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More simple energy exercises ... ankle over right ankle, right arm over left arm, palms facing, clasp hands and ... Energy balancing exercises, meditation. EFT ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • A new treatment approach
  • 3rd wave CBT??

WAYNE COOK POSTURE To balance energy to flow
positive negative and to cross over.
  • Sit in chair. Put left ankle on right knee.
  • Place right hand on left ankle.
  • Place left hand under left foot.
  • Take 4 deep breaths.
  • Change sides 4 more breaths.
  • Place hands in steeple in front of heart.
  • 4 more deep breaths.
  • Sit quietly and breath for a moment.

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Energy Psychology draws upon
  • Quantum physics
  • Chakra system
  • Meridian system acupuncture/acupressure
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Traditional psychology, particularly concepts of
    collective unconscious and treatment of negative
    thoughts and beliefs.

The Physics of Energy
  • In 1905 Albert Einstein published works which
    transformed the way scientists perceive reality.
  • He concluded that matter and energy were
    interconvertible aspects of the same basic
  • Everything in the known universe is reducible to
    energy organised into fields, all of which are
  • Subsequent experiments have shown that particles
    separated in space communicate information almost

  • Thoughts and feelings each vibrate at particular
  • They have been measured both inside the body and
    outside, in the biofield.
  • They influence which part of the universe we
    perceive consciously the Law of Attraction.

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  • The chakras are energy vortices which exist
    inside and outside the body.
  • There are energy therapies which stimulate the
    major chakras to treat presenting problems.

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  • Meridians are energy pathways throughout the
  • The goal of meridian therapies is to reinstate
    balance (health) by treating key acupoints along
    the disrupted meridian(s).
  • Each meridian has a tonification point, used to
    stimulate, a sedation point, used to sedate and a
    source point, used to activate the whole
    meridian, as well as others.
  • The meridians are integrally interconnected,
    however there appears to be some specialisation
    among specific meridians and acupoints.

GROUNDING Demonstration/Exercise
  • With your intention and your breath, imagine you
    can lower your mind into your heart.
  • Imagine you can breathe into and out of your
  • Imagine you can send the energy in your heart
    down through your body into the earth to the
    core of the earth.
  • Imagine you can breathe earth energy back into
    your heart.

How to shift energy
  • Energy moves with intention and breath. (Quantum
  • Where your focus goes, so goes your energy.
  • In energy therapies, it is important to focus on
    the perturbation in order to configure the energy
    associated with the problem.
  • Then treatment is applied to shift that
    particular energy.

Psychology and Energy
  • In the 1970s, Australian psychiatrist, John
    Diamond, successfully treated patients with
    mental illness by stimulation of specific
    meridians to treat various moods or emotional
    states. Eg. Spleen meridian associated with
    confidence vs anxiety.

Research in Psychology
  • In 1979, Roger Callaghan, an American clinical
    psychologist, developed a treatment technique,
    called Callaghan Techniques -Thought Field
    Therapy, by localising meridian alarm points
    while the client attunes the thought field
    associated with a phobia, trauma, etc. He found
    that tapping on beginning and end points of
    particular meridians would reinstate harmony by
    neutralising the intense emotions associated with
    the psychological problem.

J. Andrade study 14 years, 11 clinics, 31,400
patients in South America.
  • A substudy, conducted over a 5 1/2 year period,
    followed the course of treatment of approximately
    5,000 patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders.
  • Half of them received energy psychotherapy and no
    medication. The other half received CBT, the
    treatment most often used at the clinics for
    anxiety disorder, supplemented by medication as
  • The follow-up interviews at 1, 3, 6, and 12
    months, showed that the energy approach was
    significantly more effective than the
    CBT/medication protocol in both the proportion of
    patients showing some improvement and the
    proportion of patients showing complete remission
    of symptoms (see Table 1).

Digitised EEG Results
  • As patients symptoms decreased over the course
    of treatment, their brain wave ratios normalized.
  • This brain wave normalization and reduction of
    symptoms also corresponded with norepinephrine
    levels dropping to normal reference values and
    low serotonin rising.
  • The investigators observed that patients who were
    successfully treated with EP and CBT showed
    similar normalization in their brain wave ratios.
  • CBT, however, required a greater number of
    sessions and, on one-year follow-up, the brain
    wave ratios for patients who received CBT were
    more likely to have returned to their
    pre-treatment levels than they were for the
    patients who received the energy treatments.
  • Patients in the medication group, like those in
    the EP and CBT groups, showed a reduction in
    symptoms, but their brain scans did not show a
    normalization of the brain wave ratios

