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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Space to Speak

Space to Speak
  • A Report on The Open Space Day in Partnership
    with Theatr Fforwm Cymru
  • Held on October 25th 2003
  • At Tredegar House, Newport.

Theatr Fforwm Cymru
The Beginning
Page 3 Aims of the Day
Page 4 The Structure of the Day
Page 5 The
Performance- Good Morning Duffryn
Page 6 Home Sweet Home
. Page 7 No Space
to Speak Page
8 Bottled Up Pa
ge 9 Session One Workshops
Pages 10-13 Session Two Workshops
Pages 14-18 Session
Three Workshops P
ages 19-22 Lift Off!
. Page 23 Spaced Out
24 Evaluation
Page 25 Acknowledgements
Page 26 List of Registered
Participants Page
The Beginning
Welcome to the Open Space Experience. Duffryn
Community Links mission was to encourage people
to get together to discuss life on the estate and
come up with some real solutions and ways
forward.  The aim of the day was to bring
people together to discuss their issues of life
in Duffryn. This information and their
suggestions will now be carried forward to form
the Community Action Plan. Heres where it gets
difficult. The Community Action Plan will be
organised under the Communities First programme.
The Communities First programme is a Welsh
Assembly initiative that seeks to address
poverty, lack of opportunity and social
inequalities. It seeks to do this by listening
to people in the most deprived areas of Wales and
engaging communities in the process of
regeneration. Put simply the master plan to
improving life on our estate.  We aimed to get
a wide selection of people, young and old. This
was no easy task, people have been used to going
along to meetings, being promised many good
things by many different people, and all too
often ending up with little to show for it.
Empty promises leads to empty hearts as one
cheesy song put it.  We had to create a space
where everyone was given the chance to have their
say, to be listened to and to challenge
themselves, each other and local decision makers
to make a difference on this estate for
all.  This report shows how we went about it and
what were the outcomes, the successes and the
failures. More importantly though this report
helps us to find out where we need to go in
relation to Duffryns future.  It is the start
of a journey that needs us all to play our part,
we have lift off but we still have a ways to go.
Hopefully, this report will wipe away the cobwebs
of empty promises and give us all something
realistic to work towards.  In the words of
another cheesy song lets reach up for the
stars.  Climb every mountain. Greg Sullivan.
Please note that when referring to Duffryn we
refer to the Tredegar Park Ward which is a
designated Communities First area.
Aims of the Day
To identify the real needs of Duffryn
Encourage people to stand up for their estate
and themselves
Make the best use of money that is available to
Allow people to have their say and share ideas
on how to improve Duffryn
Encourage equality and understanding between
different groups and participants
To provide a relaxed atmosphere where residents
and decision makers can talk about what they
can do as equals
To provide the opportunity to influence
decision makers about ways to improve Duffryn
and make sure that people and decision makers
are working together
Reduce distance between decision makers and
The Structure of the Day
The Performance Good Morning Duffryn
  • Issues Raised
  • Litter.
  • Dirty needles.
  • Community safety.
  • Equal opportunities within education system.

Actors Cheryl Swift, Zac Cluer, Mary Welch,
Shannon Hodge, Sharaynne Cave.
Good to see such good acting and hard work!
The Performance Home Sweet Home
  • Issues Raised
  • Crime.
  • Anti-social behaviour.
  • Victimisation.
  • Fear in the community.
  • Your home is your castle?

Actors Mary Welch, Les Wilmott, Jean Wilmott,
Sharaynne Cave, Shannon Hodge.
Excellent we saw the issues and understood
them whatever generation we came from.
The Performance No Space to Speak
  • Issues Raised
  • Meetings not working.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Not listening to each other and the community.
  • Hidden agendas.
  • Stereotyping.
  • Young People not being given a voice.

