How to Buy Bitcoins (1)

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How to Buy Bitcoins (1)


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Title: How to Buy Bitcoins (1)

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What is digital currency ???
  • Digital currency or digital money is an
    Internet-based medium of exchange distinct from
    physical (such as banknotes and coins) that
    exhibits properties similar to physical
    currencies, but allows
  • instantaneous transactions and borderless
  • Both virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies are
    types of digital currencies, but the converse is

What is cryptocurrency ???
  • A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a medium
    of exchange using cryptography to secure the
    transactions and to control the creation of
    additional units of the currency.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative
    currencies, or specifically of digital
  • There were more than 710 cryptocurrencies
    available for trade in online markets as of 11
    July 2016, but only 9 of them had market
    capitalizations over 10 million.

List of cryptocurrencies -
  • Bitcoin - BTC
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Ripple - XRP
  • Steem - STEEM
  • Litecoin - LTC
  • Ethereum Classic ETC
  • Dash - DASH
  • NEM - XEM
  • and many more

Now, we will discuss about one of the
Queries about bitcoin
  • How did it get started?
  • How is the currency created?
  • Why does it have value?
  • Who controls the value?
  • Who Accepts Bitcoin?
  • How Would I buy some Bitcoins?
  • Why would I want some Bitcoins?
  • Problems with Bitcoin currency.

How Did It Start ?
  • In 2009 A technical paper was posted on the
    internet by Satoshi Nakamoto titled Bitcoin A
    Peer-to- Peer Electronic Cash System

form of
  • It described a system of cryptocurrency that was
    not backed by any government or any
  • existing currency.
  • Interestingly, there is no such person. Its a

Where Do Bitcoins Come From ?
  • Bitcoin is based on solving an encryption formula
    which requires extreme amounts of
  • computing power.
  • Each time you solve a portion of the formula you
    earn a Bit Coin.
  • Websites like help you set up the
    mining formula.
  • Companies began to sell hardware called gate
    array miners to enhance the processing speed.
  • Only 21 million Bit Coins will ever exist
  • Nearly all Bitcoins have been mined and are now
    in circulation.

What is the Vision of Bitcoins ?
  • Bitcoins are intended to be digital currency.
  • Buyers and sellers will use them and eliminate
    all the middlemen such as credit cards, ATM
    machines, etc.
  • Bitcoins will be safer than carrying a plastic
  • Bitcoins will be an international currency with
    no exchange transaction

What is the Value of a Bitcoin ?
  • Bitcoins are like diamonds or gold no intrinsic
  • As more people want to buy Bitcoins, sellers will
    charge more.
  • Its a free market and as wild as you can
  • No rules, regulations or oversight.
  • Speculators who think Bitcoins will be
    successful, buy as many as they can and hold
    them price appreciation.
  • If 21 million Bitcoins are in circulation and
    current price is 500, then total
  • market value is 10 Billion.

Who Sells Bitcoins ?
  • Larger Buyers go to Exchanges
  • An Exchange is a website with significant
    software and funding
  • There are at least 25 Bitcoin Online trader in
    the India alone
  • We can buy and sell the bitcoins using our bank
  • We can get the list from

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