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February 6th Ash Wednesday ... February 7th Thursday after Ash Wednesday ... February 8th Friday after Ash Wednesday. St Josephine Bakhita born in Darfur, Sudan. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diocese of Nottingham

Diocese of Nottingham SCHOOL PRAYER BOOK
NOTES This prayer time is intended for use in
form period time.   It can be used as a resource
to support busy teachers in the vital task of
developing spirituality in young
people.   Leading The Prayer The settling and
preparation of the class for a brief prayer is
very important. Ideally the desks should be
clear. The students can be invited to rest their
head in their hands or put their head on their
folded arms on the desk. Ask the students to be
quiet and still for a moment before starting the
prayer.   Structure A scripture reading from the
day a prayer   In addition there could be
added   a Common Prayer from the page
opposite   A blessing to conclude prayer     Feel
free to improvise and ask for intentions to be
prayed for at the start   Acknowledgements Front
design with thanks to G Sfougaras St Pauls
Catholic School.
Icon of
Christ painted after a pilgrimage to Mount Athos
Monastery, Greece.
Adopted as the Icon for prayer for
Vocations, Nottingham Diocese  Readings are from
The Lectionary (Cycle Year II), Sundays Gospel
reading (Year A - Matthew) or adapted from the
Good News Bible Form Blessings adapted from
Blessings for teachers by Fr David OMalley SDB,
Thornleigh College, Bolton.  
Glory be to the Father and to The Son and to the
Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and
ever shall be world without end. AMEN  
Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be your
name your kingdom come, your will be done on
earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our
daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us and lead us
not into temptation but deliver us from evil.
Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with
you blessed are you among women and blest is the
fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of
God pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of
our death. AMEN  
Use one of these prayers each morning
Prayer of St Richard Day by Day, O dear
Lord, three things I pray, to see you more
clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more
nearly Day by day  
Prayer for the dead Eternal rest grant to them O
Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May
they rest in peace. Amen
The week of ASH WEDNESDAY         
February 6th Ash Wednesday Jesus said No-one
will know you are fasting except your Father in
heaven, who sees all that is done in secret and
your Father will reward you. (The Gospel of
Matthew) Lord, help us to listen well in the
service today, so that we may feel your presence
in our lives and grow closer to you.
Amen   February 7th Thursday after Ash
Wednesday Jesus said If anyone wants to be a
follower of mine, let them renounce themselves,
take up their cross every day and follow me.
(The Gospel of Luke) Lord, help us to follow you
each of the days of Lent, even when times get
hard. Amen.   February 8th Friday after Ash
Wednesday St Josephine Bakhita born in Darfur,
Sudan. Kidnapped at 7 and sold into slavery,
ending up in Italy. She was baptised in 1890 and
took the name Josephine. She managed to win her
freedom and became a religious sister, working in
a local school. She was loved by the children and
all who met her. She was made a Saint in the Year
2000.   This is the sort of fast that pleases
me, let the oppressed go free, share your bread
with the hungry and shelter the homeless. (The
Prophet Isaiah)  Lord help us to be thankful for
all that we have in our lives, but may we always
remember those who are still in slavery. May we
do all that we can to bring freedom to everyone
we meet. AMEN   
BACKGROUND Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of
the churchs season, known as Lent. Ashes are
marked on the forehead in the sign of a cross as
an ancient sign that the 40 days of fasting and
preparation for the Feast of Easter has begun.
Lent is a time to look at our lives and be
prepared to change to follow Gods will
First Week of Lent
Monday 11th Our Lady of Lourdes World day of
prayer for the sick Jesus mother said to them
Do whatever he tells you. (Gospel
of John - full account of the Miracle at Cana
John 21-11) Compassionate healing God, we pray
today for all who are sick or injured. Let your
hand of healing and protection be upon them. May
they know you are with them today and hold them
always in your loving embrace. Amen (Adapted from
the World day of prayer for the sick 2008 prayer
Sr Jane McConell OSF) Pray for all who care for
the sick in our diocese especially the Sisters of
the Little Company of Mary in Nottingham and the
Presentation Sisters in Matlock.   February
12th Jesus said You should pray like this Our
Father in heaven, may your name be holy, your
kingdom come your will be done, on earth as in
heaven. Give us today our daily bread, and
forgive us our debts, as we forgive those who are
in debt to us. And do not put us to the test, but
deliver us from evil. (The Gospel of
Matthew) Lord, we were taught by Jesus to call
you our father. We want to love you as your
children by the way we live our lives. Help us
today to work for the coming of your Kingdom, to
try and forgive people and to not be led into
evil. Amen     
BACKGROUND The Gospel reading for the First
Sunday of Lent from Matthew 41-11 speaks of
Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert.  
