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Sustainability: breaking the barriers


Sustainability- breaking the barriers. Background ... 10 years ago, sustainability was a non-concept' for most within property ... CPD based on sustainability ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sustainability: breaking the barriers

Sustainability breaking the barriers
  • Professor Sarah Sayce
  • Kingston University

Sustainability- breaking the barriers
  • Background - where we are coming from
  • C-SCAIPE what it is and what it is aiming to do
  • A research agenda?

Where we are coming from
  • 10 years ago, sustainability was a non-concept
    for most within property though construction
    industry was beginning to think green
  • Research pointed to some awareness that green
    issues might in the future affect yields and
  • Significant disconnect between construction and
    property investment practitioners
  • Buildings v assets (the life cycle issue)

Where we were in 2000 .
Circle of Blame
Sir Martin Laings Sustainable Construction Task
All Change
  • Corporate Social Responsibility rising rapidly
    through business practice and governmental policy
    and legislation and initially led by
    environmental concerns

The Rise of Legislation
1990 1992 1995 1997 1999 2000 2001 200
2004 2005 2006 2007 2009
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • UN Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit
  • Environment Act
  • Disability Discrimination Act
  • UN Kyoto Earth Summit
  • UK Sustainability Strategy
  • - A Better Quality of Life
  • Contaminated Land Registration Act
  • Finance Act Climate Change Levy
  • Pension Act changes
  • EU Green Paper promoting CSR
  • EU Directive on the Energy Performance of
  • Planning Compulsory Purchase Act (adopts many
    Agenda 21 principles)
  • EU directive on Landfill
  • Sustainable Secure Buildings Bill
  • Planning Policy Statement Creating Sustainable
  • Building Regs, Pt L Energy Updated
  • Skills for Sustainable Communities The Egan
  • Un Environment Programme Announcement of
    Responsible Investment Principles (OFR)
  • European Union, Emission Trading Scheme
  • G8 Summit, Gleneagles
  • EU Green Paper Promoting CSR
  • Company Law Reform Bill
  • EU Directive on Environmental Liability
  • EU Directive on the Eco-Design Requirements for
    Energy-Using Products (EuPs)
  • Home Information Packs
  • EU Directive on the Energy Performance of

All Change
  • Recognition now more widespread of Triple Bottom
    Line sustainability and requirement to balance
    economic, social and environmental needs
  • Response has been difficult for our industry
  • Current global preoccupation with climate change
    possibly obscures other issues..

Climate Change Concerns
  • Buildings contribute 50 of all carbon emissions
    in the UK yet few new buildings are truly energy
  • The legacy issue the 2 /98 conundrum
  • Energy
  • embedded
  • In use
  • transport
  • Climate change may render many of our commercial
    buildings unusable yet doesnt flow through the
    value chain
  • As we gain energy efficiency so consumption
  • Energy has been cheap as of running costs

Kingstons Involvement
  • Focused on the demand side of the industry the
    competitive advantage
  • Working with industry and investors and RICS
  • Work on existing buildings re-use (the 98)
  • Dissemination and awareness raising
  • an appraisal model to evaluate how sustainability
    criteria can feed through rental growth and
    depreciation and to value.

Sustainable Property Appraisal Project
Sustainability criteria for commercial property
  • Project identified key criteria
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Occupier
  • Pollutants
  • Contextual Fit
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Adaptability
  • Climate control
  • These are not quantified in conventional
    investment appraisals
  • Future Proofing Property Questionnaire
  • identifies performance against criteria

Sustainability criteria for commercial property
  • Working with several investors to model the
    worth under sustainability criteria alongside
    conventional appraisals
  • Demonstrates differential performance
  • Provide data to lead to possibility of an index
    of performance
  • .but still a long way to go..

Educating for future (?current) needs
  • Our research (and that of others) raised our
    awareness of need to adjust our curriculum and
  • View that higher education has been slow to
  • And that the response has been mono-disciplinary

Higher Education has been slow to act
  • As we approach the first anniversary of the
    World Summit for Sustainable Development (WSSD)
    in Johannesburg and reflect on its impact, one
    thing is clear political leadership the world
    over has so far proved incapable of rising to the
    challenge of sustainability (UNED-UK, 2002). And
    yet in all likelihood most of the hundred or so
    leaders who attended will have a higher education
    degree from some of the worlds most prestigious
  • Martin Jucker, 2004

Higher Education has been slow to act
  • At Harvard, some students worry that their
    coursework does not include enough on green
    building. ... Another problem is that sustainable
    development issues are cross-disciplinary and
    Harvards professional schools do not much care
    to speak to each another
  • The Economist May 6th 2006

Educating for future (?current) needs
  • Led to a bid to set up Centre for Sustainable
    Communities Achieved through Integrated
    Professional Education (C-SCAIPE)
  • Bid supported by RICS (and others)
  • One of 74 Centre for Excellence in Teaching
  • 5 year funding

  • Aims to
  • Promote a deeper understanding of the
    requirements of professional education in order
    to produce graduates capable of working to create
    more sustainable communities.
  • An holistic view of sustainable principles
    embedded within curricula and teaching delivery
  • based on live projects embracing a
    multi-disciplinary, inter-professional

  • Key objectives
  • Enabling staff to undertake pedagogic and
    sustainability practice
  • Breaking down barriers between professional
    grouping in the university
  • Working with /for industry on research
  • Connections with communities

C-SCAIPE- the story so far
  • A physical Centre at the heart of the University
    nearly complete
  • Refurbishment on
  • Sustainability principles
  • Created at heart of the
  • University
  • Debating Chamber and
  • inter-active Learning
  • Resource Centre

C-SCAIPE- the story so far
  • Reviewed part of what we teach and how we teach
  • Set up alumni-mentor scheme
  • Survey of students on perceptions
  • Joint projects - including with e.g. Social Work
    and Planning
  • Research with and for investors and owners on
    portfolio and asset management

C-SCAIPE- next steps
  • Survey how the needs of employers are developing
  • Set up a student consultancy to work with
    practice on live projects
  • CPD based on sustainability
  • Work with the professions to attempt more
    integrated approaches to professional education

Next steps
  • Practitioner involvement
  • Live Projects
  • Research
  • CPD materials Venu
  • Materials within LRC
  • Any questions?
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