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Making the Migration to IP Communications in Higher Education


As Mitel progresses down the path of IPT, innovations in applications and ... Clear resistance to install a full VoIP system when the current DPNSS PBX is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Making the Migration to IP Communications in Higher Education

Making the Migration to IP Communications in
Higher Education
Pedigree in Telephony
  • Over 30 years in the business of voice
  • Mitel core ethos is about ease of use for the
    end user
  • Mitel focuses on its core competency - voice
  • Mitel offers a flexible platform that builds
    upon its rich heritage in the voice market
  • As Mitel progresses down the path of IPT,
    innovations in applications and
    features occur organically
  • Mitel also partners with
    innovative applications
    companies that extend Mitels
    offering into its key markets,
    ensuring a rich integration
    with the core platform and
    minimising complexity

Mitel in Education
  • London School of Hygiene and
    Tropical Medicine
  • Open University
  • Regents College
  • Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Dalkeith Schools
  • Manchester City College
  • University of Kent
  • Lancaster College
  • Kent Institute of Art and Design
  • Greijdanus College,
  • Netherlands
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • New York Dept of Education
  • San Joaquin Delta Community College
  • University of Warwick
  • Education Bradford
  • Glasgow Schools
  • University of Surrey
  • Queen Mary University
  • Blandford School
  • Lancaster College

IPT Adoption in Higher Education
  • The benefits of IPT are desired but budgetary and
    training constraints either discourage or do not
    allow such adoption
  • 59 of respondents to a UKERNA survey operate a
    legacy-only system, DPNSS constituting 89.7 of
    all legacy networks
  • Over 2 in 3 respondents indicate a migration
    timescale of between 3 and 5 years
  • Clear resistance to install a full VoIP system
    when the current DPNSS PBX is still functional
    and familiar to users
  • 79.7 considering an IP migration, so while there
    is resistance to change there is also a clear
    realisation of the cost-benefits of implementing
    an IP Telephony system
  • Rip and replace is unacceptable with 0
    indicating this approach

Key Considerations for University Deployments of
  • Cost of Migration
  • Integration with existing telephone systems

Realities of Migration
  • Mixed vendor voice networks
  • Mixed vendor data networks
  • Centralised services such as voicemail and call
  • Separate voice and data network connections
  • Little interaction between voice and data

  • Common for organisations to phase in IP telephony
    and continue to use existing PBX equipment
  • Universities have a heavy investment in their
    current telephone system and are considering IP
    telephony as an adjunct to their existing
  • Issues around inter-working between traditional
    and IP phone systems, including loss of
    valuable telephony features that users have come
    to rely upon
  • Signalling protocols play a crucial role in
    providing interoperability between telephone
    systems by supporting features and functionality
    between telephone systems

  • Q.SIG and DPNSS (Digital Private Network
    Signalling System) are signalling protocols that
    allow disparate PBXs to pass selected feature
    capabilities between them
  • Q.SIG provides a lower level of feature
    transparency than DPNSS
  • DPNSS continues to provide the greatest level of
    integration for most PBXs
  • DPNSS is the signalling protocol used by the
    Siemens ISDX/Realitis, a legacy PBX ubiquitous
    within universities

Mitel has one of the highest levels of DPNSS
integrations on the market, providing
comprehensive interoperability with traditional
TDM systems like the Siemens ISDX/Realitis.
Dual Bus Architecture
The 3300 ICP uses the IP network to connect IP
phones provides a TDM bus to switch calls
between traditional telephones The 3300 ICP can
switch IP, ISDN or analogue traffic Native
call set-up, tear down, signalling between IP
connected telephones For traditional telephony,
ie analogue PSTN trunk connectivity, call
handling is handled natively by the
3300 ICP via a TDM circuit-switched subsystem
Resources Tone, Conf. EchoCancel
Embedded Apps VM, ACD
Gateway/ Gatekeeper
Call Control Connection Mgmt
Enterprise Call Agent
Switched IP Core
Applications Web Server
Key Deployment OptionsTopological Centralisation
vs. Distribution
Highly Centralised
Highly Distributed
  • Hybrid Topology
  • Distributed operationally, centralised
    on backup
  • Biased towards distributed operation, but
    higher cost effectiveness for resilient
    configurations through centralised
  • Hybrid Topology
  • Centralised operationally, distributed on
  • Biased towards centralised operation, but
    enhanced resiliency during backup