Wednesday 13th Be merciful to me, O God,
because of your constant love. Create a new heart
in me O God, and put a loyal and generous spirit
in me. (Psalm 5110) Lord help us to change our
lives in any way we can to become better caring
people. Send the Holy Spirit upon us so that we
may grow closer to you and be generous with the
gifts and talents you have given us.
Amen   Thursday 14th St Cyril St Methodius
Patrons of Europe Brothers born in Salonika
about 825 AD. Translated the Bible into the
Slavonic language. Methodius was a Bishop in
Hungary. St Valentine for the romantics! Jesus
said Your light must shine for all to see, so
that seeing your good works, they may give praise
to your Father in heaven. (The Gospel of
Matthew 516) Lord, help us to look at our lives
today. Do people see good works in us and thank
God for us, or do they see darkness and thank God
when we leave? Loving Father help us to be filled
with your light. AMEN  
Friday 15th CAFOD FAST DAY www.cafod.org.uk If
you are bringing your offering to the altar and
remember that you have something against someone
else, leave your offering and go and be
reconciled with them, and
then come back and present your offering. (The
Gospel of Matthew 5 24) Lord, help me to be a
real friend to those around me. May I be someone
who tries not to argue or fall out with people,
but tries to build peace with those I care about.
On this CAFOD Fast Day may I think of those in
our world who struggle to survive. I give
something up today for them as my offering. AMEN.
CAFOD FAST DAY Lent is a time for personal
reflection and for changing ourselves.
Our theme is to think about changing the
way we relate to creation.
many CAFOD-funded projects, people are caring for
the earth and seeking alternative livelihoods.
Its not about lifestyles - its a
matter of survival. If we believe
creation is a gift from God to be cherished, then
climate change is a dire warning that we should
be treading more lightly on Gods earth. We're
trying to live sustainably ... are you?
Second Week of Lent
Monday 18th Jesus said Do not judge, and you
will not be judged yourselves, do not condemn
you will not be condemned, grant pardon and you
will be pardoned. (The
Gospel of Luke 637) Lord, sometimes we judge
people wrongly, perhaps because they annoy us or
they are different to us. If we are to build a
world, a country, a family, a school, we need to
stop judging and start understanding. Help us to
understand people better. Amen. Tuesday
19th Jesus said The greatest among you must be
your servant. (Gospel of Matthew 2312) Lord we
are used to seeing great people as rich and
famous celebrities and the risk is to want to be
like them. But you teach us that the only way to
true happiness, in this world and the next is to
be of service to others. Help me this day to find
some way to be of service to someone.
AMEN. Wednesday 20th A blessing on those who
put their trust in the Lord, with the Lord for
their hope. They are like a tree by the stream,
that thrust their roots into the water, when the
heat comes the leaves stay green and do not
shrivel up, and never cease in producing fruit.
(The Prophet Jeremiah 17 7-8) Lord, help us to
put our trust in you, even though trusting you
may be difficult and we may be ridiculed for
doing so. But we know if we trust in you, you
will help us to grow in courage AMEN Please pray
for Mike Williams who will receive the ministry
of Acoloyte in Beda College, Rome today.
BACKGROUND The Gospel reading for the Second
Sunday of Lent has Jesus taking Peter, James
John up a high mountain, where the prophets
Elijah Moses appear and Jesus face is
transfigured (Matthew 171-9)   
Thursday 21st Jesus said The Son of man came
not to be served, but to serve, and to give his
life as a ransom for many. (The Gospel of
Matthew 2028) Lord, you are the greatest of
teachers, because you were prepared to give up
everything, even your life for us. Help us to
thank you for such a great gift by helping our
communityour school and our families to grow and
develop and be a better place because we are
part of it. AMEN   Friday 22nd The Chair of St
Peter This feast commemorates Christ choosing
Peter to sit in his place as the Servant of the
Church. The Lord is my shepherd there is
nothing I shall want. Fresh and green are the
pastures where he gives me repose.
