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CTE Followup 2007 Workshop


... of Labor & Economic Growth (DLEG) consumer report to show impact of CTE programs ... michigan.gov/octp, Data Evaluations and Reports link, Follow-up Survey. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CTE Followup 2007 Workshop

CTE Follow-up 2007 Workshop
Purposes and Uses
  • School / program improvement
  • Perkins core performance (3S1 - Placement)
  • Factor in review of added cost rankings
  • Program review considerations (i.e. students
    finding jobs / continuing education)
  • Reported in Michigan Department of Labor
    Economic Growth (DLEG) consumer report to show
    impact of CTE programs

Target Population
  • 12th grade wage-earning program completers from
    2005-2006 school year
  • 11th grade wage-earning program completers from
    2004-2005 school year (if they did not complete
    as a 12th grader in 2005-2006)
  • Adult (grade 13) wage-earning program completers
    from 2005-2006 school year

Whats new for 2007?
  • CTEIS (web) follow-up features
  • OCTP unduplication of completers based on UIC
  • Continued Response Rate requirements
  • Goal for 2007 90-100 response rate
  • If which may result in withholding of state/federal
  • Districts with buildings with response rates of
    50 or less must send representative to technical
    assistance workshop
  • Follow-up 2006 - fewer than 20 buildings with 50 response

Follow-up 2006 - X0610 state level
  • Completers - 40,980
  • Responses - 34,620 - 84.5
  • Placement - 32,696 - 94.4
  • Perkins 3S1 (Grads/Placed)
  • 30,375 - 94.7

Improving Response rates
  • Preparations before students leave school
  • Phone numbers
  • Family / permanent contacts
  • Email Address
  • Telephone vs. mail surveys
  • Best time to contact student
  • Dealing with noncontacts
  • (i.e. disconnects, answering machines, caller ID)

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Train Interviewers to
  • Thoroughly understand the survey forms
  • Make every effort to interview the student
  • Be consistent
  • Follow question wording exactly
  • Be objective
  • Follow the survey script
  • Check their work

Prefaces to stay away from
  • Blameless This is confidential, but the state
    needs it.
  • Estimates Approximately how much? About how
  • Apologetic If you dont mind my asking Would
    you mind me asking? I know this is sensitive,
  • On guard! I have to ask this question. Now Im
    going to get real personal.
  • Proxy You may not be able to answer, but.
    . .
  • Opt out This is an optional question. You
    dont have to answer if you dont want to.

  • Just read the question.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking how much a
    student makes. And, while they have the option
    to refuse to answer, telling them upfront may
    indicate to them that you dont want them to
  • Ask it as though its just another question
    which it is and they are more likely not to
    hesitate. Be nonchalant, casual about it. This
    will help you be objective.

Potential Problem.
  • The completer may want to know more information
    before answering.

  • Why are you asking?
  • It helps us to know how our students are doing.
  • Who gets this information?
  • The data is reported to the district and the
    state, but your responses are confidential.

Potential Problem
  • Some completers may refuse to answer, however
    others may just be uncertain.

  • If a person refuses to answer or clearly does not
    want to, then immediately skip the question and
    move on.
  • However, if the person suggests that they are
    uncertain by saying something like Im not
    sure, then ask if they could give an estimate.

Adhere to Follow-up Time lines
  • Important so that data can be processed
  • Timely delivery of reports to district

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2007 Follow-up Time lines
  • Week of February 5, 2007
  • Follow-up packets mailed to CEPD Administrators
    for distribution to local districts. All
    materials will also be made available online via
    the OCTP web site. Upon receipt of packets,
    CEPD Administrators should distribute them to
    local district follow-up contacts, verifying
    receipt with 3 days of delivery.
  • Week of February 12, 2007
  • Local Districts begin the survey data collection
  • April 23, 2007
  • Districts are to authorize the submission of
    their follow-up data to their CEPD Administrator
    by April 23th.
  • CEPD Administrators should notify Andrew
    Middlestead at OCTP (517-335-0375) of districts
    which have not submitted along with a projected
    delivery date.
  • May 1, 2007
  • CEPD Administrators are to authorize release of
    follow-up data for their districts no later than
    May 1st.
  • Week of September 3 , 2007
  • SSC mails survey results to CEPD administrators
    for distribution to local follow-up contacts and

