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LED Home Lighting


Day lighting automatic switch is used, and the system ... TWO CONTRACTS in Afghanistan from United Nations. Orders from Kenya, Cambodia and others ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: LED Home Lighting

LED Home Lighting For the Rural and Remote
A solution from the kerosene drudgery A tool for
better life, studies and productivity in every
A technology that is simple, affordable and
Even after 60 years of independence
  • 1,21,327 villages do not have electricity
  • 90 of the tribal population do not have reliable
    home lighting
  • Roughly 15 million tribal homes and 70 million
    rural homes do not have any thing other than
    Kerosene light
  • Governments solar lighting does not reach even 1
    of these population and when it reaches does not
    work even with the 10 of the 1.

The market for home light
  • Kerosene used for lighting is
  • Polluting the homes and posses health hazards
  • Does not help any productive work by women,
    studies by children
  • Many times dangerous for children and families
  • Costly (poor is able to buy through government
    subsidy only) government subsides every year 4
    billion US (half of that goes to black market)

  • Under the PV program of MNES, about 6,10,000
    systems aggregating to over 20 MW have been
  • This includes
  • 3,85,000 solar lanterns
  • 1,80,000 home lighting systems
  • 41,000 street lighting systems
  • 4204 water pumping systems
  • and of about 1.2 MWp aggregate capacity of
    stand alone power plants/packs.

(how they failed everywhere)
  • They use florescent lightening (tube lights big
    or compact ones (CFL) lights ) which consumes
    less electricity than the filament based
    incandescent (normal) bulbs but still is
  • To electrify a small hamlet populated by 100
    residents, it can cost approximately 3 to 5 Lakhs
    rupees without subsidy.
  • Since there are many storage batteries required
    the maintenance and their replacement cost is
    very heavy.
  • The bulbs/ lights fail once in 6 months or so and
    require maintenance thus complicating the usage
    in a small inaccessible village. Battery storage
    and periodic maintenance are the main factor for
    the dysfunction of many of the installed systems.

White LEDs, A Revolutionary Concept In Lighting
  • White LEDs are 'Light Emitting Diodes', a type of
    semiconductor. They are the newest item in
    today's lighting technology. Unlike other light
    sources, these WHITE LEDs can take a lot of
    punishment from vibration, heat and severe cold.
  • WHITE LEDs can be made waterproof, and put into a
    lighting package with 2 to 1000 WHITE LEDs. They
    can be used for street lights, sign lighting,
    spot lighting, Home lights or anything else.

Some Basic Facts About White LEDs
  • White LEDs can be placed in abusive environments
  • White LEDs can be "AC" or "DC" powered depending
    on the model.
  • White LEDs are the newest lighting device on the
    market today.
  • White LEDs do not produce "RF" to interfere with
    radio equipment.
  • White LEDs are a proven technology.
  • White LEDs last about 100, 000 hours of
    continuous use.
  • White LEDs radiate light at a 15 to 45 degree
    angle depending on the model.
  • White LEDs can be made completely waterproof for
    use in many marine applications.
  • White LEDs are polarity protected, so it is hard
    to make an installation mistake.

LuminosityWhite LEDs, typically 20 to 60
Lumens/Watt or between 5000 12000 mille candles
LED Unit gt
LED lighting has been implemented in one model
village by name Choututla Tanda in the Panchayat
of Yalamalamanda, Chandampet mandal, Nalgonda
district 4 years ago. This village is nearly 30
KM from the major block head quarters,
DEVERAKONDA. This is located in hills and there
is no transportation system to the village and
one has to reach the village by a two wheeler or
good four wheel drive vehicle. This village has
a population of nearly 142, residing in 30
households(some of them have migrated to
Hyderabad) . These houses were constructed by the
state government 10 years ago.
The Lighting System description
  • Only two 40 amps 12 volts batteries were used for
    the village
  • Each battery is charged though a single 37 watt
    solar panel and usually charged in a single
    sunny day.
  • 3 to 4 LED bulbs were used in each house.
  • Around 7 lights were used for street lighting.
  • Day lighting automatic switch is used, and the
    system switches on and off automatically in the
    day and night times.
  • The battery requires just topping with water once
    every month. If we use maintenance free
    batteries that is also not needed.

Refined model of LED light (after 5 years of
research and improvements)
  • A light for 12 hrs a day and 365 days in an year
    (even in rains and in winter)
  • Lasts up to 15 days of use with a single charge
  • No need for solar and costly panels
  • Bright enough to study, cook, eat and carry out
    any task
  • Never fails and lasts up to 10 years (except
  • Can be upgradable by changing the light chip

Home Lighting Program Employment
  • The light is charged by the village entrepreneur
    once in a month at the charging station
  • Every household pays one rupee a day (75 paise in
    ANKURAN area)
  • In every village one youth gets employment in the
    maintenance of the lights
  • For a group of villages charging center set up
    and more youth get employment

THRIVE lighting system and its innovation won
  • The technology award from WORLD BANK AND UNEP
  • TWO CONTRACTS in Afghanistan from United Nations
  • Orders from Kenya, Cambodia and others
  • Orders from large NGOs in india
  • Offers for manufacturing partnerships with large

To Provide clean and reliable lighting for homes
and field use in Rural Andhra
  • We need only 1,00,000 Rs for each village (1
  • Around 15 crores for each of the tribal districts
    (1000 employment)
  • Around 200 crores for the entire AP (30000)
  • Then we can save 300 crores a year on subsidy by
    GOI (for only kerosene used for lighting)

To Provide clean and reliable lighting for homes
and field use in Rural Andhra
  • We need to partner NGOs and organizations which
    can adopt their nearby villages
  • Bank loans can be arranged for the adopted
    villages. It is a perfectly a bankable scheme and
    fits every government supported program for youth
  • Even the electricity provided villages this light
    is a good back up as power always fails when you
    need it more in rains

To Provide clean and reliable lighting for homes
and field use in Rural Andhra
  • This program is long-term and continuous
  • No need for donor support and reports and
    monitoring meetings and meetings
  • We can provide reliable form of employment to our
    staff, youth and dependents
  • Community will be continuously with us and then
    it is easy to do any other program

LED is the future of lighting technology
  • The light is of high quality and tamper proof
  • This model is patented and no one can duplicate
    it and cheat community
  • We can provide brighter and brighter lights year
    after year
  • Even better off urban market will be available
    for regular sale and service

Let us partner and banish the kerosene from the
homes of poor people and provide them the best
possible light for 12 hrs a day and 365 days a
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