Near restful waters he leads
me, to revive my drooping spirit. (Psalm
22) Father, you built your Church on the rock of
Peters confession of faith. Strengthen our
belief and keep your Church united, through the
name of Jesus your Son and united with the Holy
Spirit, as one God,
for ever and ever. Amen Pray for our Holy Father
Pope Benedict XVI        
Third Week of Lent
Monday 25th O send forth your light and your
truth, let these be my guide. Let them bring me
to your holy mountain, to the place where you
dwell. (Psalm 41) Lord, help us to be guided by
the truth, to seek the truth in all things and to
always stand by the truth. AMEN   Tuesday 26th
Lord, make me know your ways. Lord teach me
your paths. Make me walk in your truth, and teach
me for you are God my saviour. (Psalm
244) Lord, to know your ways is to discover the
life that you want us to live. Help us to
discover this Lent more about the people that you
created us to be and more about you, our saviour.
AMEN.   Wednesday 27th Jesus told this parable
A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard and
he came looking for fruit on it and found none.
He said to the man who looked after the vineyard,
Look here, for three years now I have looked for
figs on this tree and found none. Cut it down
why should it be taken up the ground? Sir, the
man replied leave it one more year and give me
time to dig around it and fertilise it it may
bear fruit next year, if not then you can cut it
down. (The Gospel of Luke 138-9) Lord, may we
work for equality in our world, through the
choices we make when buying food and other goods.
May we be careful stewards of your Creation.
BACKGROUND The Gospel reading for the Third
Sunday of Lent has the account of Jesus meeting
the Samaritan Woman at the well
(John 45-42)    
Thursday 28th Jesus said They who are not with
me are against me and they who do not gather
with me scatter. (The Gospel of Luke
1123) Lord, help me this Lent to get rid of
anything in my life that will not bear any fruit
and to encourage the things that will help me to
grow. AMEN.   Friday 29th Jesus said You must
love your neighbour as yourself. (Gospel of
Mark 1231) Lord, help us to realise that
everything we do has an effect on someone else in
our world. Through our efforts to care for the
worlds resources may we know that we are caring
for all our world wide brothers and sisters.
Fairtrade Fortnight is the annual campaign to
raise awareness and promote products carrying the
FAIRTRADE mark. Every year
campaigners around the country organise events
to promote Fairtrade products. By encouraging our
communities to make small changes and buy
Fairtrade products regularly we can trigger a
positive change in the lives of producers.
Our choice could tip the balance in favour of
the poor and lighten the load of those weighed
down. We could level inequality and distribute
warehouse mountains share out the wealth that
was never ours to hoard. Turn the tables on
those who play the markets we could stockpile
And speculate in hope Sell up our shares in
selfishness And settle for the dividends of
solidarity. (Sophie Staines, CAFOD)
Fourth Week of Lent
3rd March The Lord listened and had pity. The
Lord came to my help. O Lord my God I will thank
you forever. (Psalm 2911-13) Open our eyes O
Lord to see your face in everyone we meet. Take
away the blindness of prejudice and anger and
heal me with your compassion and love. AMEN 4th
March Come, consider the works of the Lord, the
magnificent deeds he has done on the earth.
(Psalm 45 9) Compassionate loving God, you
created the world for us all to share, a world of
beauty and plenty. Create in us a desire to live
simply, so that our lives may reflect your
generosity. AMEN. 5th March I tell you most
solemnly, whoever listens to my words, and
believes in the one who sent me, has eternal
life, without being brought to judgement, they
have passed from death to life.
(The Gospel of John 522) Creator
God, you gave us responsibility for the earth, a
world of riches and delight. Create in us a
desire to live sustainably, so that those who
follow after us, may enjoy the fruits of
creation. AMEN.
