript process
  • GUEST SPEAKER Chip Saltsman, will share his
    expertise on the college search, application, and
    financial aid process.

What Will We Do Today?
  • Learn the importance of continuing your education
    after high school.
  • Begin thinking about your next path after high
  • Learn the five paths called Gateways
  • Use resources to find information regarding
    4-year college, Community College, Tech School,
  • Discuss the Transcript Request Packet timeline
    and forms to be completed before the end of the
    school year.

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Why Education is IMPORTANT
  • It is the key to your future.
  • Provides knowledge and skills that you can use
    for the rest of your life.
  • Can help you obtain your dream job.
  • The more you know, the better you understand the
    world around you.

Why Education is IMPORTANT
  • The more educated you are the more choices you
    will have.

Why Education is IMPORTANT
  • The more years of school you attend, the more
    you are likely to make.

The Five Gateways
  • High School graduation is just around the corner!
  • Have you chosen your next path?
  • There are 5 options to consider after high
    schoolcalled gateways

The Five Gateways
  • 4-year Colleges Universities
  • 2 year Colleges Community Colleges
  • Technical Professional schools colleges
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard

The Five Gateways
  • Full-time permanent jobs
  • Combination of two or more part-time jobs
  • Contract services on short-term basis
  • Carefully monitored work experiences with
    intentional learning goals
  • Start a business
  • Buy a business
  • Take on a franchise
  • Consult or freelance

What are you going to do after high school?
  • Many educational options after high school.
  • Your choice should be based on
  • career goals, abilities, interests, and the
    amount of schooling desired.
  • Education and/or training are never completed
  • Consider all 5 gateway options. Refer to hand-out.

Gateway 1Preparing for Career College 11th
  • Spring Researching visiting
  • Summer Requesting catalogs, applications and
    interviews as well as researching scholarships
  • October - PSATs
  • January - PSAT Interpretation
  • May - SAT I
  • June - SAT II

Preparing for Career College12th grade
  • September Sign up for fall SATs or the ASVAB
    (usually October November)
  • Senior Interviews w/Counselor
  • Get recommendations from teachers
  • Get Transcript Request Packet
  • Begin writing college essays
  • October Visit with college/trade technical
    school reps in Student Services as well as Howard
    County College Fair
  • Sign up for December SAT I or II or ACT
  • Early Decision info in to registrar by October 1.

Preparing for Career College
  • November SATs
  • Applications with a January 1 deadline are due to
    the registrar by Thanksgiving
  • December Scholarship search, SATs
  • All applications with a January 15th or February
    1st deadline should be in to the registrar by
    December 1

What Colleges Look at in Prospective Students
  • ACADEMIC RECORD which includes Grades/GPA and
    course of study.
  • Recommendations
  • Class Rank
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Essay
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Interview
  • Community Service or giving back to the community
  • Diversity

College Entrance Tests
  • 210 510 Howard Highs school code
  • SAT I
  • SAT II
  • ACT
  • AP

Choosing a College/Technical School
  • Two year, four year
  • Campus environment
  • Offer your major
  • Co-ed, male, female
  • Admissions criteria

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College Visits
  • Schedule an appointment
  • April/Spring Break of grade 11
  • Return in the fall
  • When students are on campus
  • Plan ahead to see coach, faculty member or areas
    of interest
  • Bring an unofficial transcript
  • Bring a comparison worksheet
  • Ask questions
  • Phone to cancel

Tips for College Visits
  • Always call to schedule a visit. Dont just show
    up on campus!
  • The best time to schedule a visit is during the
    week so you can see what the campus and classes
    are like.
  • Consider an overnight visit if the college allows
  • Schedule a meeting with an Admissions Officer if
  • Have a prepared list of questions to ask both the
    admissions officer as well as the tour
    guide/students you meet on campus.
  • Eat in the Dining Hall.
  • Send a thank you note to the admissions office no
    more than 48 hours after your visit

The Interview Process
  • Do your research! Be prepared to both ask and
    answer questions.
  • Arrive at the interview about 15 minutes early.
  • Be yourself and try to relax.
  • Dress neatly.
  • Avoid um, ah, like, etc.
  • Be prepared for tough questions.
  • Know why youve chosen the school and what you
    have to offer them.
  • Evaluate school while fresh in your mind.

