Bittrado Coin - Cryptocurrency - ICO - Bitcoin - Mining Crypto Currency 2018

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Bittrado Coin - Cryptocurrency - ICO - Bitcoin - Mining Crypto Currency 2018


The Whitepaper explains what is Bittrado - Bittrado is an open source, hybrid cryptocurrency. Where users can Mine, Stake and lend their coins. New ICO - A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Launching on 4th Jan, 2018 Registration Starts - JOIN PRESALE NOW Official Website - – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bittrado Coin - Cryptocurrency - ICO - Bitcoin - Mining Crypto Currency 2018

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction. 1
2. What is Bittrado?............................................................................................................. 2
3. Vision. 3
4. Mission. 4
5. ICO.. 7
6. How to start with Bittrado?............................................................................................ 6
7. How will Bittrado work?.................................................................................................. 5
8. Trading
.. 10 9. Lending
. 11 10. Mining
......... 14 11. Staking
15 12. Affiliate Program
13 13. Bittrado Team
.. 17 14. Roadmap
.. 21 .
Making Decentralization Powerful for Mining,
Trading and Staking.
  • Much is altered in recent years in the world of
    cryptos with coming of the blockchain. In this
    most promising scenario of global blockchain
    technology and cryptocurrency, we bring Bittrado
    to win utilizing the power of digital platform
    for Mining, Staking, lending and exchanging.
    Bittrado is set to play a daring and secured
    platform for rapid smart contracts.
  • Bittrado brings all the aspects of gaining and
    trading right at one place with supreme ease.
    You can exchange or lend cryptos, mine or trade
    them. Unleash the craze of playing money as well
    trying your trading skills with online crypto
    trading platform.
  • Bittrado is initiated to build a platform
    empowering you to invest and celebrate your
    trading skills in super simple formats and
    attractive commissions and discounts.
  • Online platforms with lowest fees, increased
    transparency, securely encrypted payment
    options, and complete anonymity, and tax less
    earning brought a new fun for the miners and
    traders. Financing and lending became super easy
    and highly rewarding without any hassle and
    involvement of the third parties like banks and
    financial institutions

What is Bittrado
  • Bittrado coin is a decentralized digital currency
    boosting blockchain technology for the future
    generation traders and gamers.
  • Bittrado is launched with an aim of becoming easy
    to use and secure cryptocurrency exchange for
    the next generation miners and traders. As a
    trustworthy and safe exchange for multiple
    cryptocurrencies of the world, we are a place
    where users can sell, buy, lend, and earn their
    best digital currencies with supreme speed and
    ease. With Bittrado, mining, Staking and trading
    with digital money are going to be smart and
    secure in every way.
  • Our motto is to let everyone has control of their
    own currency in their own best way. Our platform
    allows users to buy Bittrado coins and explore
    the world of unlimited trading. Attractive
    rewards, discounts, and interest through our
    affiliations with best trading and lending
    platform with lowest fees will provide the best
    experience to the users.

Our Vision
  • At Bittrado, the innovative team is seeking to
    fulfil the dream of the future generation digital
    currency market. Besides providing a platform,
    we ensure all the benefits of decentralization
    and anonymity for the users. Without the
    obstacles of bureaucracy, users will trade on
    their own platform free of any restrictions.

Our Mission
  • The objectives of our mission are
  • Building a safe, secure, and quickest platform
    for the traders
  • Bringing the best peer to peer exchange and
  • Allow trading with major fiat currencies
  • Covering widest range of cryptocurrencies
  • Enhancing our platform with attractive bonus,
    rewards, and other features.
  • Besides, we will be constantly making our
    platform powerful with new technologies and
    gaming features to give lavish experience to the

How Will Bittrado Work
  • Bittrados mechanism is developed to ensure
    complete financial independence from political
    and regulatory forces.
  • The Bittrado coins will be used by the community
    to carry out various activities like trading and
  • Demand and Supply
  • The activities at Bittrado will be based on the
    supply and demand of the Bittrado coins.
  • While activities like mining and staking will
    cause the coin supply, demand will be caused by
    Trading and lending.
  • Distribution
  • Subsequent to the ICO crowdsale, the internal
    exchanged will be launched for rapid circulation
    and fluidity of Bittrado coins.

How to Start with Bittrado
  • Get registered and open your account at
  • Deposit Bitcoins and buy Bittrado coins.
  • Start trading with Bittrado and earn rewards,
    bonus, and earn profits.
  • If you are not much keen on mining and staking,
    lend your currency and earn stable income with
    daily handsome profits.
  • Download miner and start mining Bittrado coins to
    earn more.
  • Through our valuable partnerships from time to
    time, Bittrado aims to grow as one of the most
    popular, exciting, and profitable platform for
    trading in cryptos.

ICO Initial Coin Offering
  • Building Bittrado community will require an ICO
    crowdsale. The ICO will have restricted amount
    of Bittrado coins for sale.
  • The ICO will be launched on 31st December 2017
    and 10,000,000 Bittrado coins will be put on the
    initial coin offering. The coins left and not
    sold on ICO will be burnt at the end of the
  • ICO Round Details and Prices Discounts
  • Traders can earn by referrals.