BACKGROUND The Gospel reading for the Fourth
Sunday of Lent has the account of Jesus healing
the man born blind (John 91-41)    
Thursday 6th Jesus heard they had driven the
blind man away, and when he found him, he said to
him, Do you believe in the Son of Man. Sir
the man replied, tell me who he is so that I may
believe in him. Jesus said, You are looking at
him he is speaking to you. The man said, Lord,
I believe, and worshipped him. (Gospel of John
937-38 - from last Sundays Gospel) Lord we
believe in you, help our unbelief. AMEN Friday
7th St Perpetua St Felicity Perpetua was a
young Roman girl and Felicity her slave. Both
were martyred (killed) for their Christian faith
in the public stadium in Carthage in 203 AD. The
Lord is close to the broken hearted, those whose
spirit is crushed he will save. Many are the
trials of those who are just, but from them all
the Lord will rescue them. (Psalm 3319) Lord,
be close to us at any time that we feel lonely,
upset or angry. Rescue us if we turn away from
you, for you are closer to us than the air we
breathe. AMEN.    

WORLD BOOK DAY is celebrated in over 100
countries to celebrate books and reading.
Originally ( still is for everywhere in the
world except UK Ireland) celebrated on
Shakespeares Birthday 23rd April, which is also
St Georges day. On this Saints day in Catalonia
gifts of books would be given to loved ones. The
date was moved in the UK Eire so that schools
could take a full part in the day www.worldbookday
Fifth Week of Lent
Monday 10th Surely goodness and kindness shall
follow me all the days of my life. In the Lords
house shall I dwell forever and ever. (Psalm
22) Lord, help us to share your goodness and
kindness with everyone we meet this week. In this
the final week of Lent may we Tuesday 11th When
you have lifted up the son of Man, then you will
know that I am he, and that I do nothing of
myself what the father has taught me is what I
preach he who sent me is with me, he has not
left me to myself, for I always do what pleases
him. As he was saying this, many came to believe
in him. (The Gospel of John 8 29-30) Lord, over
the next two weeks the story of your death and
resurrection will be thought about throughout the
world. Help us to believe that you died to save
us, because you love us so much. AMEN. Wednesday
12th When Jesus heard that his friend Lazarus had
died, Jesus came to the tomb four days later. He
ordered the tomb to be opened and ordered the
dead man to come out and live again. Then he said
to the crowds Unbind him, let him go free.
many of the Jews who had come to visit Mary and
had seen what Jesus did believed in him. (Gospel
of John 1145) Lord, unbind us from anything that
holds us back from loving you and loving those
around us, for then we shall be living freely.
BACKGROUND The Gospel reading for the Fifth
Sunday of Lent has the account of Jesus raising
Lazarus from the dead (John 111-45)  
Thursday 13th Jesus said If I were to seek my
own glory that would not be glory at all my
glory is given to me by my Father. (Gospel of
John 857) Lord, we remember your crucifixion. It
is hard to see that you were in glory on the
cross and yet through your death we are set free.
May we think of the great sacrifice you offered
for us every time we make the sign of the cross.
Amen Friday 14th Jesus said to them If I am
not doing my Fathers work, there is no need to
believe me but if I am doing it, then even if
you refuse to believe in me, at least believe in
the work I do then you will know for sure that
the Father is in me and I am in the Father.
(Gospel of John 10
39) Protect us Lord from feelings of pessimism
when things go wrong. Rather give us fresh
understanding and insight into your life at work
in creation, now and always. AMEN  
  Today our Sikh friends celebrate the beginning
of their New Year - the Nanakshahi, which takes
its name from the last of the Gurus, Guru Nanak
Singh. This year will be year 539 in the Sikh
Is your school registered for the eco-schools
scheme run by the Foundation for Environmental
Education? Why not register to undertake an
environmental review of your schools
Monday 17th MONDAY of HOLY WEEK Here is my
servant whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom my
soul delights. I have endowed him with my Spirit,
that he may bring true justice to the
nations. (Isaiah 421) Lord, as we
begin this holy week, may we focus our eyes on
you. As we think of your life, death and
resurrection may we grow closer to you and
proclaim you as our Lord and Saviour.
