Ayurvedic Treatment For Irregular Periods To Get Rid Of Menorrhagia Naturally

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Irregular Periods To Get Rid Of Menorrhagia Naturally


This power point presentation describes about ayurvedic treatment for irregular periods to get rid of menorrhagia naturally. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ayurvedic Treatment For Irregular Periods To Get Rid Of Menorrhagia Naturally

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Irregular Periods
The problem of irregular periods has become a
common problem in women nowadays. This problem
can happen at any stage of life as it depends on
the estrogen production in body. Absence of
proper amount of estrogen in body results in
improper formation and shedding of uterus lining
due to which bleeding happens in menstruation
time. Improper rest, lack of physical activity,
increase in responsibilities and changes in
lifestyle affect the healthy functions of body
including reproductive system.
Ayurvedic Treatment For Irregular Periods
Low level of estrogen in body not only affects
regularity in periods but also slows down
metabolism, absorption of nutrients and bone
tissue regeneration which result in weakness in
body. Improper formation of uterus lining due to
lack of estrogen causes contractions in uterus
and this is what causes pain and discomfort
during menstrual cycle. Women also suffer from
PCOS symptoms due to misbalance in estrogen
MCBC Capsules
Irregularity in periods may also raise sexual
disorders like impotency, infertility, etc. Women
can use MCBC capsules which provide the best
ayurvedic treatment for irregular periods.
Anti-inflammatory action of these supplements
gives relief from lower abdominal bloating and
discomfort. These capsules improve blood
circulation which increases supply of nourishment
to body organs.
MCBC Capsules
Coordination between pituitary gland and ovaries
increases production of estrogen. Adequate amount
of estrogen signals body to shed uterus lining
after regular intervals of time and this
maintains a proper time gap between two menstrual
cycles. This prevents contraction in uterus and
reduces pain during menstrual cycles.
Reproductive system functions improve which
reduce chances of sexual disorders like
infertility, impotency, etc.
MCBC Capsules
These supplements cleanse and clear uterus after
menstrual bleeding to maintain health of
reproductive organs. MCBC capsules also provides
energy which gives relief from weakness and
fatigue during periods. These supplements prevent
ill effects of birth control pills and
contraceptive devices and maintain proper
formation of uterus lining.
Ingredients In MCBC Capsules
  • MCBC capsules contain Jatamansi, Nilkadambika,
    Agastya, Shankhpushpi, Aparajita, Kachnar,
    Jyotishmati, Gurhal, Shatavari, Salabmisri,
    Dirghwali, Unab, Ustukhuddus, Aloe Vera,
    Brahmadandi, Buch and Brahmi. This ayurvedic
    treatment for irregular periods provides the
    following benefits
  • Enhances functions of ovaries in order to
    balance estrogen level in body.

Benefits Of MCBC Capsules
  • Improves blood circulation due to which
    coordination between pituitary gland and ovaries
    becomes better. This helps brain to signal
    ovaries to produce estrogen as per the
    requirement of body. Estrogen then causes uterus
    lining to shed during periods.
  • Better functions of reproductive organs helps in
    forming proper uterus lining which is shed during
    periods and is responsible for causing menstrual

Benefits Of MCBC Capsules
  • This treatment brings regularity in menstrual
    cycle by maintaining fixed proper gap between two
  • Menstrual cycles become regular in spite of
    increase or decrease in body weight.
  • Prevent weakness in body which is caused due to
    loss of blood during periods.

MCBC Capsules
Women get relief from menstrual disorders like
pain, irregular periods, breakthrough bleeding,
spotting, heavy bleeding, no bleeding at all,
etc. Women suffering from pain and discomfort due
to menopause also get relief with the help of
these supplements. Use MCBC capsules continuously
for 3 to 4 months to get rid of menorrhagia and
other menstrual problems for prolong time.
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