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The Divided Kingdom and Israels Fall


The Divided Kingdom and Israel's Fall. Old Testament Survey: ... When Solomon died, his son, Rehoboam, became heir to the throne of Israel. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Divided Kingdom and Israels Fall

Old Testament SurveyFrom the Division of the
Kingdom to the Fall of Israel
  • The Divided Kingdom and Israels Fall

Division of the Kingdom
  • When Solomon died, his son, Rehoboam, became heir
    to the throne of Israel.
  • The elders petitioned the young king to lighten
    the peoples tax burdens.
  • He rejected their advice and accepted that of the
    younger advisers, increasing their burden.
  • Kingdom divided--ten tribes to the North (under
    Jeroboam) two tribes (Judah and Benjamin) to the
    South (under Rehoboam).
  • Israel ten tribes
  • Judah two tribes (1 Kings 12)

Kings of Israel and Judah
  • Israel
  • Jeroboam (22 years) 931909 B.C.
  • Nadab (2 years) 910908 B.C.
  • Baasha (24 years) 908-884 B.C.
  • Elah (2 years
  • 884886 B.C.
  • Judah
  • Rehoboam (17 years) 931913 B.C.
  • Abijam (3 years) 913910 B.C.
  • Asa (41 years) 910869 B.C.

Kings of Israel and Judah
  • Israel
  • Zimri (7 days) 885884 B.C.
  • Tibni (4-5 years) 885880 B.C.
  • Omri (12 years) 884-873 B.C.
  • Ahab (22 years)
  • 874853 B.C..
  • Judah
  • Jehoshaphat (25 years) 870848 B.C.
  • Jehoram (8 years) 848841 B.C.
  • Ahaziah (1 year) 841 B.C.
  • Athaliah (6 years) 841835 B.C.

Kings of Israel and Judah
  • Israel
  • Ahaziah (2 years) 853852 B.C.
  • Jehoram (12 years) 852841 B.C.
  • Jehu (28 years) 841813 B.C.
  • Jehoahaz (17 years)
  • 813798 B.C.
  • Judah
  • Joash (40 years) 835796 B.C.
  • Amaziah (8 years) 848841 B.C.
  • Ahaziah (29 years) 796767 B.C.
  • Uzziah (52 years) 767739 B.C.

Kings of Israel and Judah
  • Israel
  • Jehoash (16 years) 798781 B.C.
  • Jeroboam II (41 years) 781753 B.C.
  • Zechariah (6 mos) 753752 B.C.
  • Shallum (1 month)
  • 752 B.C. B.C.
  • Judah
  • Jotham (16 years) 739731 B.C.
  • Ahaz (16 years) 731715 B.C.
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Kings of Israel and Judah
  • Israel
  • Menahem (10 years) 752741 B.C.
  • Pekahiah (2 years) 741739 B.C.
  • Pekah (20 years) 740731 B.C.
  • Hoshea (9 years)
  • 732 722 B.C.
  • Israel falls722 B.C.
  • Judah
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Civil War
  • Jeroboam and ten tribes fought against Rehoboam
    and two tribes lasted for 50 years.
  • Shortly after taking office, Jeroboam arranged
    for worship in Dan and Bethel (1 Kings
  • The kings who followed did not stop the departure
    from Gods law, so the apostasy continued.
  • During Rehoboams reign in Judah, the Egyptian
    Pharaoh sacked the temple.
  • The northern kings became progressively more evil.

Ahab and Jezebel
  • Ahab married the daughter of the king of
    SidonBaal worship was introduced.
  • Jezebel sought to stamp out the Jewish religion
    in Israel (1 Kings 1629-34).
  • She erected a Baal temple in Samaria and began to
    put Gods prophets to death.
  • Elijah prophesied that there would be a
    three-year drought in the land (1 Kings 171).
  • God used ravens and a widow woman to feed Elijah
    miraculously (1 Kings 172-24).

Elijah at Mount Carmel
  • Elijah called the prophets of Baal and Gods
    people to Mount Carmel.
  • Ahab accused Elijah of troubling Israelnot so
    it was Ahab (1 Kings 1817-19).
  • Elijah suggests a test to determine the true God
    (1 Kings 1829-34).
  • 450 prophets of Baal against Gods prophet,
    Elijah (1 Kings 1820-24).
  • Baals prophets called on him from morning to
    eveningno answer (1 Kings 1826-29).
  • Elijah called on God, and He lit the fire under
    the altar (1 Kings 1830-39).