Actors Danielle Richards, Creighton Smith, Fiona
Cluer, Les Wilmott, Greg Sullivan-Thomas.
The play started the day off well by raising
issues people thought were relevant.
The Performance Bottled Up
  • Issues Raised
  • Anti-social behaviour.
  • Under-age drinking
  • Violence
  • Opportunity (or lack of)
  • Lack of facilities for young
  • people
  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation of young people

Actors Kieron OShea, Tasha Lewis, Zac Timmins.
It was excellent! It looked at issues in a more
exciting way than meetings.
Session One
  • Question What do we mean by Duffryn is it
    just the council estate or private housing? What
    about people who work or go to school in the
  • Funding needs to be targeted in the right areas.
  • Raise the profile of Duffryn.
  • Stigma needs to be taken away.
  • Challenge negative attitudes as these get passed
    to the next generation.
  • Duffryn is becoming better, lots of opportunities
    are being created e.g. Play policy.
  • Every street should have a safe play area.
  • How to convince older people that not all
    children are bad.
  • Not enough people in Duffryn are involved in
    discussing issues facing the community.
  • In order to break down barriers it would be
    useful for people to speak to each other from
    different parts of the estate. e.g. Swallow way
    and Heron Way.
  • Some of the issues to be tackled to make Duffryn
    a safer place are drugs / needles drink no
    recreation in the evenings street fowling
    vandalism anti-social behaviour.
  • Ensuring that meetings held in the community are
    run efficiently.

There is good community spirit
Session One
  • Question What about people making their own
    decisions about what is needed?
  • Delivery of services on the ground.
  • Focus on small specialist community groups.
  • Need to find ways of engaging people.
  • People need to know theyll be listened to.
  • Praise good things that are happening in Duffryn.
  • More trust from top down and the recognition of
    the skills that people in the community already
  • Need to find ways of helping people to
    participate more.
  • People need to take responsibility between
    meetings to move projects forward and get things
    done and not leave to just a few.
  • Make people accountable to act on communities
  • People need to listen to each other and get
  • Professionals need to listen.

Less talk more action!
Session One
  • Question Good things happen in Duffryn what
    are they?
  • What good things happen in Duffryn?
  • Promote Duffryn more through
  • Newsletter.
  • Better PR.
  • Change the perception of the name.
  • Promotion through existing groups.
  • A banner.
  • Links to local papers.

Be more confident about promoting Duffryn
Session One
  • Question Why cant we have the same
    opportunities as those in richer areas?
  • Council and Duffryn Community Link need to work
    together to make sure facilities are better used.
  • Other facilities only have restricted use i.e
    school and community centre.
  • We have talked about these issues before e.g.
    having a youth café but what has happened?
  • Shouldnt we have all facilities integrated?
  • Things are happening but we wont be young
    anymore. Why do things take so long?
  • There was a perception that there are different
    attitudes from Council / providers to people in
    richer areas like Caerleon as they believe that
    they will look after it.
  • People in richer areas have power, influence and
  • Why is no-one telling young people what is
    happening and what can we do about this.
  • Rep from youth service promises to take the issue
    of the youth café to officer and members of the
    council. Also, the rep will find funding for
    weekend activities and will come to Duffryn to
    meet the young people in due course.
  • We want a graffiti wall.
  • Build a Millennium centre.
  • There needs to be accessible facilities on both
    sides of the estate.

We have to rely on people and not money
Session Two
  • Question Can we have more facilities for Young
  • More trips for younger people.
  • One building with everything in it.
  • More street lamps.
  • More sheltered bus stops.
  • Parks for Cormorant and Sandpiper.
  • Youth partnership for under 18s and Duffryn
    Community Link.
  • Mini bus.
  • We think we should be able to go to Senior Youth
    Club when we start high school.
  • Can we have a park?
  • A gate on the courts.
  • Basketball hoops to be inside the courts to play
    a full game .
  • BMX track in woods national competition

Session Two
  • Question How do we tackle bullying in
  • More playgrounds for the younger children.
  • More communication between all parties - parents
    teachers and young people.
  • Safe houses identified on the estate for kids who
    are being bullied to go to.
  • Someone other than parents to talk to.
  • Bullies once identified should be spoken to with
    parents then official action.
  • Bullies are bored or bullied themselves.
  • School policies need to be publicised.
  • Role models and mentors to help victims avoid
  • Anti-bullying training in infants and juniors.
  • Posters and anti-bullying advice around the