Investment in ICO
ICO Stage Coins for Sale Price ()
Stage 1 2,000,000 0.50
Stage 2 2,000,000 0.75
Stage 3 2,000,000 1.00
Stage 4 2,000,000 1.25
Stage 5 2,000,000 1.50
Affiliate Bonus for ICO
Generation Bonus on ICO Purchase
Gen 1 8.0
Gen 2 3.0
Gen 3 2.0
Gen 4 1.0
Gen 5 1.0
ICO Fund Distribution
  • Once you open your Bittrado wallet and deposit
    the funds, you can start trading. Trade on your
    favourite cryptocurrency with your speculation
    skills. Trade and exchange currencies and make
    the most out of it.
  • Once the ICO is fulfilled, we will be adding
    Bittrado coins on other external exchanges.

  • Bittrado lending feature allows users to earn
  • returns of almost 45 monthly. The coolest way
    to earn at Bittrado is indeed lending. The
    friendly lending software gives greater control
    to the users with maximum flexibility. Lender
    can terminte lending and receive back the amount
    after the lending lock duration.
  • Lend your passive currencies and earn stable
    revenue for a specific period. So you can offer
    loans or borrow loans in bitcoins and reduce
    your woes.

Lending Investment Plans
Investment () Lock-In Period Lending Interest Lending Interest
Investment () Lock-In Period Volatility Interest Fixed Interest
100 - 1000 199 Days Up to 45 Monthly -
1001 - 5000 179 Days Up to 45 Monthly 0.11 Daily
5001 - 10000 149 Days Up to 45 Monthly 0.21 Daily
10001 - 100000 99 Days Up to 45 Monthly 0.31 Daily
Affiliate Bonus for Lending
Generation Bonus From Lending Investment
Gen 1 8.0
Gen 2 3.0
Gen 3 2.0
Gen 4 - 6 1.0
Gen 7 - 15 0.5
  • Mining is carried out with suitable hardware.
  • Users get verified and get added to the block
    chain which is a kind of public ledger on the
    exchange. The first one to solve the
    computational puzzle signs the next block and
    gain reward. Each mined block will
  • release the reward for the miner in the form of
    a new coin with new age.

  • Dont keep the coins idle in your wallet. Stake
    and earn.
  • Staking begins when you have Bittrado coins in
  • wallet. If the coin is about to mature, start
    staking it and sign the next block. The reward
    you get in return will waive off the age of your
  • Once you get Bittrado wallet on your system, you
    can transfer the coins to your wallet. You can
    unlock your wallet and start staking. The
    staking will be automatically on unless you lock
    your wallet.
  • At Bittrado, We make sure our members earn
    profits one way or other. Thus Staking Bittrado
    Coins will make you earn good staking interest.

Staking Interest
Time Period Interest/Month
1st 6 Months 10.0
2nd 6 Months 8.0
3rd 6 Months 6.0
4th 6 Months 4.0
5th 6 Months 2.0
Till all the PoS Blocks are mined 0.5
Bittrado Team
  • Bittrado team of managers and advisors are
  • visionaries who lead the platform towards
    winning the cryptocurrency market with its
    vision of providing the best experience to the
    traders worldwide. Bittrado is thankful to the
    intellectuals who are working with the
  • exchange.

Bittrado Team
  • Bittrado team of managers and advisors are
  • visionaries who lead the platform towards
  • winning the cryptocurrency market with its
  • vision of providing the best experience to the
    traders worldwide. Bittrado is thankful to the
    intellectuals who are working with the exchange.

Bittrado Team
  • Being a technological cryptocurrency platform,
  • we are supported by a vast team of talented
    crypto experts and IT professionals. Each and
    every day, the team is striving to bring the best
    gaming and trading opportunities through
    groundbreaking products.

Bittrado Team
Third Party
  • Bittrado will also be teaming up with third
    parties or affiliates.
  • The ventures will be to enhance the power of
    Bittrado coin and the trading experience in our
  • Bittrado wants to contribute to the fastest
    growing world of digital currency by acting as a
    secure and innovative place to let you trade
    your crypto assets safely. The exchange is going
    to be a part of the bigger financial revolution
    where masses trade without hindrances of any
    outer forces.
  • The platform will be equally welcoming and
    promoting for the amateur traders as well pro
    gamers. With the Bittrado coins and tokens, we
    ensure a safe place for business with a vast
    scope of success for everyone.

Technical Specification
Name Bittrado
Symbol BTR
Type PoW/PoS Hybrid Blockchain
PoW Algorithm Scrypt
Max Supply 50,000,000 BTR
Pre Mined 10,000,000 BTR
Reward 50 Block
Block Timing 10 Mins
Min Stake Age 24 Hours
Max Stake Age 60 Days
Reach Us
Coin.btr Bittradocoin BTRofficial
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