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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chicago Climate Exchange

Workshop on Clean Development Mechanism Bhubaneshw
ar, Orissa April 16, 2008
Murali Kanakasabai, Ph.D Vice President Senior
Why Emissions Trading?
  • Proven, least-cost, and comprehensive tool for
    managing emissions CCX as a Emissions Management
  • Environmental stewardship that rewards
    environmental innovation and strategic planning
  • Flexibility, market efficiencies
  • Multiple successes US SO2, lead phase-out
    (gasoline), NOx, ETS
  • Enhances coherent management practices and
    technological innovation
  • Establish value to scares resource
  • Reveals true cost of emissions

How do we reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Lower carbon fuel natural gas, CO2 neutral
    fuel, nuclear
  • More efficient fuel use MPG, lighting,
  • Methane capture/combustion
  • Abatement devices, alternative chemicals
  • Carbon sequestration
  • reforestation, carbon accumulation
  • agricultural soils, geologic
  • How to orchestrate these to maximize benefits per

What is Chicago Climate Exchange?
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) administers the
worlds first and North Americas only active
voluntary, legally binding integrated trading
system to reduce emissions of all six greenhouse
gases, with offset projects worldwide
CCX History
CCX Baseline Emissions Greater than Largest EU
National Allocation Plan
Size of Live, Emerging, Possible GHG Trading
2003 start
CCX A Global Exchange Platform
  • In development
  • New York Climate Exchange and Northeast Climate
    Exchange Developing financial instruments for
  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
  • California Climate Exchange Developing
    financial instruments relevant to the California
    Global Warming Solutions Act,
  • AB32
  • India Climate Exchange

CCX Market Architecture
CCX Members
  • Aerospace Equipment
  • Rolls-Royce
  • United Technologies
  • Automotive
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Beverage Manufacturing
  • New Belgium Brewing Company
  • Chemicals
  • Dow Corning
  • DuPont
  • Rhodia Energy Brasil Ltda
  • Coal Mining
  • Jim Walter Resources, Inc.
  • PinnOak Resources LLC
  • Commercial Interiors

Green Mountain Power Manitoba Hydro NRG Power
Marketing Inc. Puget Sound Energy, Inc. Reliant
Energy Services Inc. TECO Energy,
Inc. Electronics Motorola, Inc. Sony Electronics
Inc. Square D/Schneider Electric
N.A. Environmental Services Atlantic County
Utilities Authority Lancaster County Solid Waste
Management Authority Veolia Environmental
Services North America Corp Wasatch Integrated
Waste Management Authority Waste Management, 
Inc. Ethanol Production Corn Plus LLP Financial
Institutions Bank of America Corporation Food
and Agricultural Products Services  Agrium U.S.
Inc. Cargill, Incorporated Food
Processing Meister Cheese Co. LLC Premium
Standard Farms Smithfield Foods, Inc.
Forest Products Abitibi-Consolidated Aracruz
Celulose S.A. Cenibra Nipo Brasiliera
S.A. International Paper Klabin S.A. Masisa
S.A. MeadWestvaco Corp. Neenah Paper
Incorporated Stora Enso North America Suzano
Papel E Celulose SA Tembec Industries
Inc. Temple-Inland Inc Manufacturing Bayer
Corporation Interface, Inc. Ozinga Bros., Inc.
Smurfit-Stone Municipalities City of
Aspen City of Berkeley City of Boulder City of
Chicago City of Oakland City of Melbourne,
Australia City of Portland Petrochemicals Petrofl
ex Industria e Comercio SA Pharmaceuticals Baxter
International,  Inc. Recreation Aspen Skiing
Retail Safeway, Inc. States State of
Illinois State of New Mexico Steam Heat Concord
Steam Corporation Steel Roanoke Electric Steel
Corp. Technology Freescale Semiconductor IBM Inte
l Corporation STMicroelectronics Transportation A
mtrak San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission Unive
rsity Hadlow College Michigan State
University University of Idaho University of
Iowa University of Minnesota University of
Oklahoma Tufts University
CCX Legally Binding Reduction Schedule For
Direct-Emitting Members (2003-2010)
Phase I Members made legally binding
commitments to reduce or trade 1 per year from
2003-2006, for a total of 4 below
Baseline. Phase II Members make a legally
binding commitment to reduce to 6 below baseline
by 2010. Baseline Avg. emissions from years
1998-2001 (Phase I), emissions from year 2000
(Phase II)
CCX is synergistic with and complementary to all
emerging policy, precludes none Whether state,
regional, national, voluntary or mandatory.
CCX Membership? Associate Members
  • Have negligible direct emissions, but generate
    indirect emissions through electricity and
    natural gas use and through business travel.
  • Commit to offset 100 of annual indirect
    emissions, subject to audit by NASD, through
  • Are office-based organizations such as
    professional firms, research science centers
    and non-governmental organizations.

