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Welcome to Mrs. Doyles 3rd Grade Classroom


Oakfield, WI 53065. E-Mail: bdoyle_at_oakfield.k12.wi.us. Home: becky_j_doyle_at_hotmail.com ... Report cards will be sent home at the end of each quarter (nine weeks) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Mrs. Doyles 3rd Grade Classroom

Welcome to Mrs. Doyles 3rd Grade Classroom
  • Oakfield Schools
  • Where Learning Isnt Alien!

Mrs. DoyleThird Grade
  • Belle Reynolds Elementary School
  • 330 Oak St
  • Oakfield, WI 53065
  • E-Mail bdoyle_at_oakfield.k12.wi.us
  • Home becky_j_doyle_at_hotmail.com
  • School Phone (920)583-3146
  • Home Phone (920)269-4707

  • Communication
  • A vital part of a successful year is open and
    consistent communication between home and school.
  • Take Home Folder
  • This folder is brought home each night and
    contains all homework and any notes being sent
  • Use this folder to send back homework, lunch
    money, or any notes.
  • Please look through the folder each night with
    your child and empty the folder to help ensure
    that important papers are received.
  • Please keep Homework Calendars in the folder so I
    can monitor student progress,

  • Assignment Notebook
  • This is a tool to keep students organized and
    responsible for their homework. It is NOT the
    parents job to locate the assignment notebook
    each night. Your child should bring their
    notebook to you.
  • Assignment notebooks are filled out together
    every day.
  • A parent or person responsible for the child
    needs to look the homework over, check the done
    box, and sign the bottom of the page.
  • If the done box is already checked this means
    that the student completed the assignment at
    school and did not have to bring it home.
  • Also check the notebook for notes written from
    Mrs. Doyle or notes stapled to the page. This is
    were missed assignment cards and behavior cards
    are also stapled.
  • Mrs. Doyle stamps the notebook every night to
    make sure it is accurate and in the morning I
    sticker the notebook if there is a signature.

  • Thursday Folder
  • Your childs graded work will be handed back to
    him/her on Thursdays. They will bring it home in
    their purple Thursday Folder. This folder will
    keep you updated on your childs grades.
  • Look through the folder with your child to
    discuss their progress, then sign the purple
    Thursday Folder sheet which lets me know that you
    have gone through the work with your child.
  • Please keep the corrected papers and newsletter
    at home and return the folder to school the next
  • This folder also has a pocket for our class
    newsletter. This is my way of letting you know
    what is happening in our classroom each week by
    posting important dates and curriculum being
    covered in class.

Academic ProgressReports
  • Progress reports will be sent home at the third
    and sixth week of each quarter.
  • Report cards will be sent home at the end of each
    quarter (nine weeks).
  • Please review the report with your child, sign
    and return to school.

  • Homework
  • All homework will come home in the plastic Take
    Home Folder.
  • Homework should take no more than 30 minutes each
    night plus 15 minutes to read and 5 minutes to
    practice math facts.
  • Class time will usually be given to at least
    start most assignments.
  • If there is a problem getting homework done
    because of family obligations, please write me a
    note in your childs assignment notebook and your
    child will finish the work at recess.
  • Students will required to fill out a Missed
    Assignment Card for any late work unless a parent
    note is sent to school. Then the missed
    assignment will be excused.

  • Homework Calendars
  • Each month students will be required to complete
    a Reading and Math Calendar. There will not be
    calendars in December and May.
  • The goal of the calendar is to keep students
    reading and practicing these basic skills
    throughout the year.
  • Please initial the date that your child completes
    each activity.
  • Classroom assignments can count for calendar time
    as well.
  • Reading Calendar
  • Student should read for 15 minutes per night for
    15 nights.
  • Math Calendar
  • Students should practice math facts for 5 minutes
    per night for 15 nights.

  • Students are expected to do their very best work
    at all times.
  • Students are expected to complete work on time
    and ask for help when needed.
  • Students are expected to show respect at all

  • Correction
  • Policy
  • First Semester
  • Corrections will need to be made on assignments
    receiving grades of 70 or below.
  • Corrections will be done at recess time or if not
    completed at recess students will finish the
    corrections at home.
  • Corrections will bring the grade up to a 75 (C).
    Correcting ensures understanding.
  • Second Semester
  • Corrections will be made, however in order to
    prepare for fourth grade, the score on the
    assignment will remain the original grade.

Grading Scale
  • A 100 98
  • A 97 95
  • A- 94 92
  • B 91 89
  • B 88 86
  • B- 85 83
  • C 82 80
  • C 79 77
  • C- 76 74
  • D 73 71
  • D 70 68
  • D- 67 65
  • F 64 and Lower

  • Accelerated Reader
  • The purpose of the reading program is to test
    students reading comprehension.
  • Students will be required to earn at least 6
    points per quarter.
  • AR books are sometimes read as a whole class or
    during Guided Reading time.
  • AR points allow students to earn prizes in the
    classroom for their hard work.
  • AR printouts will be sent home with progress
    reports and report cards.

  • Discipline Plan
  • My behavior plan is based on a traffic light
  • Each child has a slot in the back of the
    classroom to hold their behavior card
  • Green Go! Youre doing a great
  • Yellow Warning! Slow down and
    think about your behavior.
  • Red Stop! Get your behavior under
  • Lose recess time and
    a behavior card is set home
  • Black Youre out of here!
  • The student is set
    out the room to cool down.
  • Parents are called to
    discuss the behavior.
  • Behavior Calendars are kept in students desks
    for them to keep track of their behavior. Parents
    may request to see this calendar at any time.
  • Behavior cards are kept on file along with
    calendars and are reviewed during report card
  • .

  • Exciting Events
  • Doyle Bank and Doyle Store
  • Quarterly Auctions
  • Homework Calendar Parties
  • Rocket Math
  • Star Student
  • Behavior Calendar Rewards

  • School Information
  • Doors open for students to enter classroom area
    at 800.
  • Lunch money is collected in classrooms on Mondays
    otherwise students need to purchase tickets in
    the office.
  • Dress code
  • Jackets, boots, snow pants, etc. should be
    labeled with students name.
  • Absent students need to report to office with
    note from parents upon returning for an admit
  • Please call as early as possible for changes in
    your childs schedule.

  • General Information
  • Room Volunteers
  • NWEA Testing in September and April
  • WKCE Testing in November
  • Progress reports
  • Student birthdays
  • Field Trip
  • Recess snack
  • Early Dismissal
  • Wall of Fame program

  • Fundraising
  • Book Orders
  • Scrip
  • Market Day Third Grades month is during the
    month of December. Please use this month to
    stock up on items or try the program for the
    first time. November 3 will be third grade
    Market Day pick-up. Any help would be greatly
  • Book Fairs
  • PTO Activities

Thank you for coming tonight!
I hope you and your child enjoy this school year
with me!
  • We both want whats best for your child!

Communicate, communicate, communicate!
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