Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

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Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card


Buying Bitcoin's with credit and debit cards is one of the most popular ways to purchase Bitcoin. On most exchanges, if a credit or debit card is used, you will have instant delivery of your Bitcoins. Our guides make it easy! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card
  1. Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card
  2. Get A Bitcoin Wallet
  3. Start Looking For an Exchange
  4. Check the Fees
  5. Bonuses
  6. Buying Limits
  7. Withdrawal Options

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Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card
  • Its no longer so difficult to buy bitcoin with a
    credit card. It is one of the easier ways to
    invest in bitcoin.
  • Since good credit cards help to earn rewards and
    manage the spending and debt, many credit card
    holders want to use the cards for everything.
  • Heres how you can go about it.

Get A Bitcoin Wallet
  • Using bitcoin wallets is the best way to secure
    the bitcoins.
  • A bitcoin wallet keeps your bitcoins safe, as
    well as provides the simplest way to make use of

  • Make sure you have one before you buy bitcoins,
    as you wont want the online currency to be at
    risk for any amount of time.
  • Bitcoin wallet hardware is considered more
    secure, but there are some excellent software
    options available.

Start Looking For an Exchange
  • There is a large amount of bitcoin exchange
    companies out there.
  • The number is only growing with Bitcoin's
  • But what factors you need to take into the
    account to choose which one is best for you?

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Check the Fees
  • Every bitcoin exchange charge a commission on all
    the credit card transactions.
  • This is usually about 3.75 or more.
  • This is a contrast to debit card purchases, which
    are free of charge.

  • Some website offer bonuses on money spent.
  • Coinbase, for example, gives you an additional
    10 when you buy more than 100 Worth of bitcoin.
  • This wont be your main consideration, but it
    does leave you with a feeling of goodwill towards
    the company.

Buying Limits
  • All exchange have buying limits on a daily basic
    or monthly basis.
  • If you plan on investing a large amount of money
    in bitcoin, you will need to choose a service
    with the high buying limits.
  • Some service providers have monthly limits as low
    as 600 a month, while others allow you to buy
    5000 worth of bitcoin per day.

Withdrawal Options
  • Some have no intention of withdrawing the bitcoin
    value anytime soon.
  • They want to watch their money grow, ideally
    investing more and more over the days and months.
  • But withdrawal options always be a concern.

  • Its important to know you can get money out
  • Certain service providers make it easier than
    others, with options of which currency you would
    like your value paid out in and better
    transaction speeds.

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