Mitels IP portfolio can be deployed in a highly
centralised or a highly distributed manner,
depending on the priorities of the customer
Telephone System Integration/Migration
Design for the power of the new while
accounting for the realities of the old
3300 ICP
Nortel Meridian
Mitel SX2000
Philips IS3000
Avaya INDeX MultiVantage IP Office
Ericsson MD110
Siemens Realitis/ISDX
Support for Analogue 3300 ICP AX Controller
  • For higher density analogue requirements
  • Supports 192 analogue phones and 100 IP phones
    up to a maximum of 250 devices
  • AX Controller is a peer node, NOT an IP
    peripheral cabinet
  • Can be deployed anywhere across the IP
  • Deploy the Controller locally to deliver
    analogue services while enabling access via IP
    Networking to overall communications
  • Incorporating more analogue devices into a
    single Controller closer to the end user
    increases resiliency of traditional telephony by
    reducing effects of any single point of failure

Open Standard Support Session Initiation
  • Mitel SIP Strategy
  • Support for SIP within the Mitel desktop devices
  • Support for SIP trunking inherently in the 3300
  • Support for any SIP device
  • SIP devices connect directly to the 3300 ICP
    Controller to deliver call-control services to
    the SIP device
  • The 3300 ICP will support low-cost SIP devices
  • For organisations who wish to deploy SIP
    devices rather than having to purchase more
    analogue handsets and install copper cabling in
    low usage areas where only dial tone is required

3300 Mixed IP and Traditional Network
AX Controller
  • Reuse existing cabling and deliver digital
    and analogue phones as required
  • Provide IP telephony and IP applications
    for those users who require it

Great for organisations who cannot
justify the cost
of a full move to IP telephony
but must consider existing telephony
Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform
  • An IP telephony system that delivers the
    voice capabilities and features expected from a
    traditional PBX
  • Multiple levels of call forwarding,
    Message waiting, Advisory
    messages Conference calling, Account codes,
    Call barring, Least cost routing,
    Night service plus 100s more
  • Acts as a TDM and IP PBX
  • Acts as an applications gateway, meaning it
    can be used to host a call centre,
    teleworking, soft-phones or other
    applications, without ripping out the
    existing telephony system

The Platform
The Gateway to Communications
  • Rather than a series of different gateways, Mitel
    offers one core platform that can act as a
  • Has the versatility to act as a gateway for
    deploying contact centres, speech recognition,
    wireless telephony and other communications
  • Allows organisations to add applications like
    softphones, voice mail or teleworking without
    replacing existing PBX
  • The 3300 ICP provides control for the IP phones
    and applications
  • The 3300 ICP can then easily be deployed for IP
    telephony across an organisation when ready to
    move to Voice over IP

Consistent Experience for All Users
Provide IP telephony to thousands of users
in a single building or a
campus setting. The 3300 ICP can also be
networked with other 3300 ICPs to
serve locations across the country
and around the world.
Mitel Resiliency of The Platform
  • Self-correction techniques take advantage of
    location independence and network element
  • Resources are spread across the network ensuring
    no single point of failure
  • Optimised hardware utilisation
  • Routes around failed or inaccessible portions of
    an IP network
  • A secondary controller is not limited to
    backup call-control, but can function as an
    application controller, an IP network gateway, a
    PSTN gateway, or a voice mail server
  • No single point of failure
  • No dependence on a single site or location
  • Lower hardware costs

Benefits of the 3300 as a Gateway
  • Connects to any legacy PBX via DPNSS or Qsig
  • Full DPNSS feature functionality over the IP
    network (e.g. step back on busy)
  • Provides an exceptional level of resources
    versus other gateway offerings
  • A platform that can grow from a pure gateway