Session Two
  • Question Why are we treated like scum?
  • Because gangs break windows, intimidate and
    exhibit unsocial behaviour.
  • Positive behaviour not known about by wider
  • Part of our youth culture is to be labelled .
  • No positive vibe coming from the community so
    youth live up to or respond to peoples
  • Need to get feedback from young people.
  • Need to identify reasons behind the behaviour and
    break down barriers.
  • Community need to support activities young people
    are involved in i.e. the dance show.
  • Majority labelled due to negative behaviour of
  • People of Duffryn need to promote positive things
    about Duffryn.
  • The Youth of Duffryn are leading the way in

The youth of Duffryn are leading the way in
Session Two
  • Question The real issues of the youth what
    do they want?
  • Floodlights.
  • Youth café got the funding but no premises.
  • Mediation service to bring people together which
    will alleviate isolation and fear.
  • Utilise existing people in the community that
    young people gravitate towards, involve them in
    mediation with wider community and provide
    training if and where necessary i.e counselling
    and youth work skills etc.
  • Young people need to set up a forum to discuss
    issues and ideas around ways of changing
  • Need more opportunities like this event for all
    sections of the community to work and meet with
    young people.

Session Two
  • Question How can we get young people and
    older people to communicate? How do we listen to
    young people and recognise their feelings?
  • More activities for both groups.
  • Where is the space for this to happen.
  • Music and theme night.
  • Older people doing things younger people want for
    a change.
  • Presenting positive images of young people.
  • Older people passing on experiences and stories
  • Having respect for each other by exchanging
    skills and building working relationships.
  • Duffryn Community Link will co-ordinate the
    bringing together of both groups .

Session Three
  • Question What are the best times to meet?
  • Not a right time.
  • Community centre possible.
  • Arranging times are difficult.
  • Various times could be arranged.
  • Neutral times.
  • Structure Representatives.
  • Listening Team Survey Team of people (mixed).
  • Resulting in regular meetings.
  • Action then to be taken.
  • Issues - need to be discussed.
  • Feeling stupid, intimidation.
  • Fairness is needed.
  • Outside influences.

Session Three
  • Questions Why dont politicians come down to
    Duffryn more?
  • Why do we have to wait for money to
    come down?
  • Public councillors / MPs only turn up for photo
  • Planners have no understanding of what local
    people need because they do not consult with
  • A proper youth club. Designated building.
  • Family integrated centre at school.
  • Community centre for others.
  • Important that services are delivered locally.
  • Duffryn should be the good example that others
  • Seating at bus stop (comfortable sensible ones).
  • Rehab houses to make them more sound proofed.
  • Banger building and racing.
  • Funding applications are time consuming and
    approval takes a long time.
  • Council wont provide bins, because they are
    vandalised and cant be emptied regularly.
  • People need to be more responsible about the
  • More clean-up days needed!
  • Council skip rotation.
  • Community enterprise BMX shop.
  • What happens Next?

Session Three
  • Questions Why are people violent?
  • How can people live in harmony?
  • Frustration.
  • Poverty / difference of poverty.
  • Less poverty in Duffryn than people think?
  • Link to bullying.
  • Smashing windows.
  • Gangs fighting what about adult violence?
  • Newsletter heroes of Duffryn, positive role
  • Kids now cant handle themselves boredom.
  • Alcohol is too easy to obtain.
  • Alcohol, drugs and tobacco sold from council
  • More education.
  • Night classes.
  • Authority doesnt want to know.
  • Drug dealing openly occurring.
  • Duffryn has areas one gang against the other.
  • Key people in each street.

The Link has done a tremendous amount
Session Three
  • Question Whats happening with the woods
    how can we make use of Duffryn land?
  • Responsibility for Woods would be nice with a
    landscaped area.
  • Reens who is responsible for the reens need
    cleaning out regularly.
  • Trolleys (used to be a trolley man we want him
  • MacDonald's (dedicated cleaner).
  • Asda have tried but are still responsible. Both
    dumped by kids and adults (poles on trolley so it
    cant travel far).
  • Asda trolley man communicate through
    partnership board.
  • Eventually leisure centre on estate.
  • Pond life in New Wood.
  • Regenerated woods.
  • Fishing for kids.
  • Play areas for kids of all ages.
  • Recycling green bins, bins overloaded council
  • Land fill site in a few years will stink.
  • Teach people (inc. kids to keep estate tidy).
  • Cleaning the woods! Money allocated to community
    to clean.
  • Embarrass culprits. They should be named and
  • Allotments for vegetables etc.