College Applications
  • Types of Applications Common, On-Line, School
  • Appearance is KEY!
  • Most schools require a social security number
  • Fill out draft copies of the application and
    essay before doing the final
  • Make copies of anything you send out
  • Make sure you enclose the correct amount in
    application fees
  • Make sure you mail them in a timely manner

  • If a student is interested in participating in
    Division I or Division II college sports, they
    should see their coaches for information
    regarding the NCAA Clearinghouse registration

Transcript Request Packet
  • What is the Transcript Request Packet?
  • Timeline
  • Forms that must be turned in before the end of
    the school year (Friday, June 12)
  • Student Credential/Academic Resume
  • Counselor Input Form
  • Optional Parent Questionnaire

March Gladness
(No Transcript)
The ASVAB is
  • A) a new boys band
  • B) a reality tv show
  • C) a test you can take while in high school to
    measure your chances for success in the military
  • D) a flu virus spread by contact with chickens

Which of the following are options if you decide
to continue your educational training?
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • College/university
  • Technical, or trade school
  • Training through the workplace
  • Military training

Which of the following is NOT a branch of the
armed services
  • A) Coast Guard
  • B) Marines
  • C) Army
  • D) Navy
  • E) Notre Dame
  • F) Air Force

True or False
  • Historically Black colleges are located in every
    state in the U.S.

  • In your personal essay colleges would like to
    students to share (choose as many as apply)
  • ideas and opinions
  • significant interests, commitments, and
  • events that have affected your school record
    (good or bad)
  • a listing of all of the extracurricular
    activities on your academic resume (credential)
  • critical and abstract thinking abilities
    demonstrated through writing ability

True or False
  • Students with documented disabilities may be
    eligible for accommodations when taking the SAT.

Which of the following may not be useful when
making decisions regarding college and career
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • College representatives
  • Magic Eight Ball

True or False
  • Military academies enable you to earn a four year
    degree while pursuing a career as a military
    officer. The junior year is the best time to
    explore opportunities at the academies.

When writing an essay, it is helpful to
  • focus on an aspect of yourself that will show
    your best side
  • write about your greatest assets and achievements
  • remember to use the active tense
  • speak positively
  • avoid going to extremes

True or False
  • Colleges will generally not permit students to
    use accommodations in classrooms or on campus.

The most reliable sources for copies of general
books of interest are
  • at the public library
  • in the media center
  • in the student services office
  • under your bed
  • at Borders
  • in your best friends gym locker

True or False
  • When thinking about a possible career, getting to
    know yourself in this process is a waste of time
    because theres so much to decide!

Choose the best answer When planning your
career goals, you need to
  • ask your lifelong friends
  • gather facts, ideas, and other information
    related to your decisions
  • talk to your principal first to see what he or
    she thinks
  • none of the above

True or False
  • Students should rely on the college advising
    office to make sure that they receive any
    necessary accommodations.

Its a great idea to take a(n)___________ test
when trying to figure out what you want to do in
  • Drivers test
  • Interest Inventory
  • Nap
  • Math
  • Aptitude

True or False
  • Talking to your counselor is the only way to find
    out about job possibilities after high school.

True or False
  • You must be in training for up to 6 years if you
    decide to enter an Apprenticeship program.

  • For the SAT college entrance test, the acronym
    stands for_______________

  • For the ACT college entrance test, the acronym
    stands for_______________

True or False
  • Its wise to take the SAT or ACT without
    preparation the first time, so you can see how
    well you do in comparison to your peers

True or False
  • When applying to colleges, it is VERY important
    to mail your applications well before the

  • A fast and convenient way to register for the
    SATs or ACT is_____________

True or False
  • When choosing teachers for letters of
    recommendation, you should only choose teachers
    from which youve earned the highest grades in
    their classes.

True or False
  • Since the year 2000, most colleges require
    formal interviews.

  • The best way to research scholarships is
  • ask a recent graduate to get the most up to date
  • pay a private organization to research thousands
    of scholarships tailored for just for you
  • visit student services ask your counselor for
  • visit a local bank with your parents for detailed

True or false
  • Grants are specific scholarships that you must
    pay back over a five year period.

When you hear about financial aid, we always hear
about the FAFSA which stands for________________
  • Federal Application For Federal Student Aid
  • Free Application For Federal Student Aid
  • Free Advice For Student Applications

The following are loans for students are
recognized at most banks
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • PLUS Loans
  • Federal Stafford Loan
  • All of the above

True or false
  • Work-Study is a financial aid program designed
    to help you pay for school as you work on campus.

True or False
  • the state of Maryland has a variety of
    scholarships for students.

True or False
  • The Academic Common Market is a consortium of 15
    southern states that allows non-resident students
    to enroll in specific degree programs at in-state
    tuition rate, if the programs are not offered in
    their home state.

The following states have several colleges with
programs for Students with Special Needs.
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • None of the above
  • All of the above

How can you select the training that is right for
  • Flip a coin
  • Ask about the admissions policy
  • Find out if the school is accredited
  • Get all policies in writing
  • Check out the instructors qualifications
  • Ask about job placement

The following options are offered at Abbie
Business Institute
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Executive Secretary
  • Information Processor
  • Legal Secretary
  • Paralegal Studies
  • All of the above

True or False
  • Maryland does not have any culinary schools

True or False
  • You can get a cosmetology license at Lincoln
    Technical Institute

Yes or no?
  • Can you get Federal Financial Aid for attending a
    technical school?