Mitel has protected its installed base with
migration paths to its 3300 ICP platform, where
Mitels Applications and Services Gateway
solution is instrumental in enabling customers to
evolve to IP Telephony. Gartner, 12 August

University of Kent
  • Main Canterbury site runs separate voice and data
  • New greenfield site using 3300 VoIP
  • The University now carries voice over its data
    link between the two sites, which forms part of
    the joint academic network (JANET)
  • Staff at both campuses can now phone each other
    for free with their existing extension number
    ranges, even though the Canterbury network is
    still TDM-based
  • Has increased the call volume capacity, reduced
    call costs and saved money by utilising existing

Queen Mary University in London
  • Queen Mary University is made up of 4 sites
    with a Siemens ISDX
  • Became interested in IP telephony as a means
    to achieve cost savings through removing DPNSS
  • Turned to Mitel because it offered the optimal
    means to migrate to IP Telephony while cost
    effectively moving over 2000 telephones to IP at
    their own pace
  • 900 staff now using IP handsets and the
    University has realised unexpected benefits.
    Thanks to the administration features of Ops
    Manager, configuration has been made extremely
    easy, an otherwise complex task under the
    traditional telephone system
  • HP Infrastructure

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Had a Siemens ISDX system in place with over
    1000 extensions, but were interested in moving
    to IP Telephony to enhance communications
    throughout the campus and for a new facility
  • Needed a solution which could protect their
    existing investment, while providing a migration
    path to IP
  • Installed two 3300 ICPs to provide a gateway to
    the Siemens ISDX
  • The 3300 system is now supporting 450 users and
    the school is planning to completely migrate to
    IP Telephony
  • Also using Voice First video conferencing,
    hotdesking and audio conferencing from Mitel

University of Surrey
  • The University, made up of 9,000 students
    and 2,500 staff, has extensive overseas links
    with an international student community of over
    2,000 from 120 different countries
  • Challenge make it easier for staff and students
    to dial unfamiliar extensions and to
    make more efficient use of staff resources
  • Staff and students would phone the operators,
    which meant fewer incoming calls were being
  • With the Mitel Speech Server, people simply dial
    one number and repeat the name of the person
    they want to speak to. Speech Server
    then looks up the name and repeats it to the
    caller to confirm that the name is correct,
    then dials

Regents College
  • Current telephone system was out of capacity
    and wanted to move to IP Telephony
  • Previously, the Colleges network
    frequently went down due MACs
  • Painful for the IT team due to the sheer volume
    of extra work they incurred
  • Now staff simply move their handset to a
    different desk, enter a pin number
    and continue making calls reducing
    the IT teams workload dramatically
  • Now offering staff teleworking
  • Plans to move to unified messaging for features
    like a single mailbox to speech enabled access to
    voicemail, email and fax

Thank YOU
3300 Elements
Signaling Gateway
Voice Mail
PSTN Gateway
IP Network Gateway
Video Conference Controller
Call Center Controller
Wireless Access Controller
Group Controller
3300 IP Communications Platform
Single Platform, Multiple Specialties
Improving Operations
Centralised Management with Enterprise Manager
  • Management system provides web-based system
    configuration and maintenance and control of
    Mitel portfolio
  • Network managers can access the system from
    anywhere on the WAN
  • A single system view of all users, sites,
    equipment features and services
  • Acts as the central management interface to the
    Mitel portfolio

Mitel Enterprise Management
Single Web- based Management Interface
We used to spend nearly 20,000 each quarter on
service calls for small changes to the phone
system. With the new Mitel solution, we now
remotely manage the phone system ourselves, and
have even been able to scale back our IT support
due to the remote management features. Mark
Haggerty, Regional Manager, IT Operations Navigant
Seamless Single Point ProvisioningUsers,
Applications, Platforms
  • Plug-and-Play Phone Installation
  • Single Entry User and Applications Provisioning
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Software Installer
  • Simplified Network Configuration