Support Services
  • The Survey Support Center provides a variety of
    services for follow-up. The SSC will
  • Supply additional needed materials for districts.
  • Answer questions related to the follow-up survey
  • Offer suggestions for solving problems you may
    have in conducting your survey.
  • Provide advice for conducting an efficient and
    effective follow-up survey.

Help is Available
  • If you have any technical or logistical questions
    regarding the survey forms, or need assistance
    with how to collect the survey data, please call
    the Survey Support Center at IDEA Consultants,
    Inc. at (800) 321-8076 or (248) 557-4332 or
    email us at followup_at_ideaconsultants.net.
  • For any issues relating to CTEIS operations or
    usage, please contact PTD Technology at (517)
    333-9363 x27 or (800) 203-0614 x27 or email them
    at cteis.help_at_ptdtechnology.com.
  • Direct questions regarding OCTP policy issues as
    well as suggestions for further improvement to
    Mr. Andrew Middlestead (517-335-0375).

Steps for Success
  • Follow-up 2007 using CTEIS has been designed as a
    step-by-step process.
  • By following these steps, you can be sure you
    will not overlook any of the necessary elements.

Step 3 Generate follow-up listing
Step 1 Review Follow-up Packet
Step 2 Identify non 4301 completed programs
Step 5 Student Contacts
Step 6 Enter Survey Data
Step 4 Review Follow-up Listing
Step 9 Review Results
Step 7 Submission of Survey Data to Fiscal Agent
Step 8 Submission of Data to OCTP
Step 1. Review your Follow-up packet.
  • Memorandum from OCTP
  • Memorandum from Survey Support Center
  • X0602 report
  • Survey forms (introductory script, student,
    proxy, mail) for duplication purposes
  • Follow-Up 2007 Protocol Manual
  • Follow-up 2007 - CTEIS Instructional guide
    (Download at www.cteis.com when available)

Step 2. Identification of non 4301 completed
  • Update completion status of other completed
    programs not reported on 2005 or 2006 4301
  • Based on programs reported on 2005 and 2006 4483D
  • Allows choice of program if student is interviewed

Step 3. Generate Follow-up Listing.
  • Login to CTEIS
  • Access to Follow-up
  • Click Follow up, Survey
  • Check desired buildings
  • Create Follow up list

(No Transcript)
Step 4. Review Listing.
  • Alpha order (Last name) within Program
  • Counts based on 2006 4301
  • Subject to OCTP unduplication (UIC)
  • Status
  • INIT No data entered
  • COMP Survey data entered
  • COMP NC Noncontact reason entered

Step 5. Student Contacts.
  • Duplicate forms
  • Survey labels
  • Write UIC or Name on Intro script or attach label
  • Use proper survey form based on contact type

Step 6. Enter Survey Data.
  • Click Survey for desired building

Step 6. Enter Survey Data.
  • Search for student
  • Select student
  • Select program
  • Select survey type

Survey Form.Section A Current Status
Survey Form.Section B Training
Survey Form.Section C Employment
Survey Form.Section D Looking for Job
Survey Form.Comments
Survey Form.Miscellaneous
Step 7.Submission of Follow-up to Fiscal
Agency April 23, 2007
  • Choose Report from Follow up menu
  • Click View Report to review Survey Results
  • Click Mark Bldg Cmp to submit

Step 8.CEPD Administrators release follow-up by
May 1, 2007
Step 9.Review results
  • Shipment (CD) to CEPD Administrators week of
    September 3, 2007
  • State level reports OCTP web site
  • http//www.michigan.gov/octp, Data Evaluations
    and Reports link, Follow-up Survey.
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