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Title: ABC%20Solar%20Incorporated

ABC Solar Incorporated
  • Government, Not-For-Profit, Commercial and
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • A Step by Step Guide
  • Prepared for
  • South Bay Energy Fair 2006May 20th, Rancho Palos
    Verdes, CA

What am I going to Solar on about today?
  • Introduction
  • Solar Power Basics
  • The Technology
  • The Market Stakeholders
  • Californias New Gold Rush
  • Residential Solar Examples
  • You Can Make It Happen
  • Things to ask
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Going Solar Is A Mission
  • Encourage Energy Awareness
  • Encourage Wide Solar Participation
  • Encourage Job Growth

What is todays Solar technology?
  • Todays solar technology comes in two basic
  • Framed Solar Panels
  • 75w to 205w
  • 36 x 48 to 52 x 60
  • 24v to 48v nominal DC voltage
  • We use Sharp, Shell, BP Solar, Kyocera
  • Flexible Solar Panels
  • 64w to 128w
  • 15.5 x 9 to 15.5 x 18
  • 12v compatible DC voltage
  • We use the Unisolar peel
  • Stick solar panels

  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells are silicon-based
    solid-state semiconductor devices that convert
    light from the sun directly into electricity.
  • There are no moving parts and
  • no external fuel is required.
  • The phenomenon occurs when photons of light
    provide the electrons enough energy to create a
    current flow. The current produced is DC, which
    is then converted to AC via an inverter ("solar
    electric interface") for use in your building's
    current electrical system.

How do you determine what size of solar system do
you need?
  • Typical home can be run with a 3KW solar system
    (1400 sq. ft.)
  • Typical Elementary School can be run with a 60 KW
    Solar System
  • 1KW 150 kWh a month in production

What are the Incentives?
  • California Energy Commission
  • 2.80 per ac watt.
  • 7,000 for a 2.5 Kilowatt AC Solar System
  • Federal Tax Credit
  • 30 after rebate fed tax credit (max 2000)
  • 2,000 for a 2.5 Kilowatt AC Solar System
  • 9000 In Total First Year Incentives

What is the best roof direction?Does My Building
Work For Solar?
  • Orientation Factor For Annual Energy Production
    in California- Source Endecon Engineering
  • FACING Flat 412 712 1212
    2112 Vertical
  • South
  • 0.89 0.97 1
    0.97 0.89 0.58
  • SSE, SSW
  • 0.89 0.97 0.99
    0.96 0.88 0.59
  • SE,SW
  • 0.89 0.95 0.96
    0.93 0.85 0.6
  • 0.89 0.92 0.91
    0.87 0.79 0.57
  • E,W
  • 0.89 0.88 0.84
    0.78 0.7 0.52

For Example60KW Commercial Solar System
  • Commercial systems vary greatly in size and
    scope. For this discussion we will use a 60KW DC
    solar electric system.
  • 6000 sq ft of roof space
  • 9,000 kWh a month on average in solar electricity

10 SMA Sunnyboy Inverter 6000 W with meter
Spins the meter backwards
360 167w solar panels For a total of 60,120 DC
What Solar Means to You?
  • This system will
  • Produce/save 108,000 kWh of electricity in the
    first year
  • (_at_.20 per kWh that is 21,600 a year)
  • Eliminate 102,000 lbs of CO2 emissions in the
    first year

Example System Estimates
  • Product Total 326,963
  • Installation Est. 56,753
  • Before Rebate 383,716
  • CEC Rebate 172,137
  • Grand Total 211,579
  • Simple ROI -- 10 years.

The solar panels have a 25 year power
warranty They warranty that the panels will be
making energy at above 80 of what they are doing
60KW Grid-Tie Commercial SystemEvery Utility
Dollar Saved Stays in Your Pocket
  • Solar panels 360 258,937
  • Inverters 10 38,940
  • Mt hardware 1 29,086
  • Product Sub Total 326,974
  • Tax 26,974
  • Shipping 7,200
  • Product Total 361,137
  • Installation Est. 70,942
  • Permits 2,000
  • Before Rebate 434,079
  • CEC Rebate 172,137
  • CA tax credit 13,752
  • Fed tax credit 78,582
  • Depreciation 50,882
  • Grand Total 118,725