Be proud of Duffryn
Lift Off!
  • The following action points surfaced
  • Further Training Bullying, Mediation.
  • Acknowledgement of what already exists and what
    has been achieved in the Community
  • e.g. Duffryn Community Link.
  • Engaging more people from the community in
    activities and partnership.
  • More community events Pantomimes /trips
    /drama /e.g Buzz Event.
  • Young People having more autonomy More
    involvement of young people in the planning of
    facilities and activities youth forum being
    given an active role in all community activities
    and discussions.
  • Community Facilities Youth Café, Leisure
    Centre, graffiti wall
  • Relationships with Others Valuing each other.
  • This is a voyage of discovery where partnership
    with others is important, however the community
    of Duffryn are the ones who takes ownership and
    responsibility for lift off.

Now lets make it happen!
Spaced Out
Lets get it happenin.
Its been a great day, there should be more of
them, and more things happening.
A really inspiring day good work. Go on
What the participants thought of the day
What a fantastic mix of people and fabulous
I think everybody had their say lots of Duffryn
The day was very successful with many people
taking the time to let us know what they thought
8 thought that the day was Fair
71 thought that the day was Excellent
21 thought that the day was Good
  • Duffryn Community Link would like thank the
    following people for making the Open Space Day
    such a rewarding experience
  • The Arts Council of Wales
  • Theatr Fforwm Cymru, with special thanks to Anna
  • Communities First
  • Tredegar House
  • WCVA Social Risk Fund
  • George Auchterlonie
  • Meara Sullivan-Thomas
  • Facilitators
  • Lisa Jacobbson (Newport Communities First)
  • Joanne Sheppard (NCC Housing)
  • Frances Thyer (Communities First Support Network)
  • Gaynor Thomas (Newport Communities First)
  • And of course
  • The actors
  • Sharayne Cave Shannon Hodge Fiona Cluer Zac
    Cluer Creighton Smith Cheryl Swift Mary Welch
    Zac Timmins Kieron OShea Greg Thomas Tasha
    Lewis Danielle Richards Les WilmottJean

List of Registered Participants
Anna Gifford (Theatr Fforwm Cymru) Amanda Roberts
Amy Wakefield (Amman Valley Enterprise) Biba
Timmins (Youth Forum) Blaine Cunliffe Bridget
Barnett (Duffryn Community Link) Carole
Gell Chantelle Griffith Cheryl Swift (Duffryn
Community Link) Chris Boots Creighton
Smith Danielle Richards (Duffryn Community
Link) Debby James (Amman Valley Enterprise) Diane
Daniel (Newport Children Young Peoples
Partnership) Eunice Taylor (UWCN) Fiona
Cluer Frances Thyer Gaynor Thomas George
Auchterlonie Greg Sullivan-Thomas (Duffryn
Community Link) Jackie Parker (NCC) Jane
Ella Janet Gummer Jean Watkins Jean Wilmott Jim
Barnaville (Community Development Cymru) Jo
Shedard John Owen (Amman Valley Enterprise)
John Williams (Youth Service) Kieron OShea
(Youth Forum) Les Wilmott Lesa Davies Levi
Timmins. Lisa Jacobbson Lisa Stephens (The
Argus) Mary Welch (Duffryn Community Link) Meara
Sullivan-Thomas Melanie Wagstaffe (Sally Fowler
Associates) Morgan Cunliffe Mr Tobin Nigel
Cluer Pam Russell (Newport Youth Offending
Team) Paul Flynn MP Richard Westhead Rosemary
Butler AM Sally Fowler (Sally Fowler
Associates) Scott Meringold Andrew
Southwood Stacey Greenhill (Youth Forum) Stacy
Griffith Tasha Lewis Tia Timmins. Tracy
Cunliffe Trevor Watkins Zac Timmins (Youth
Forum) N.B. Others came along throughout the day
We only used the names of those registered.
Apologies if your name has been left out.
Zac Cluer (Duffryn Community Link) Timmi
OShea Yvonne Nyree Cave Cerri Williams Sarah
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