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Diocese of Southwell


Many churches and some dioceses are now growing well ... Provide right nos of different ministries OLM, NSM, youth worker, lay ministers etc ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diocese of Southwell

Diocese of Southwell Nottingham
  • How local churches grow

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New growth is possible
  • We appear to have bottomed out
  • A lot of our decline is our own fault we can
    put that right
  • Many churches and some dioceses are now growing
  • We have identified the good practices that result
    in growth
  • We can harness the needed financial and human
  • The social climate gives us many opportunities

Natural Church Growth
  • We can grow by stopping doing the things that
    make us shrink
  • We, not the social climate, are to blame for much
    of our own decline
  • Some of the things that make us shrink are to do
    with the local church and some to do with
    diocesan policies and culture

Some Hints for getting rid of congregations
  • Make the teens do action songs in the Family
  • Cling on to the traditional evensong
  • In fact, never make changes of any sort
  • To keep everyone happy make the service trad one
    week and contemporary the next
  • Ensure the building is cold, the pews uncomfy and
    never serve coffee after they may get to know
    each other

Some Hints for getting rid of congregations
  • Have groups for junior children but not secondary
    they soon get the message they have to leave at
  • Keep a very narrow music and worship culture and
    keep it the same for all services
  • Control the service and keep them busy never
    give them space to encounter God
  • Ensure the church activities all suit pensioners

Some Hints for getting rid of congregations
  • Dont notice newcomers
  • Or say you cant sit there, thats Mrs Joness
  • Dont follow people up when they seem to be
    drifting away
  • Never set up small groups they create dangerous
    relational glue
  • Allow conflict to fester under the surface

Some Hints for getting rid of congregations
  • Create a Team Ministry and invest a lot of time
    hammering out your differences with the other
  • Tell the student enquiring about ordination to go
    away, get a proper job and come back when they
    have some experience of real life
  • Never preach about giving encourage people to
    spend their time fund-raising

Some Hints for getting rid of congregations
  • Leave unexpectedly the best time for shrinking
    congregations is in vacancies that last longer
    than 6 months
  • I could give you statistical evidence for all of
    these but if you want that youll have to buy
    my books!!

The notice board can be used to put people off
  • Starting 11th May 1948
  • 8.3. Cmu_o.
  • 45 Fa\.,y-----------
  • .one welc

Welcome to St Everywhere
  • 1st Sunday Family Service with Sandpit
  • 2nd Sunday Solemn High Mass
  • 3rd Sunday Old Hymns Songs of Praise
  • 4th Sunday Extra-loud Eucharist with rock band
    Terminal Explosion
  • 5th Sunday Baptisms by the riverbank

  • whatever the weather!
  • Come every week!

Welcome to St Wooldyed
  • Come to St Wooldyeds for reverence and
  • 8.00 Early Mass
  • 10.30 Morning Mass
  • 6.30 Evening Mass
  • We always use the proper Prayer Book at St
  • Three similar services one type of person

  • Our services are as follows
  • St Withouts 9.30am alternate Sundays
  • St Paddles 11am Family Service 1st 3rd
    Sundays, otherwise eucharist
  • Little Snoring 8am Holy Communion (1st Sunday)
    6.30(2nd 4th Sundays)
  • Great Creek 9am (summertime) 11am (wintertime)
    see church notice board for local variations
  • Joint Services 5th Sundays and other feast days
    location varies
  • Come and join us!

Welcome to All Saints
  • Our service every week are
  • 9.30 Holy Eucharist with Choir
  • 11.00 Family Service with groups for children
  • 4.00 Service in Urdu
  • 7.00 Contemporary Praise
  • Four distinct services-four types of people

Change and Growth
  • As well as avoiding the negative things, what are
    the positive things churches can do in terms of
    evangelism and growth?
  • These positive things tend to require change, and
    so are problematic to some Anglicans
  • Individual churches need to choose between change
    and decay

Eight changes that lead to church growth
  • Usually, churches only grow when they change
  • Surveys show that churches that dont change are
    shrinking, churches that do change are not
  • Not every change is associated with growth new
    prayer or hymn books cause no ripple
  • But usually the choice is change or decay

Survey Results innovation electoral roll
  • Churches number of change to
  • Making churches ER
  • No innovation 17 -22
  • Min one change 32 3

Eight changes that lead to church growth
  • Planting new congregations fresh expressions

New Worship Events stimulated in Walsall
Archdeaconry in 2005
  • Monthly Youth Services
  • Weekly Pub Service Sunday night
  • Monthly services in Care Homes
  • Sunday morning doubled up to 9.30/11am
  • All age service in shop premises
  • Café Church
  • Monthly Memorial Services

New Worship Events stimulated in Walsall
Archdeaconry in 2005
  • Nursery Praise
  • Sat evening for migrant workers families
  • Healing Services
  • Monthly Taize or Iona style
  • Tues lunchtime Bible exposition
  • Young families Sunday 4.30pm
  • So far found 33 new events in c90 churches

Eight changes that lead to church growth
  • Planting new congregations fresh expressions
  • Making worship music less stiff, more relaxed,
    varied (Joy and laughter only growth universal)
  • Better provision for children and young people
    (Family Services, Sunday Schools, Youth)
  • Improving welcome integration (front door)
  • Better small groups pastoral care (back door)
  • Evangelism courses as part of a strategy
  • More lay involvement in leadership
  • Improvements to buildings

Well, that wasnt rocket science
  • was it?