Speed Up Tasks, Eliminate Repetitive Tasks, Do
More With Less Delivers Reduced TCO
ProActive Maintenance
  • Network Topology with Auto Discovery
  • Centralised Fault and Performance Management
  • Voice Quality Management
  • Administrative Role Definition
  • Centralised Maintenance Toolkit
  • Emergency Services Management
  • Asset Tracking

Deliver Higher QOS Increase Accuracy,
Reliability, and Availability Lower TCO Reduce
Workload Reduce Time to Diagnose Problems
Enterprise Manager Benefits
  • Brings system administration under a single
  • Protects against exponential increases in
    administration costs
  • Allows access to multiple sites and systems from
    a single interface
  • Lowers running costs by increasing staff
    productivity via minimizing repetitive tasks and
    automating standard processes

IPT Operating Cost - Savings
IP Telephony produces a saving of over 17 in
annual operating costs In organisations of over
500 employees, savings of 32 have
been achieved
Mid-size Organisation MAC rate 12 p/a
Avg cost 95 p/user Ex Organisation with
800 employees 96 TDM MACs - 9120 per
year IP MACs cost 1/3 - 2736 per
year Saving 6384 per year
Moves, Adds and Changes
Extending the Campus Teleworking
Providing telephony beyond the campus enables
faculty to offer flexible office hours to
students while working from home without
additional fees for leased lines Mitel offers a
simple,secure and scalable teleworking system
that uses broadband to extend
communications to the home Easily implemented
using a Mitel IP phone and a DSL/cable modem
router in the home Easy to implement and
maintain, meaning minimal management overhead
...So easy to implement, my 9 year old son
installed ours Lisa Dolphin. Mitel
Teleworking Features and Benefits
  • 4 digit extension and dialling
  • Access the same features as on the office phone
  • Adaptive jitter buffering to improve voice
    quality over the Internet (G.729
  • Encryption provides a secure voice path between
    phone and system across the Internet
  • Line Interface Module access the analogue
    line at any time by pressing the
    pre-programmed key
  • No need to invest in VPN technology
  • It is highly secure and fully encrypted with
    minimal complexity
  • It is a plug and play solution for the home
    worker/remote worker

Mitel Teleworker Growth
  • Since November, 2003 Mitel has seen un-paralleled
    growth in the amounts of Teleworker calls being

  • Mitel hit 12,000,000 calls in June
  • - Calls made by Mitel customers -

The United Nations Testimonial
Teleworking Benefits
  • Advantageous for lecturers and teaching
    assistants who need to extend their hours,
    but wish to do so from the comfort of
    their own home
  • Enables lecturers to offer extended support to
    students who may need help with their coursework,
    papers, exams
  • Enable lecturers/administrators to take part in
    conference calls after hours
  • Faculty can communicate with other academics
    across geographic boundaries and time zones
  • Increasingly important as office space is limited
    to encompass all lecturers and teaching
  • Can be offered as a benefit to attract and retain

Your Assistant
  • A set of communications tools that enables
    students and faculty to communicate over the
    Internet using voice and collaboration tools such
    as telephony over broadband using a soft phone,
    instant messaging, document sharing, white
    boarding, and video conferencing

Your Assistant Making Calls on the Desktop
Answering a call opens a communications window.
This window provides controls for
handling the call.
When a call comes in, a pop-up window lets you
know who is calling.
Your Assistant SoftphoneExtending Reach
  • Professors can have access to their calls on
    the PC without the need for a desktop phone or
    a mobile
  • Logs incoming calls while the desktop
    software is not running
  • This information is then displayed in
    both the Call History and the Call Log
  • Prioritise call backs by reviewing
    visual history of calls
  • Click to dial functionality means that calls
    can be made quickly

Your Assistant Secure Instant Messaging
  • Your Assistant provides convenient chat
    communication with other Your Assistant users
  • Chats are backed up in logs and are auditable
  • Used by lecturers to be advised of critical
    information without disrupting class