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Elijah, the Rain, and Jezebel
  • Elijah kills the prophets of Baal (1 Kings
  • Rain again falls in Israel (1 Kings 1841-46).
  • Jezebel places a price on Elijahs head, and he
    flees (1 Kings 191-8).
  • God reminds Elijah he is not alone7,000 others
    stand with him! (1 Kings 189-18).
  • Jezebel orders Naboths death so she can give his
    vineyard to Ahab (1 Kings 211-16).
  • Elijah foretells the deaths of Ahab and Jezebel
    and the end of Ahabs house (1 Kings 2117-29).

Ahabs Dynasty
  • Israel and Judah become allies to invade Syria (1
    Kings 22).
  • Intermarriage between Ahabs family and Judah
    brings more wickedness into Judah Jehoram, king
    of Judah, marries Jezebels daughter (2 Kings
  • He slew all of his brothers who might have claim
    to his throne (2 Chronicles 214).
  • Following Ahabs death, Ahaziah is king lasts a
    year and is killed by Jehu during the overthrow
    of Ahabs dynasty (2 Chronicles 228).

Gods Prophets
  • Ahaziahs mother, Athaliah, daughter of king
    Omri, killed all heirs of the throne except
    Joash, who was an infant hidden by the priest
    (2 Kings 111-3).
  • Athaliah usurped the throne. She was the only
    person outside Davids lineage to occupy the
    throne in Judah.
  • Elisha prophesied during the reigns of Jehoram,
    Ahaziah, Athaliah in Israel, and Joash in Judah.

  • He saw Elijah being taken up in a chariot of fire
    (2 Kings 211-15).

  • Elisha received a double portion of Elijahs
    spirit (2 Kings 29).
  • He performed many miracles.
  • Used a small amount of oil to pay a widows
  • Raised the Shunammite womans dead son.
  • Made a poisonous portion of pottage nontoxic.
  • Healed Naamans leprosy.
  • Smote a large band of soldiers with blindness

Conditions in Judah
  • In Judah, the kingdom continued to degenerate.
  • King Amaziah become an ardent worshipper of the
    Edomite gods (2 Chronicles 2514).
  • Uzziah attempted to burn incense in the temple (2
    Chronicles 2618-21).
  • Ahaz erected an altar in Jerusalem like one built
    by king of Assyria. Closed the doors of the
    temple so none could worship there. (2 Kings

Righteous Kings in Judah
  • Judah had several righteous kings who reformed
    the corruption of the evil kings
  • Kings Asa, Jehoshaphat, Jehoash, Uzziah, and
    Jotham were considered good kings in Judah.
  • Influence of such men corrected many of the evils
    introduced by the wicked kings.

Terrible Conditions in Israel
  • Brief period of glory during reign of Jeroboam
  • His son, Zechariah, reigned for only six months
    before being murdered by Shallum, who sought to
    usurp the throne.
  • Shallum lasted one month before Menahem murdered
    himhe reigned for ten years.
  • His son, Pekahiah, lasted two years before his
    captain, Pekah, murdered him .
  • Assyria was a growing power, and Israel was
    divided ever whether to pay her tribute. Only one
    of Israels last six kings died a natural death!

Terrible Conditions in Israel
  • Pekah reigned 20 years in Israel. He sought to
    stand and fight Assyria.
  • Allied himself with Rezin, the king of Syria.
    Forced Ahaz of Judah to help them.
  • Assyria attacked Syria and crushed her and
  • Hoshea formed a conspiracy and killed Pekah,
    becoming king in his place.
  • In battle with Assyria, many Jews were taken

Hoshea, the Final King
  • Hoshea reigned nine years. During the first part
    of his reign, he payed tribute to Assyria.
  • In the sixth year of his reign, he sought to form
    an alliance with Egypt to fight Assyria.
  • Assyria besieged Samaria for three years and
    finally destroyed her in 721 B.C.
  • Assyria carried the ten northern tribes into
    captivity and brought others from various nations
    to occupy the land of Israel.

God Seeks to Avoid Captivity
  • God did everything He could to stop Israel from
    rejecting His law.
  • He sent the writing prophets--Isaiah, Hosea,
    Joel, Amos, and Micah--as well as other prophets.
    All called on Israel to REPENT!
  • True proverb Proverbs 1434
  • Judah and Benjamin alone are left in Judah.
  • Israel followed Moses prediction (Deut. 28,
  • Assyrian Captivity marked the end of Israels
    national existence.
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