Group Discussion Questions
  • 1.In your local churches what are the most
    important negative factors stopping numerical
    church growth?
  • 2.What are the most important positive factors
    helping growth to happen?
  • 3.How can the diocese best help, encourage and
    train local church leaders to lead their churches
    into growth?

Diocese of Southwell Nottingham
  • Setting a diocesan framework for growth

Dioceses seem to have more power to do harm than
  • First task is to stop doing the things that help
    generate the decline

Self Inflicted Wounds
  • Team Ministries
  • Short Incumbencies
  • Discouraging Young Ordinands
  • Lengthy Vacancies

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But there are positive policies Growth
Strategies available
  • They have worked in London and are starting to
    work in Lichfield

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Growth Strategy in London
  • Leadership intentionality David Hope
  • Mission Action Plans
  • Leaders in Mission enablers of others
  • Appointments of key clergy
  • Encouragement of young clergy
  • Lots of young ordinands

Growth Strategy in London
  • Fewer occasional offices
  • Fewer faithless church members
  • People are desperate for community and belonging
  • People are spiritually searching spiritually
    aware as never before
  • Immigration of Christians

Growth Strategy in London
  • Planting and transplanting teams
  • Alpha Emmaus
  • Alliance of traditions
  • Youthful congregations
  • Parish Share not dependant on attendance not
    crippling to growing churches
  • A healthy growth cycle

Lichfield Growth Strategy encouraging churches
to grow
  • MAPs and Cluster Visits building vision
  • Offer resources (courses, books etc)
  • Growth Officers for each area - consultancy
  • Shorten the vacancies
  • Set up network relational congregations
  • Work with larger churches
  • Change the Share formula

Lichfield Growth Strategy equipping
people-growth agents
  • Equip all church members to share their faith
  • Provide right nos of different ministries OLM,
    NSM, youth worker, lay ministers etc
  • Training to emphasise mission-evangelism
  • Encourage clergy to stay 10-12 years
  • Train recruit clergy as missional leaders and
    enablers of other peoples ministries

Lichfield Growth Strategy nurturing CH and YP
in the faith
  • Include on PCCs etc
  • Train clergy others to work with YP eg taking
  • Fresh Expressions for CH YP inc after-school
    worship, lunchtime/evening groups
  • Admit children to communion pre confirm
  • Provide funding for youth chs ministers
  • See schools as centres for mission

Lichfield Growth Strategy funding the growth
  • Establish a Diocesan Growth Fund
  • Encourage deaneries to do the same
  • And churches to have a development budget
  • Re-format diocesan budget to move funds towards
  • Identify new funding sources (partners, house
    sales, legacies etc)
  • A growth-friendly Share system, without any
    formula-link from attendance or income to Share

Lichfield Growth Fund
  • 250-300,000 pa mid 2005 to mid 2008
  • From Commissioners mission funding and diocesan
  • Grant-making group of seven one bishop, one
    archdeacon, one pioneer, one missioner, one
    vicar, two youth/childrens workers with
    post-modern outlook
  • Meets four times a year to make grants
  • For initiatives that will grow the church

Lichfield Growth Fund
  • All parishes have an application form guidance
  • Up to half the cost up to 15,000pa up to 3 years
    salaries or other costs (not blds)
  • Seed corn money to start new initiatives, fresh
    expressions for the under 40s
  • First grants made July 2005 now offered

Lichfield Growth Fund
  • Youth Ministers trainees
  • Childrens Ministers
  • Families Ministers
  • Church planters eg young adults, workplace
  • Fresh Expression start-up IT costs
  • Missions
  • Youth events

Lichfield Growth Fund
  • April 2006 meeting requests for grants totalled
    nearly 400,000 from about 25 different projects
  • We were able to offer about 200,000
  • Important to maintain the CCs mission funding and
    grow the diocesan contribution

Lichfield attendance trends
  • Usual Sunday attendance had been going down at 2
    to 3pa until 2003
  • In 2004 it was more like 1
  • And in 2005 it looks more like 0
  • October Attendance has been rising for the last
    two or three years, especially weekday
  • Its early days yet but the statistics so far
    look quite promising

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Discussion Questions
  • Does Southwell have any self-inflicted wounds?
  • What would be the most important elements of an
    intentional growth-strategy?
  • What is the relationship between the current
    financial problems and the growth of the church?
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