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State Rail Plan Guidebook


Task 5. Develop the Recommended Rail Plan Components ... by reducing the Nation's reliance on foreign oil, improving vehicle technology ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: State Rail Plan Guidebook

State Rail Plan Guidebook
  • Project Update

presented toAASHTO Standing Committee on Rail
Transportation presented byDavid HuntCambridge
Systematics, Inc. Biloxi, MS October 15, 2007
What is a Plan?
  • Needs-Based Plan
  • Considers existing system and facilities
    identifies current and future needs based on
    trends and projections selects policies,
    strategies, and investments to meet these needs.
  • Policy Plan
  • Describes overarching strategies to accomplish
    future results includes official public policies
    for solving problems or meeting projected
    demands, typically based on legislation and
    implemented through governmental programs.
  • Vision-Based Plan
  • Identifies an ideal or preferred future system,
    looking beyond the needs of the current status
    quo. May include scenarios that reflect large
    picture alternatives. Often, develop
    stakeholder, public, or political consensus in
    support for an agreed-upon scenario or vision for
    the future.

Source FHWA Types of Statewide Long-Range Plans
Types of Plans (Continued)
  • Project-Based Plan
  • Selects or identifies specific projects to meet
    the identified needs or stated policies. May
    include expected costs of each project.
  • Fiscally Realistic Plans
  • Considers projected capital and operating costs
    and reasonably available revenue sources in
    setting the transportation system's long-term
    direction. Discusses risks and probabilities of
    projected costs and revenues, and attempts to
    balance both.
  • Corridor Plan
  • Focuses on specific corridors, ideally
    considering all transportation modes, and both
    passenger and freight needs. Includes a
    synthesis of each major corridor, considering
    condition, projected use, and financing, while
    highlighting unique uses and regional preferences.

Source FHWA Types of Statewide Long-Range Plans
  • Purpose
  • Scope of work
  • Task 1 Technical Steering Committee
  • Task 2 Best Practices
  • Task 3 Legislation and Emerging Trends
  • Next Steps

Value of Guidebook to the States
  • States dictate content
  • Starting point - literature review/best practices
  • Proposal Development
  • In-house Rail Plan Development
  • Resource Guide (available data, GIS files, etc.)
  • Instruction (waybill, benefits, etc.)
  • Coordination among states and
  • Federal agencies
  • Railroads

State Rail Plan Guidebook - Tasks
  • Task 1. Assemble Technical Steering Committee
  • Task 2. Identify and Review Best Practices
  • Task 3. Identify New Requirements and Emerging
  • Task 4. Identify Recommended and Optional
  • Task 5. Develop the Recommended Rail Plan
  • Task 6. Develop the Optional Rail Plan
  • Task 7. Complete the Guidebook

Task 1 Technical Steering Committee
  • Committee volunteersCA, FL, ID, LA, MD, MN,
    MS, OH, VT, WA
  • Others are welcome to participate
  • Committee outreach to FRA, AAR, and FTA

Task 2 Identify and Review Best Practices
  • Obtained and reviewed 22 state rail plans
  • Categorized contents by topic
  • Identified best practices and trends

State Rail Plan Inventory
State Rail Plan Composition
0 5 10 15 20 22
Number of State Rail Plans (n 22)
California State Rail Plan (2005 2006)
Florida Statewide Rail Plan (2006)
Kansas State Rail Plan (2005 2006)
Kentucky Statewide Rail Plan (2002)

Louisiana Rail Plan (2002)Louisiana Short Line
and Terminal/Switching Railroads
North Dakota State Rail Plan Update (2007)

Vermont Rail and Policy Plan (2006)
Virginia State Rail Plan (2004)
Task 3 Legislation and Emerging Trends
  • Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act of
    2007 S.294
  • To reauthorize Amtrak, and for other purposes.
  • PROGRESS Act H.R.1300
  • To strengthen national security and promote
    energy independence by reducing the Nation's
    reliance on foreign oil, improving vehicle
    technology and efficiency, increasing the
    distribution of alternative fuels, bolstering
    rail infrastructure, and expanding access to
    public transit.
  • Emerging Issues

  • Sec. 22502. Authority
  • Designate a State rail transportation authority
    to prepare, approve and administer the plan
  • Submit Secretary of Transportation for review
    with a frequency no less than once every 5 years
  • Sec. 22503. Purposes
  • To set forth State policy involving freight and
    passenger rail transportation
  • To present priorities and strategies to enhance
    rail service in the State that benefits the
  • To serve as the basis for Federal and State rail
    investments within the State

PROGRESS Act H.R.1300 Sec. 22505. Content
  • Inventory review overall rail system, services,
    and facilities
  • General analysis of rails transportation,
    economic, and environmental impacts
  • Long-range investment program, with detailed
    funding plan
  • Statement of correlation between (i) public
    funding contributions and (ii) public benefits
  • Review of publicly funded rail safety and
    security projects, including grade crossings
  • Performance evaluation of passenger rail services

  • Sec. 22504. Transparency coordination review
  • Preparation- provide adequate and reasonable
    notice and opportunity for comment and other
    input to the public, rail carriers, commuter and
    transit authorities operating in, or affected by
    rail operations within the State,
  • Intergovernmental Coordination- review the
    freight and passenger rail service activities and
    initiatives by regional planning agencies,
    regional transportation authorities, and
    municipalities within the State, or in the region
    in which the State is located,
  • Sec. 22506. Review
  • The Secretary shall prescribe procedures for
    States to submit State rail plans for review
    under this title, including standardized format
    and data requirements.


Topic Chronology
2004 - 2007Capacity Crunch
  • Container traffic, just-in-time delivery, and
  • Growing highway congestion, increased freight
  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Industry consolidations mergers,
    rationalization, corridor preservation

2001 - 2003Security and Safety
1995 - 2000Economic Expansion

Topic Chronology
2004 - 2007Capacity Crunch
  • Hazardous material analysis routing
  • DOD Strategic Rail Corridor Network
  • Public safety/liability concerns for rail lines
    through populated areas
  • Shared-use right-of-ways

2001 - 2003Security and Safety
1995 - 2000Economic Expansion

Topic Chronology
2004 - 2007Capacity Crunch
  • Earmarks marketing rail projects
  • Alternative energy plants
  • Response to natural disaster
  • Innovative financing arrangements Public
    Private Partnership
  • Verification of public value
  • International trade, especially with China

2001 - 2003Security and Safety
1995 - 2000Economic Expansion
Emerging and Future Themes and Issues
  • Aging rail infrastructure
  • Bridges, track, facilities
  • Role of rail in public solution portfolio
  • Rail mitigation of highway / airway congestion
  • Validation of public investment in rail
  • Public / private benefits, impact on state
  • Performance measures
  • Intergovernmental coordination
  • Institutional mechanisms for funding and
  • Environmental / quality of life policy guidance
  • Community impacts
  • Continued emphasis on security
  • Role for the States funding, hazmats, etc.

Next Steps
  • Tuesday Morning Roundtable
  • Discussion of rail plan components
  • Strategize on helping legislative process
  • Technical Memorandum Tasks 2, 3, and 4 Nov 07
  • Draft Final Report to Committee Jan 08

Thank You!
David Hunt
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