Architecture/Planning Mithun, Inc. Associations C
onfederation of British Industry Brokerage
Services Amerex Power Consulting Domani
LLC Global Change Associates Natural Capitalism,
Inc. RenewSource Development, LP Rocky Mountain
Institute Documentary Production Cloverland
Inc. Energy and Management Services Orion
Energy Systems Ltd Sieben Energy
Associates Thermal Energy International
Non-Governmental Organization American Coal Ash
Association American Council Renewable
Energy Delta Institute Houston Advanced Research
Center Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance World
Resources Institute Printing The Big
Print Private College Presidio World
College Real Estate Prologis Risk
Management Professional Risk Managers
Assoc. Religious Organization Jesuit Community
of Santa Clara University
Engineering Rumsey Engineers Inc. Vanasse Hangen
Brustlin, Inc. Financial Services Access
Industries, Inc. MB Investments, LLC Financing
Agency Ohio Air Quality Dev. Authority Food
Services Green Power Marketer Green
Mountain Energy Information Technology Open
Finance LLCIntercontinental Exchange Legal
Services Foley Lardner Sullivan
Cromwell Levenfeld Pearlstein
Renewable Energy Airtricity American Renewable
Energy Reknewco Ltd. Renewable Fuels
Association Retiring/Offsets Terra
pass Social Investment Generation Investment
Management KLD Research Analytics Pax
World Technology Millennium Cell Polar
Technology Trade Associations Confederation of
British Industry
CCX Membership? Participant Members
  • Offset Provider Owner of an Offset Project that
    registers and sells Offsets on its own behalf.
  • Offset Aggregator Entity that serves as the
    administrative representative, on behalf of
    Offset Project owners, of multiple
    Offset-generating projects.
  • Liquidity Provider Entity or individual who
    trades on CCX for purposes other than complying
    with the emissions reduction schedule, such as
    market makers and proprietary trading groups.

Selected Offset Aggregators 3 Phases Energy
Services Carbon Farmers Cargill, Inc CO2
Australia Limited Delta Institute Econergy Ecosecu
rities Environmental Credit Carbon
Pool Environmental Credit Corp. First Capitol
Risk Management Intrepid Technologies, Inc. Iowa
Farm Bureau Kentucky Corn Growers Assoc. National
Carbon Offset Coalition North Dakota Farmers
Union Rice Dairy LLC Standard Carbon Xian
Zhongyang Electric Co.
Selected Liquidity Providers Arreon Carbon
Amerex Energy Black River Clean
Energy Breakwater Trading Calyon Financial,
Inc. Cargill Power Markets Evolution Markets FCT
Europe Ltd. First New York Securities
LLC. Goldenberg, Hehmeyer Co. Haley Capital
Management JP Morgan Ventures Energy Lehman
Brother Commodity Marquette Partners Natsource
LLC Peregrine Financial Group Rand Financial
Services, Inc. Shatkin Arbor, Inc. Swiss Re
Financial Products Corp. Tradelink
Selected Offset Providers Arreon Carbon UK Ltd.
Beijing Shenwu Thermal Energy CO2
Australia Ecosecurities Energy Trading
Co Commonwealth Resource Management Corp. Gallo
Cattle Company Hubei Sanhuan Development
Corporation Lugar Stock Farm Precious Woods
Holdings RCM International LLC Sexton Energy
LLC Sustainable Forestry Management, Ltd. Vessels
Coal Gas Inc. Weber County
Why Join?
  • Be Prepared Mitigate Risk
  • Address evolving liability (regulatory,
    shareholder, rating agencies, physical)
  • Position company strategically to comply with
    federal regulation
  • Demonstrate concrete action to investor research,
    shareholders, insurance and rating agencies
  • Maximize Financial Opportunities
  • Understand carbon price and future price impacts
  • Build credit reserve for future needs
  • Maximize pre-existing investments in new
  • Preserve Early Action
  • Third party standardized audit unique to CCX for
    reference and record (FINRA)
  • Lieberman-Warner provides for voluntary entity
    programs that resulted in entity-wide reductions
    in GHG emissions
  • Minnesota Certificate of need process to
    establish precedent
  • Influence Design and Policy
  • Participate in the design of a bottom-up market
    at CCX and create precedents
  • Speak from trading experience, gain credibility
    on issues of what works and what does not

