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Recruiting Trends 20062007


Coauthor, Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career ... Identify learning from interviews with liberal arts grads ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Recruiting Trends 20062007

Welcome! Please standby. The Experience
Webinar What Do You Do With A Liberal Arts
Degree? is scheduled to begin at 1 pm Eastern
February 21, 2007
What Do You Do With A Liberal Arts Degree?Five
Smartest Moves to Finding Work You Love
  • Sheila J. Curran
  • Fannie Mitchell Executive Director, Duke
    University Career Center
  • Coauthor, Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads
    Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
  • columnist Curran on Careers

Experience Web Cast February 21, 2007
  • Why do liberal arts students choose to attend
    your institution?

What College Students Want From Their Education
Eduventures research on 6200 enrolling first
year students at all SAT levels.
  • 72 want professional preparation
  • Access to internships
  • Quality of careers office
  • Placement record with employers

Eduventures is a research and consulting firm
for the education industry, located in Boston, MA.
  • Get into good school
  • Work hard
  • Get good grades
  • Find high paying, prestigious job
  • Leap over tall buildings on the way to the top

Helicopter Parent Landing
  • The dilemma for parents and students
  • Whats out there?
  • How do I get there?
  • What do I need to do now?

The Genesis of Smart Moves
  • Illustrate how real liberal arts grads find work
    they love
  • Stories of 23 grads
  • Out of school less than 15 years
  • 19 different schools
  • All made smart career moves and a few dumb
    ones, too

The Big C Question
Career ? ? ?
Introducing Sheila Curran
  • BA, Russian and Persian PGCE, Education SPHR
    (Human Resources)
  • Early jobs Assembly line worker, file clerk,
    cruise ship assistant, receptionist, program
  • Real jobs director-level positions in training
    and development, employment, employer relations,
    benefits, organizational development
  • Current and previous job career director
  • Employers Duke University, Brown University,
    Gallaudet University, University of Michigan

Goals of Webinar
  • Highlight career issues facing liberal arts
  • Discuss career assumptions and realities
  • Identify learning from interviews with liberal
    arts grads
  • Suggest plan of action for working with liberal
    arts students

Who Was Cara Storm?
  • University of Pennsylvania 89
  • Psychology
  • Early experiences
  • DJ and Station Manager at college radio station

Caras Bio
  • Passion Creative Expression
  • Early Work Experience
  • WBCN Radio
  • KISS 108
  • Isabella Stewart Museum
  • Founder and Principal of Marketing by Storm

Who Was Ray Eddy?
  • Duke University 92, Math and Econ
  • Early work experience
  • IBM

Ray Eddy Beyond IBM
  • Duke University 92, MAT 94
  • Math and Econ
  • Hewitt Associates
  • Teaching
  • Resident Advising
  • Coaching Marching Bands

Ray Eddy Now
  • Passion Performing stunts, coaching, teaching
  • President, Superior Marching Band Enterprises
  • Stunt Actor Indiana Jones at Disney-MGM Studios

Cara, Ray and Smart Moves
  • Listen to others
  • Learn out of classroom
  • Make career corrections
  • Identify fall-back positions
  • Demonstrate energy and talents even in low level
  • Identify skills you want to build in a new
  • Dont be afraid of failure
  • Build a safety net by identifying clients before
    starting a business

The Five Smartest Moves
  • Figure out who you are and where you want to go
  • Get experience
  • Build social and networking relationships
  • Identify and fill your competence gap
  • Find your hook

The Five Smartest Moves
SMARTEST MOVE 1 Discover who you are and where
you want to go
SMARTEST MOVE 2 Get experience
The Five Smartest Moves
SMARTEST MOVE 3 Build Social and Networking
SMARTEST MOVE 5 Find Your Hook
SMARTEST MOVE 4 Identify Your Competence Gaps
Challenges for Counselors
  • Major doesnt equal career
  • Myriad options
  • Impossible to be knowledgeable about every field
  • On-campus recruiters may not be interested in
    many liberal arts majors

What to Do?
  • Educate students and parents about career
    realities even before matriculation
  • Find opportunities to show relationship between
    education and career
  • Facilitate exploration
  • Informational interviewing
  • Alumni/parent career advisors
  • Apprenticeships/Internships
  • Real-world programming, e.g., Career Week

Carries Story
  • Moral
  • Where you start will probably not be where you
  • Only you can decide who you are and where you
    want to go
  • If a man shall begin with certainties, he shall
    end with doubts. But if he shall content himself
    to begin with doubts, he shall end with
  • -- Sir Francis Bacon

Key Takeaways For Your Students Alumni
  • Download this presentation from the Experience
    University Resources channel so you can use it
    with your students and alumni and share the 5
    smartest moves
  • Engage your alumni to share their stories to open
    up possibilities for students (or buy Sheilas
    book if you want to use the featured alumni as
  • Encourage students and alumni to get as much
    exposure to new areas internships, job shadows,
    info interviews, job fairs etc.

Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads Book
  • To Order --
  • Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads
  • Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
Also available through or at your
local bookstore.
Questions? Email Sheila Curran at
Experience Resources For Your Students and Alumni
  • New Content
  • Job Shadow
  • Manage Your Career (for Alumni)
  • New Content Partners
  • SalesTrax (sales channel)
  • Careerbuilder (alumni channel)

New Exclusive Experiences
  • Video Interview with CEO
  • Application deadline Feb 25th
  • Special Experience slot to attend and blog about
    the 2-day job fair
  • Application deadline Feb 25th

Professional Development Series
  • March 27, 2007 --Finding the Best-Fit Job for
    Students and Alumni
  • Susan Strayer, SPHR, is a human resource
    professional and a career development expert, who
    has worked in both corporate recruiting and in
    career services (Johns Hopkins University).
  • She is the author of The Right Job, Right Now
    The Complete Toolkit For Finding Your Perfect
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  • Ongoing topic submission on University Resource

Q A Session
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