Your Assistant Knowledge Management
  • Immediately bring up files associated with the
    incoming Call Line ID
  • Never have to hunt for files associated with
    a previous call
  • Administrative staff and lecturers can respond
    quickly to a call

YA Collaboration
  • A web based, simple to use application that
    allows users to share ideas and documents from
    any PC with a broadband connection
  • Share a PowerPoint, or a document or even a
  • Ideal for distance learning and IT Help Desks
    for remote desk top control that comes standard
  • Use it for video conferencing simply by plugging
    in a USB Web Cam

Your Assistant Collaboration Features
  • PowerPoint presentation sharing
  • Document and application sharing
  • Desktop region sharing and entire desktop
  • Annotation capability
  • White boarding
  • Video Conferencing (up to 20 parties viewable
    at a time) using USB cameras
  • Chat capability between participants
  • Ability for non-Your Assistant users to be
    participants of a web conference using a web
  • Set up a web conference from within the Your
    Assistant GUI while on a call (i.e. voice
  • Pre-schedule a collaboration session within
    Your Assistant

Benefits of Collaboration
  • Ideal for faculty and students to interact over
    the Internet
  • Attract and retain faculty who will be able to
    collaborate with other academics regardless of
    geographic location
  • Non-Your Assistant users can participate in
    conferencing / collaboration session with full
    video capability via a secure internal website
  • Students are able to participate in projects,
    seek assistance remotely, without having to
    physically be present on campus
  • Ideal for students who are attending university

Mitel Live Business Gateway
  • Mitel Live Business Gateway integrates call
    control, devices and applications with
    Microsoft collaboration tools
  • Use voice, video, and data to locate and connect
    people, regardless of device without leaving the
    current application
  • Provide a telephony gateway to all communications
    media Instant Messaging, Email, Conferencing and
    Collaboration through a familiar Microsoft
    Office application interface
  • Bring other media types into a voice call
    from a Microsoft Office application like
    instant messaging, video conferencing and
    data collaboration, without creating separate
    communication sessions

Mitel Live Business Gateway
  • Connectivity to the mobile world
  • Communication right from any Microsoft document
  • Embedded for cost savings / efficiency
  • 8-party conferencing

PSTN Gateway
Integrated Communications
Mitel Live Communications Server Enabled Apps
  • Mitel Multimedia Contact Centre
  • Mitel NuPoint Messenger
  • Mitel Mobile Extension

Extended features
  • Mitel enriched Office Communicator
  • API enhanced
  • Communities of Interest
  • Leverages Microsoft Office continued advancements

Single Application
Enriched voice features
Improving the Educational Environment Hot Desking
  • Limited office space on campus means faculty
    often share the same office
  • Graduate students and faculty can share the same
    office and have their preferences associated with
    the phone when they log in
  • Overcome space issues by allowing desktop phones
    to be shared, allowing faculty members to have
    access to their own phone preferences, such
    as call forwarding profiles,
    speed-dial numbers and
    personal extension number
    while using the phone

Hot Desking Features
  • Phones can be restricted when no one is logged
  • Phones can be restricted for internal calls only
    or local calls, reducing toll abuse, so phones
    can be placed in public places
  • Allows users to have the same number at home or
    in the office when used with the Teleworker
  • Hotdesk profile includes
  • number, name, key appearances, message
    waiting,speed-calls, pick-up groups, hunt
    groups, class of service (long-distance,
    outside calls)

Speech Enabled Directory
  • Staff need to access numbers but dont know
    the extension meaning operators are called
    upon to handle internal calls
  • Speech recognition enables staff to ask for
    people by name without having to remember
  • Simply dial one number and state the name of the
    person they want to speak to
  • The Speech Server confirms the name then dials

Savings translate into thousands of pounds
Speech Recognition Customer Testimonial
  • University of Surrey use Speech Server for
    speech recognition to connect up of 9,000
    students and 2,500 staff