Emissions Quantification
  • Prescribed emission quantification methods
  • Baseline (reference level of 1998-2001 or 2000)
  • Annual
  • Continuous emission monitors (electric sector EPA
  • Accepted emission factors (e.g. WRI)
  • Example 1 gallon diesel 0.0092 metric tons CO2
    when burned
  • Emission audits
  • World's leading private-sector provider of
    regulatory services
  • Organized under provisions of Securities Exchange
    Act of 1934
  • Audit reports approved by CCXs Environmental
    Compliance Committee
  • Annual True-up
  • For compliance with targets

Carbon Financial Instrument (CFI)
  • Carbon Financial Instrument (CFI) 100 metric
    tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
  • Allowances pre-issued to emitters in declining
  • Offsets from eligible verified reduction
  • Allowances and Offsets treated equally in annual
  • Cash Contract 100 mtons (overnight

CCX Comprehensive Market Structure
  • Comprehensive Rules System
  • Emitters Standard baseline,
  • multi-year allowance stream
  • equal to reduction targets
  • Offset Providers (project credits)
  • Emission audits, project verification
  • Liquidity Providers
  • Associate Members

Electronic Market Registry
Web-accessible Electronic Trading Platform
CCX Emission Offset Projects
  • Verified Offset projects sequester or eliminate
    GHGs to earn Carbon Financial
  • Instruments (CFI) sold on CCX electronic platform
    to CCX membership
  • Current pre-defined offset types
  • Agricultural Methane
  • Landfill Methane
  • Agricultural Soil Carbon
  • Forestry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Coal Mine Methane
  • Rangeland Soil Carbon
  • Ozone Destruction
  • Small scale biogas
  • Fuel Switch
  • Others in development
  • Independent verification required by
  • authorized entities SGS, DNV, First
  • Environment, BvQi

Minnesota dairy farmer receives first check from
sales of CCX Offsets for methane destruction
(Approx. 10k for 1 year)
CCX Offset Registration Process
  • Approval by the CCX Committee on Offsets/Forestry
  • Committees are made up of CCX members with
    expertise in area
  • The Committee meets monthly to review new project
    applications enhancements to existing rules and
    proposals for new offset project protocols.
  • Projects that are clearly consistent with
    established CCX protocols can receive an
    expedited approval.
  • Offsets are issued after verification of actual
    project activity

(No Transcript)
CCX Offsets for Continuous Conservation Tillage
and Grassland Planting
  • Conservation tillage removes carbon from air
    (IPCC, Kyoto etc.)
  • Rare practice (lt5 of U.S. cropland)
  • Avoid perverse incentives
  • No offsets for historic practices, reduced fuel
    burn, reduced run off and improved land value
  • Revenue potential in Colorado crediting rate
  • (at 4.50 per metric ton)
  • No till 0.2 to 0.6 mt/acre-yr 0.90 to
  • Grassland 0.4 to 1.0 mt/acre-yr 1.8 to 4.50