9 GAMUT Procedure
  • Tap continuously on the gamut point
  • Close eyes open eyes.
  • Eyes hard down right eyes hard down left.
  • Roll eyes in a circle roll eyes the other way
  • Hum 2 seconds of a song
  • Count to 5
  • Hum again

Demonstration Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Developed by Gary Craig, an American engineer.
  • A technique which uses 7 acupressure points to
    treat emotional intensity.
  • Comprehensive website, including many case

Example EFT
  • Think of a creature you are afraid of or repelled
  • Examples might be cockroaches, spiders, snakes,
  • Imagine a group of them, coming near to you.
  • Notice any reactive changes in the body
  • Increase reaction by increasing numbers,
    proximity, colour, sound etc.
  • Give yourself a SUDS rating.

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Examples of Energy Therapies
  • TAT Tapas Acupressure technique. Tapas Fleming.
  • ETOX using a laser attuned to the frequency of
    the cells to treat toxins, substance
    intolerances, allergies. Sandi Radomski.
  • BSFF Be Set Free Fast. Larry Nims.

Case Study 1
  • 20 year old, female B. Social Science student.
  • Depression triggered by relationship breakup.
  • Symptoms included insomnia, continuous crying,
    suicidal thoughts, no appetite, afraid of being

Treatment 1
  • Energy balancing techniques grounding
  • Referral to GP Citalopram and short term
  • TAT pose for insomnia
  • Early, gentle exercise (walked the dog) body
  • EFT on emotional reactivity
  • TAT on deep-rooted beliefs
  • Some dietary changes
  • BSFF on core beliefs

Outcomes 1
  • 9 sessions between January and July.
  • Off medication
  • Used treatments as required with confidence and
  • She said she felt made over if her new
    relationship were to end or some other crisis
    occur in her life, she said she would talk about
    it, be sad, allow her feelings, treat herself.

Case Study 2
  • 44 y.o. female B. Teaching/Arts
  • Anxiety disorder with panic attacks, exacerbated
    by presentation/practicum requirements
  • Family issues ADHD husband, problem brother,
    death of long-sick mother
  • Withdrawing socially as well

Treatment 2
  • Energy balancing grounding
  • Increase awareness of anxiety triggers
  • EFT on anxiety symptoms
  • Increase awareness of her reaction to husbands
  • 3 minute mindfulness meditation
  • BSFF, breaking agreements, on beliefs
  • TAT on childhood, core, family issues

Outcomes 2
  • Total of 8 sessions over 7 months
  • Incorporated 3 minute meditation, regular
    exercise, simple energy practices
  • Treated herself as required
  • Successfully presented for first time
  • Successfully finished practicum
  • Managing relationships better
  • No more panic attacks

More simple energy exercises
  • Left ankle over right ankle, right arm over left
    arm, palms facing, clasp hands and bring up and
    under to heart. Tip of tongue rolled onto roof of
    mouth behind top teeth over-energy correction
  • Thumbs on temples, fingertips spread in centre of
    forehead, pull fingertips towards temples. Move
    hands progressively up onto head and over to
    neck, pulling firmly in each position crown
  • Thump or rub K27, breast plate and spleen points
    (under midpoint of breast) 3 thumps!
    Strengthens immune system.

Case Study 3
  • 25 y.o. male, final year law student
  • Referred by GP after he had a turn after a
    weekend of alcohol, sport, pot, ecstasy.
  • No physical explanation for symptoms
  • History of extreme sports, exercise and injuries
  • Symptoms over 6 months included neck pain,
    dizziness, sweaty palms, nausea, overheating,
    stomach pain, chronic fatigue, sometimes in
    response to food or alcohol
  • Suspected anxiety disorder

Treatment 3
  • Thorough, multidisciplinary medical investigation
    added TMJdiagnosis
  • Some neck complications due to injuries assisted
    by massage, chiropractic and physio
  • Raised awareness of feelings, anxiety symptoms,
  • Reduced physical activity, some dietary changes
  • Energy balancing exercises, meditation
  • EFT on anxiety
  • TAT and BSFF on family issues and associated

Treatment 3 (continued)
  • Special consideration
  • Etox sensitive to many substances
  • TAT on multiple traumas (mostly physical)
  • Energy treatments on pain
  • Increased self reflection and awareness,
    especially emotional and spiritual

  • Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine
  • ACEP Association for Comprehensive Energy
  • Publications by William Tiller, Fred Gallo.
  • Websites EFT
  • BSFF
  • TAT
  • ETOX
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