Best Herbal Sleeping Remedies To Overcome From Insomnia

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Best Herbal Sleeping Remedies To Overcome From Insomnia


This powerpoint presentation describes about the best herbal sleeping remedies to overcome from insomnia. You can find more detail about Aaram capsules at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Herbal Sleeping Remedies To Overcome From Insomnia

Best Herbal Sleeping Remedies To Overcome From
Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Insomnia is the disorder characterized by
    sleeplessness. An insomniac is unable to get
    sufficient sleep at night. The reasons leading to
    insomnia vary from person to person. Sudden shock
    or trauma, stress, narcolepsy, sleep apnea,
    restless leg syndrome, asthma, acid reflux,
    chronic pain, change in sleep routine are some of
    the leading causes of insomnia.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Doctors first study the root cause of the problem
    and then prescribe cures. Altering lifestyle is
    the first step towards curing insomnia. Chronic
    insomniacs are advised to maintain a regular
    sleep schedule. It is also advised to create a
    sleep inducing ambience prior to retiring to bed,
    i.e. the room should be made quiet and dark.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Yogic exercises too help a lot because they relax
    nerve cells and allow you to sleep soundly.
  • Herbal sleeping remedies, also known as natural
    sleeping aids are found to be quite effective in
    curing insomnia. Research shows that some natural
    herbs can completely cure the problem and unlike
    synthetic medications, these herbs do not at all
    create any medicine dependency.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • The herbal sleeping remedies would give you the
    same calmness as would be with a prescription
    sleeping pill and the positive aspect of these
    herbs is that they produce no side-effects. But
    always remember that herbal sleeping remedies
    will work far more effectively if you make the
    necessary lifestyle changes.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Here follows a list of some very popular herbal
    sleeping remedies
  • Valerian is a popular herbal sleeping aid. It
    contains Valium that acts as an effective
    relaxant, calming your mind, warding off anxiety,
    stress and putting you to sleep.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Kava Kava is one of the effective herbal sleeping
    remedies. The herb eases tension, relaxes tensed
    muscles, treats fatigue and induces sleep.
  • Lemon balm is a beneficial herbal sleeping aid.
    It contains a compound Terpenes which induces
    deep sleep. You can drink lemon balm tea or use
    lemon balm capsules, oil and tinctures.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • The herb Passiflora helps you to sleep better due
    to its sedative nature. It also protects you from
    menstrual issues, whooping cough and chronic
  • Maca is a great herbal remedy for insomniacs. It
    is a rare blend of essential vitamins that
    stabilize mood and improve sleep quality.

Herbal Sleeping Remedies
  • Chamomile is an effective herbal sleeping aid.
    The compounds present in chamomile induce deep
    sleep. The mild flavor of this herb eases tension
    and anxiety. One needs to drink chamomile tea
    before retiring to bed in order to do away with

Aaram Capsules
  • Aaram capsules are the best herbal sleeping
    remedies that help to overcome from insomnia in
    natural manner. These herbal remedies can assist
    to promote sleep by calming down nerve cells.
    Presence of natural sleeping herbs make Aaram
    capsule most effective supplements to provide
    relaxed mind. One can consume these sleeping
    remedies without any worry.

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