AMEN Tuesday 18th TUESDAY of HOLY WEEK Now has
the Son of Man been glorified, and in him God has
been glorified. If God has been glorified in
him, God will in turn glorify him in himself, and
will glorify him very soon. (Gospel of John
13) Lord, through your suffering and death comes
the glory of your Resurrection. May we seek the
glory of service and sacrifice. AMEN
Wednesday 19th WEDNESDAY of HOLY WEEK For my
part, I made no resistance, neither did I turn
away. I offered my back to those
who struck me (Isaiah 507) Pray for all our
priests in our Diocese who will gather today with
Bishop Malcolm to celebrate the Mass of Chrism.
During this Mass the priests will renew their
vows and oil will blessed for use throughout the
diocese in anointing those to be baptised, those
to be Confirmed and those who are sick or
dying. Pour your blessings down O Lord on all who
you have called to serve your Church as priests,
May they model their lives on you, the Servant
King, share the eucharist to feed us and proclaim
your kingdom to all who will listen. We make this
prayer through Christ our Lord. AMEN   HOLY
THURSDAY20th If then, the Lord and Master, have
washed your feet, you should wash each others
feet. I have given you an example so that you may
copy what I have done to you. (Gospel of John
1315) Lord, by your Cross and resurrection you
have set us free. You are the Saviour of the
world. AMEN (Memorial Acclamation)
Handing on our Faith Prayer Father, Our faith is
a gift from you. Help us by the power of your
Spirit to grow in love, so that we may
be Faithful to our baptism Alert to the needs of
the world Inspired to proclaim your Word Tireless
in upholding justice Hopeful in forming the
future. By handing on our faith as gift, may we
share the hope given us by Jesus your Son. Amen
FORM BLESSINGS Blessing 1 (for safety) May God
keep us safe from all harm today May we learn
more about the goodness hidden in our hearts And
find God through all that happens. And may God
bless us all In the name of the Father And of the
Son And of the Holy Spirit AMEN Blessing 2 (for
friendship and peace) May we find peace today,
peace to share with each other May spiritual
friendship grow between us And kindness and
cheerfulness support us all day. And may God
bless us all In the name of the Father And of
the Son And of the Holy Spirit AMEN
Blessing 3 (When restless and tired) May we be
patient with one another today And be relaxed
when we are under pressure May we grow in
knowledge and be aware of God in every breath.
And may God bless us all In the name of the
Father And of the Son And of the Holy
Spirit AMEN
Blessing 4 (when there has been tension) May God
be with us to keep us peaceful May anger and
jealousy give way to kindness May Gods
compassion come to us through one another And
may God bless us all In the name of the
Father And of the Son And of the Holy
Spirit AMEN Blessing 5 (when there has been
sadness) May God be a comfort to us in our
sadness May Gods love lighten our hearts And
teach us to keep trusting in troubled times. And
may God bless us all In the name of the
Father And of the Son And of the Holy
Spirit AMEN
Blessing 6 (When things are celebrated) May God
bless us in our success and achievements May our
confidence in our gifts increase And may fun and
friendship grow in our hearts And may God bless
us all In the name of the Father And of the Son
And of the Holy Spirit AMEN
The Diocese of Nottingham Vocations
Prayer Come Holy Spirit Give me the
understanding to hear your Voice Give me the awe
and wonder to see GOD in others Give me the right
judgement to accept your Call, Give me the
knowledge of when to Act Give me the courage that
I may Tell others of my calling, Give me the
reverence to Invite you into my life, Give me
the wisdom to FOLLOW where you lead And I ask
that your presence will inspire me Now and for
ever. Amen
Vocations Director Fr David
Cain Contact St Peters, 21 Hinckley
Road, Leicester LE3 0TA
Tel 0116 2519370 E-mail frdavid_at_nrcdt.org.uk www
Useful sites www.ukvocation.org
Produced by Séamus OLooskan of St Pauls
Catholic School Chaplaincy, Spencefield Lane,
Leicester LE5 6HN Tel 0116 2414057 seamus_at_rucalle
d.com on behalf of Nottingham Diocesan Vocations
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