Speech Enabled Directory Features
  • Callers connect to individuals or departments by
    simply speaking their name
  • Supports multiple numbers for a single directory
  • A built-in text-to-speech engine allows the
    Speech Server Attendant to synthesise the
    directory name of any name not yet recorded
  • Store up to 10,000 names (each with up to 5
  • Supports different levels of fault tolerance of
    name interpretation
  • If the confidence of the system is medium or low,
    the server asks the user if the spoken name has
    been correctly interpreted

Contact Centres
Flexible call centre technology can be deployed
to handle clearing Contact centres can be set up
to provide social services to students, by
students Contact centres can move call handling
away from the switchboard by providing a more
flexible and distributed means of handling
incoming calls IP Contact Centre Technology can
allow people to answer incoming calls in various
departments at different times of the day without
leaving their department
Mitel Contact Centre Management
  • Ease of Use
  • Dont need a degree in rocket science to manage
  • Modular, so you can start with the basics and
  • Can be used in both a TDM and IP environment
  • Ideal for small call centres, as few as 5
  • Cost effective call centre management suite
  • Ability to add SMS functionality to be
    integrated, for both routing into the call centre
    and sending bulk SMS out
  • ACD is onboard the 3300, need only to buy ACD
  • Ability to support Remote Agents through ACD
  • Ability to establish Networked Call centres

Contact Centre Management Tools
  • Historical and Real Time Reporting
  • Web Call Back
  • Voice Call Back
  • Interaction with Automated Banking Service
  • SMS Intelligent Routing
  • Contact Centre Agent Scheduling
  • Agent Adherence
  • Dynamic Management of Queues
  • Remote Agent Support
  • On the fly Reporting Tools
  • e-Mail Queuing

Improving Operations Messaging
  • Lecturers can use voice mail to record
    assignments, event reminders, such as due dates
    for papers, TA timetables etc.
  • From professors to facilities staff, the ability
    to pick up messages while on the go has a
    critical impact on operations
  • Professors need to advise administrators when
    they are going to be late for a lecture,
    administrators need to advise when classes are

Messaging Options
Voice Mail Only Pick up messages on the go,
allow callers to leave a message Integrated
Voice Mail Allow users to navigate their voice
mail box on their desktop instead of listening
to all messages before getting to the one
thats most important Unified Messaging Have
text and voice mail messages read to you while on
the go and prioritise, provide speech commands to
Options available for a mixed deployment, to
scale and suit the needs of unique customer
Mobile Phones
  • 64 of mobile calls made at home or at work
  • No access to corporate resources (transfer etc.),
    just dial tone

In Building/On Premises
On the Go
Source Strategy Analytics
Improving Operations Mobile Extension
  • Ensure staff are highly accessible anywhere
    within the campus by
  • Twinning desktop phones and Wireless phones,
    mobile, DECT or SpectraLink
  • Works with ANY mobile phone
  • One number rings all phones simultaneously
  • Seamlessly transfers call to desktop
  • Can be configured to share one voice mail box
    among all devices
  • Eliminates the need for call forwarding or find
    me, follow me

One Number Means Mobility
  • The ability to take or initiate a call while
    in transit and switch to a deskphone upon
    arriving at the office
  • Switch back to a mobile if attendance is
    required at a meeting across the building, or
  • Combined with hot-desking, it allows users to
    log onto an IP phone anywhere on the network
    and the phone adopts their profile including
    keys and functions
  • HotDesking also allows users to take a call at
    their desk and transfer the call to their
    mobile device

The PossibilitiesThe Campus Portal
  • Taking advantage of the XML toolkit, it is now
    possible to push and pull data from the phone
  • Mitel have created the Patient Portal for
    healthcare, are now working with Universities to
    determine how this can be extended to the
    academic campus
  • The possibilities are registration, library book
    check out, class locator, lab locator, exam
    schedules,security, maintenance, etc.