Afforestation Offsets
  • Qualification Planted January 1, 1990 on sites
  • Commitment for long-term carbon storage through
    long term contractual agreement with aggregator
    to maintain land under forests (minimum 15 years
  • Offsets issued for the increase in carbon storage
    over the 2003- 2010 period
  • Above and below ground biomass
  • Increases in soil carbon
  • Quantification based on CCX carbon accumulation
    tables (DOE 1605b tables)
  • Maintain 20 of earned offsets reserve pool to
    account for catastrophic losses and other
  • Verification
  • 10 in-field sample of both acreage and
  • Beginning, end and periodic verification

Example Afforestation
  • Consider 100 acres of loblolly Shortleaf Pine in
    Texas even aged 4 year old planting
  • CCX Carbon accumulation rate for 1-5 years old
    South Central Loblolly- Short leaf pine is 2.269
    mt/acre/ year
  • Post verification, total carbon sequestered by
    land owner is 227 mt of CO2
  • CCX will register the tons under two categories
  • Tradable 182 tons
  • Forest carbon reserve pool (20 of gross
    tonnage) 45 tons
  • Potential revenue of 542 with value of 135 in
    reserve pool _at_ 3.00/mt reference price

CCX Offset Project Verifiers
  • Agricultural Methane Capture and
    CombustionAgri-Waste Technology, Inc.SES
    Inc.TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH
  • ForestryBVQiForecon Inc.SGS TUV SUD Industrie
    Service GmbH Winrock International
  • Agricultural Soil Carbon SequestrationAgri-Waste
    Technology, IncAssociation of Illinois Soil and
    Water Conservation DistrictsNorth Dakota
    Association of Soil Conservation DistrictsSES
    Inc.TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH
  • Energy EfficiencyEconergy Corporation
    InternationalFranklin Energy ServicesICF
    Consulting Canada Inc.TUV SUD Industrie Service
  • Landfill MethaneARM Group Inc.Det Norske
    Veritas (DNV)Econergy Corporation
    InternationalFirst Environment Inc.Richardson
    Smith Gardner and Associates, IncKleinfelderTUV
    SUD Industrie Service GmbH

SGS is a world leading inspection,
verification, testing and certification company,
and is recognized as a global benchmark for
quality and integrity. With more than 48'000
employees, SGS operates a network of over 1000
offices and laboratories around the world.
DNV is a leading independent greenhouse gas
verifier operating globally. Their GHG experts
are used by international organizations,
governments, and industry, delivering
independent, third party services for climate
change activities.
Other verifiers in development
Recent CCX Volume/Price
CCFE Market Dynamics
  • CFTC Designated Contract Market
  • Clearing services provided by Clearing
  • Market Surveillance provided by the National
    Futures Association (NFA)
  • CCFE Products offer
  • Standardized contracts
  • Price transparency / price discovery
  • Anonymity
  • Elimination of counterparty credit risk
  • Leverage benefits
  • Market hours 700 am to 300 pm CST

Chicago Climate Futures Exchange Product Listing
  • Sulfur Financial Instrument (SFI) Futures and
  • Nitrogen Financial Instrument Ozone Season
    (NFI-OS) Futures
  • Nitrogen Financial Instrument CAIR Annual
    (NFI-A) Futures and Options
  • European Carbon Financial Instrument (ECFI)
  • Certified Emission Reduction (CER) Futures and
  • Carbon Financial Instrument (CFI) Futures and
  • ECO-Clean Energy Index (ECO-Index) Futures
  • IFEX U.S. Wind Event Linked (IFEX-ELF) Futures

CCFE Clearing Members
Summary and Conclusion
  • Market is here at CCX
  • Market may be national and international
  • EUA value exceeds US Corn, US Soybean and US
    Wheat crop
  • EUA is lt10 of global CO2 and notional value of
    60 billion/year (30/ton)
  • Agriculture is part of the solution, need
    participation from all sectors and practices
  • Need to be involved during the policy making and
    the solution
  • Overall
  • 540 mm metric tons of emissions committed to 6
    of 2000 by 2010
  • 2003 2007 gt100 mm metric tons of direct
  • 2003 current 26 mm metric tons of offsets
    registered (only 104,700 from CO)
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