What personal characteristics should you assess
when trying to choose a career?
  • a) strengths
  • b) weaknesses
  • c) abilities
  • d) all of the above

  • Name 1 adult you should consult with about your
    future plans.

How many occupations are recognized by the
Department of Labor?
  • a) more than 10,000
  • b) more than 15,000
  • c) more than 20,000

Who is the best person in the school to help you
evaluate an interest inventory?
  • a) counselor
  • b) principal
  • c) friends

T or F
  • Taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude
    Battery (ASVAB) test means that you have made a
    commitment to the military for a short period of
    time after high school.

T or F
  • Students who choose to enter into a trade or
    technical program earn salaries that are
    competitive or even higher than 4-year
    college-level entry positions.

T or F
  • HCC only offers 10 types of trade/technical

Which of the following is not a private career
school in the Baltimore/Washington area?
  • a) Lincoln Tech
  • b) American Beauty Academy
  • c) Abbie Business Institute
  • d) all of the above

  • A writing sample, otherwise known as an ________,
    is required by most post-secondary institutions
    for admission.

  • If required, make sure that you take either of
    these two tests by the beginning of your senior
    year. Name the two tests.

  • During your senior year, what month should you
    see your teachers for letters of recommendation?

  • What is the 1st month we offer the SATs at
  • a) September
  • b) October
  • c) November
  • d) December

T or F
  • The college process is not a very busy time for
    you and causes minor stress and anxiety

  • What is the first month that we can submit our
    FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid,

T or F
  • Ideal college plans are made at the very last

When is the best time to file college
  • a) as early as possible
  • b) 2 weeks before the deadline date
  • c) 1 week before the deadline date
  • d) it doesnt matter as long as it is turned in
    on time

Where is the best place to store records and
copies of information that are vital to your
college application packet?
  • a) on your computer
  • b) on a flash drive
  • c) in a folder
  • d) none of the above

Which of the following is the 1 complaint of
college admissions counselors in regards to the
college interviewing process?
  • a) poor resumes
  • b) lack of preparation for interview
  • c) inappropriate dress
  • d) weak handshakes

Complete the following The best interviews are
  • a) the kind where you do not talk a lot
  • b) the kind where you do talk a lot
  • c) phone interviews
  • d) conversations

When is the best time to visit a college?
  • a) over winter break
  • b) during the summer
  • c) on the weekend
  • d) on a weekday during fall or spring semester

Which of the following is an example of an
excellent question to ask during a college
  • a) what percentage of freshman complete their
  • b) what percentage of classes are taught by
    graduate assistants
  • c) would I be able to have someone else
    interview me?
  • d) both a and b

This type of letter lets you know how much
financial aid your college is going to offer you?
  • a) award
  • b) acceptance
  • c) eligibility
  • d) none of the above

This type of application is used by more than 100
colleges with the primary purpose being to reduce
the amount time you spend composing multiple
  • a) generic
  • b) basic
  • c) universal
  • d) common

  • ______are known as units of measurement that
    institutions grant for fulfilling course
    requirements and you must complete a certain
    number of these to earn your degree.

  • Name the 3-letter acronym that can be determined
    by adding up all of the points earned in each
    course and dividing by the total number of
    courses taken.

  • This is your main area of focus in college.

  • An outright award that does not have to be repaid
    and usually requires the student to apply or be
    nominated for.

The official record of your high school course
work that is required by all post-secondary
institutions is known as your
  • a) final report card
  • b) transcript
  • c) historical grade sheet
  • d) cumulative coursework evaluation checklist

True or False
  • Howard County Public Schools does not encourage
    using Echoices or collegeboard.com as a way to
    research colleges and careers. When answering,
    please state your reason.

Start thinking today
  • Important to begin thinking about your next steps
    in life
  • Think about your next path NOWdont wait until
    your senior year to begin the process.

Searching Your Next Path in Life
  • Log-into your computer
  • Type your log-in and password (your id without
    any zeros)
  • Click on the internet explorer icon and find
  • Student Sign Insign in
  • Site ID 28513
  • Password o6113ps2
  • Click on Choices Planner
  • Under LEARN click School Finder
  • On the left-hand side of page click 1st tab, Key
    Facts to select what you would like in a school
  • When you select your interests scroll to the top
    of page and select next tab, Admissions
  • Continue with all tabs until you are ready to
    click, See Your List of Schools at the bottom of
    the page.

Searching Your Next Path in Life
  • Narrow your next path search with your interests.
  • Compile a list of at least 4 schools.
  • Complete Possible Next Path Interest hand-out.
    List characteristics for at least 4 schools of

Junior Career Lesson Searching for Your Next Path
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