Pervasive Communications
  • Utilises Wireless Access Points as extensions
    for the 3300 IP DECT
  • Provides same functionality as IP phone
  • IP to the base station and DECT to the handset
  • up to 256 base stations
  • up to 8 simultaneous calls per base station
  • 512 handsets, maximum
  • Long battery life (up to 20 hours talk time
    and 200 hours stand-by)
  • Indoor and outdoor Base Stations
  • Voicemail access with message waiting display

Mitel SpectraLink

Push-to-Talk Push-to-talk alerts
pre- programmed teams on dedicated channels
in the event of a crisis Up to 8 channels are
available for Push-to-talk
SpectraLink wireless telephones offer same
feature set as the standard Mitel IP phone
Application Examples
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Lab 4B
SpectraLink NetLink Phones
  • Provide pervasive communications to mission
    critical personnel, such as network managers, IT
    helpdesk staff, facilities staff, senior
    management and faculty heads (call, page, text
  • Provide campus security guards with a mobile
    extension on the network
  • Alert security guards (mobile on campus) of
    emergency events
  • Provide a backup to landline system

Communications and Staff SafetyLone Worker Alert
  • A personnel tracking and safety system
    designed to monitor security of lone workers
  • Users access system via a mobile or landline
  • Time, place and expected departure time are
    entered to monitor the safety of a lone worker
  • System monitors events and undertakes
    notification by phone, fax, email or a emergency
    system when events are overdue
  • Workers constantly update system using touch-tone
    or voice, both Voice and Text solutions can be

Lone Worker Alert System Features
  • Inbound Application
  • Logging on/off jobs
  • Extending job durations
  • Connecting to operator
  • Outbound Application
  • Log status of jobs logged
  • Generate reminder calls
  • Generate escalation calls
  • Generate alarms as required

Completely mobile agnostic Uses voice to interact
Staff Safety and Security in the Front-lineIP
Duress Application
  • If staff are faced with aggressive or abusive
    students, they can press a silent
    alarm button on the phone
  • This will send an alert to the emergency response
    advisor system which will then dispatch the
    alert to targeted response devices
  • The capability to initiate a "Silent Duress" call
    and escalate to the appropriate security
    person, local or remote
  • Deployment of a front line link to first
  • Not an all or nothing, can be deployed to
    selected phones
  • IP solution
  • Eliminating the need for structural wiring to
    deliver panic buttons

Emergency Calls for Front Line Staff
New Services Functionality
  • Replace Existing Services That are Losing
  • Increasing use of mobile phones by students
    has led to significantly lower use of
    university-provided landline phones
  • Alternative revenue streams need to be found to
    supplement funding for the University

Notification System
Management Information System
  • A multi-point bulk notification system designed
    to provide timely delivery of critical
    information to stakeholders
  • USES
  • 1. Disseminate critical information to large
    numbers or targeted groups of people
  • 2. Receive critical information and
    disseminate it quickly to key
  • 3. Provide information recipients must act

Browser based Management
Notification System Applications
  • Education
  • Notification of absence by Professor/
    Sessional Lecturer
  • Exam Times/ Results
  • Class Cancellations/ Room Changes
  • Notification of over due books
  • Payment of fines for overdue books
  • Payment of Parking Fee
  • Booking of Squash courts, tickets for events
  • Notification of Tuition Payment

This can be charged on a semester basis as a
fee-based service for students
New Services Your Assistant Softphones
  • Landline phones in university halls of residence
    can be replaced by VoIP soft-phones in the form
    of Your Assistant
  • Installed on lap-top
  • Low cost of entry
  • Minimal maintenance and damage costs
  • Offer Your Assistant clients to students in halls
    of residence rather than desktop phones
  • Can be charged on a monthly basis, and one-time
    installation fee
  • Use call logging for billing
  • Offer Your Assistant clients to students off
  • Your Assistant extends collaboration capabilities
    for students, charge for this additional

Benefits of IP Telephony
  • Link faculty, staff, and students on campus,
    halls of residence, at home and across the wider
    academic community
  • IP Telephony Can
  • extend the campus
  • improve communications to enhance the
    educational experience
  • reduce maintenance costs and improve operations
  • centralise communications for improved services
  • offer innovative applications to create new
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