How much electricity will a 60KW system produce?
System size in watts 60,120
System size in KW 60
daily kWh 301
Monthly 9,018
Yearly 108,216
Lifetime (30 years) 3,246,480
60KW Solar Electric SystemValue of your Solar
0.10 0.15 0.20 0.26 0.30
30 45 60 78 90
902 1,353 1,804 2,344 2,705
10,822 16,232 21,643 28,129 32,465
324,648 486,972 649,296 843,858 973,944
Rates Daily Monthly Yearly Lifetime
The Process
  • What is the Rebate Process in California?
  • determine size of system you want
  • fill multi-page forms
  • signed sales agreement for equipment
  • signed construction agreement
  • Include copy of current electric bill
  • submit all papers and wait
  • once you get your reservation you and ABC Solar
    will execute binding agreements and install your

Low ProfileClean Installations
Composition Shingle Roof 3KW
18 Kyocera Solar 167w Panels 1 SMA Sunnyboy
SWR2500 SBD Inverter One day install 5 man crew
Basic Installation Steps Flat Roof
Roof mounts Rails Panels Inverter Fuses Meter
Basic Installation Composition Shingle
Roof mounts Rails Panels Inverter Fuses Meter
Basic Installation During Construction
18 Sharp Solar 167w Panels 1 SMA Sunnyboy SWR2500
SBD Expandable System
Basic Installation Concrete Shingle
Basic Installation Spanish Tile
Remove tiles Roof attachments Rails and
Panels Inverters
Batteries 24v Bilge Pumps Feng Shui Waterfall
Why ABC Solar?
  • We Make It Easy.

  • Every Utility Dollar Saved Stays in Your Pocket

Solar Hot Tub .com Guilt Free Hot Water
4 x 20
Solar Thermal Panels to Heat the Water One Pass
20 degree delta
Roof Top
When Hot Tub Reaches Temperature the value
Actuates to filter and UV only only position.
75 watts _at_ 12V
Auto Valve Kit
UV Sterilizer
12v Pump
Solar Fish Pond . com
  • 24/7/365 Systems
  • Batteries
  • Solar Panels
  • Backup 110v chargers

Pole Mount dual- Axis tracking Power from 7am to
7pm in summer.
Cartridge Filter
5GPM to 65GPM DC Solar Pumps
  • UV Sterilizer
  • Kills!
  • algae spores,
  • bacteria and
  • protozoa

TVexercise.comGenerating Power To Power The Xbox
To make a soldiers live more easy the German
Bundeswehr used a special frame to mount the
GN-58() to convert the generator into a home
The Solar Hydrogen BBQ and Home Self-Sufficiency
Hydrogen Storage
Hydrogen Generation By Solar Electrolysis
Home Main Electrical Panel
Home Solar 5KW Array
Fuel Cell Stack
Sharp Solar Certified
California Energy Commission Certificate
Additional Installation Images
  • The following images have not been constructed or
    supervised by ABC Solar Incorporated. These
    images are provided to give you more ideas and
    verification about your solar investment.
  • Our team and sub-contractors have extensive
    commercial experience. ABC Solar is ready,
    willing and able to install and maintain your
    solar system.

Example of large scale installations
Solar tower To heat Oil to run turbine
Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Electric Company
18-kW System at Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu
100kW PV System at Mauna Lani Resort, Hawaii
More commercial Examples images from US
Government websites
More commercial Examples images from US
Government websites
More commercial Examples FORT DIX images from
US Government websites
One of the largest military-owned solar electric
systems in the Eastern U.S. Now completed at
Fort Dix Shown are Sr. Master Sergeant John
Hastings, NJ DMAVA Energy Manager and Major
Eric Myhre, National Guard
  • August 16, 2005 -- Trenton, NJ, USA
    Photovoltaic System Completed at Army National
    Guard Facility
  • As part of the ongoing effort to harness
    renewable energy technology, optimize efficiency
    and conserve natural resources, the New Jersey
    Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
    (DMAVA) has completed installation of one of the
    largest military-owned solar electric systems in
    the Eastern U.S., at the New Jersey Army National
    Guards Fort Dix Joint Training and Training
    Development Center in Wrightstown, N.J.
  • One of the largest military-owned solar
    electric systems in the Eastern U.S. now
    completed at Fort Dix Shown are Sr. Master
    Sergeant John Hastings, NJ DMAVA Energy Manager
    and Major Eric Myhre, National Guard
  • The 181 kilowatt solar array, furnished by
    PowerLight Corporation, will generate the
    equivalent electricity during the day to power
    150 homes.
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