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MGG Research in HIGP


1. Investigation of Reykjanes Ridge Evolution near Iceland, NS, $330,444 ... c) Origin of the V-shaped ridges along the Reykjanes Ridge south of Iceland (see Fig. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MGG Research in HIGP

MGG Research in HIGP Summary statement of miss
ion and goals 1) Study of the plate tectonic ev
olution of the Earth 2) Divergent and convergen
t plate processes 3) Global geochemical (and bi
ogeochemical) cycles 4) Hot spot tracking and ev
olution Personnel Richard Hey (PhD Princet
on, 1975, 1.00 FTE (75 State))
Fernando Martinez (PhD Columbia, 1988, 1.00 FTE
(50State)) Patricia Fryer (PhD UHM 1981,
1.00 FTE (75 State)) Loren Kroenke (PhD
UHM, 1972, 1.00 FTE (100 State)
Extramural funding Hey 1. Investigation of Rey
kjanes Ridge Evolution near Iceland, NS,
330,444 2. Collaborative Research Detailed Anal
ysis of High-Resolution Morphological Data a
nd Water-Column Hydrothermal Measurements along
Earth's Fastest Spreading Center, EPR 27-32S,
NSF, 56,839 3. Structure and Composition of Fast
Spread EPR Crust Exposed at Pito Deep, NSF,
86,016 (UH share of Alvin/ROV project, J. Karson
PI) Martinez 1. Collaborative Research Inves
tigating the Distribution of Hydrothermal
Activity and its Geologic and Geophysical
Controls at the Lau Integrated Studies Site, NSF
410,387 2. Accomplishment Based Renewal Evoluti
on of the Lau Basin-A Reappraisal, NSF, 198,948
  • Extramural funding (cont.)
  • Martinez (Cont.)
  • 3. Collaborative Research Investigating the
    interrelationships between crustal structure,
    volcanism, and hydrothermal activity along the
    backarc East Lau Spreading Center, NSF, 373,286
  • 4. Investigation of Reykjanes Ridge Evolution
    Near Iceland, NSF, 299,910 (Hey, PI)
  • 5. Collaborative Research Continental Break-up,
    Ridge Segmentation and Subduction of the Woodlark
    Basin, NSF, 122,093 (Taylor PI)
  • 6. Seafloor Hydrothermal Research Fund, Corporate
    donation by Teck Cominco to UH Foundation,
  • Fryer
  • 1. Post-Cruise Science Support IODP Exp 315, JOI
  • 2. Shipboard scientist salary support IODP Exp
    315, JOI, 5,900
  • 3. Serpentinization Effects on Forearc
    Peridotite A Mineralogic, Textural, and
    Geophysical Study, NSF 354,685

Extramural funding Fryer (Cont.) 4. Collaborativ
e Research Borehole Studies of ODP Site 1200,
South Chamorro Seamount, A Window into Active
Serpentinite Mud Volcanism, NSF, 107,493
5. Collaborative Proposal Challenger Deep and
Trench-related Processes, Reconnaissance Studies
with WHOIs 11km-Capability Hybrid-ROV, NSF,
25,069 6. Minor and Trace element geochemistry a
nd rates of diffusion and reaction in the
Porcupine carbonates mound pore fluids,
Post-Cruise Science Support IODP Exp 307, JOI
21,999 7. Shipboard scientist salary support IOD
P Exp 307, JOI, 5,000 8. Petrologic and RAMAN sp
ectroscopy Analysis of Secondary Phases
in Rocks from the Atlantis Core
Complex IODP Expedition 304/305 JOI
, 22,229 Kroenke Hotspots and Global APM, O
CE05-26496, 219,140.00, P. Wessel (PI) and L.W.
Kroenke (CoPI)
Instrumentation acquired, and laboratories super
vised and funded/supported by group
Hey Plate tectonics lab, in collaboration wi
th Fernando Martinez Martinez R/V Kilo Moana.
Cruises in 2008 will include a 75 day expedition
(ship plus OTG costs of 33,000/day for a total
of 2,475,000). HMRG NSF Facilities and private
funds support for 45 days at a rate of
10,000/day to carry out seafloor mapping.
Fryer SOEST Lapidary Facility supervisor, fun
ding secured for analysis using SOEST Microprobe
Facility, XRF, XRD, Raman and Micro-Raman, Ion
Probe, and SEM (with EBSD)
  • Research Expeditions, Society Meetings/Workshops
  • Hey
  • 2003 July, High-resolution chirp SUBSCAN
    seismic reflection survey of Vestmannaeyjar,
    Iceland, Reykjavik-Heimaey, SOEST, University of
    Hawaii/ Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/
    Scripps Institution of Oceanography/University of
    Iceland, chief scientist R.N. Hey, R/S BJARNI
  • 2003 July-August, EM300 survey of
    Vestmannaeyjar and the Reykjanes Ridge, Iceland,
    Heimaey-Reykjavik, University of Iceland/ SOEST,
    University of Hawaii, chief scientist A.
    Hoskuldsson, R/S ARNI FRIDRIKSSON.
  • 2005 January-March, DSL-120A, Jason and Alvin
    investigations of Pito Deep, Easter Microplate,
    Duke University/ University of South Florida/
    SOEST, University of Hawaii/Scripps Institution
    of Oceanography, chief scientist J. Karson, R/V

  • Research Expeditions, Society Meetings/Workshops
  • Martinez
  • 2007 R/V Knorr, Reykjavik, Iceland to Reykjavik,
    Iceland, 15 June to 15 July 2007 (Co-Chief
    Scientist) Magnetics, gravity and multibeam
    seafloor mapping of the Reykjanes Ridge near
    Iceland to examine origin of v-shaped ridges.
  • 2008 R/V Kilo Moana, Honolulu to Nukualofa,
    Tonga, 10 March to 22 March, 2008 (Chief
    Scientist), Geophysical mapping during ship
    transit. 2008 R/V Kilo Moana, Nukualofa to
    Nukualofa, Tonga, 26 March to 12 May, 2008
    (Chief Scientist), Geophysical and oceanographic
    mapping of geological structure and related
    hydrothermal activity along back-arc spreading
    centers in the Lau Basin, Tonga.
  • 2008 R/V Kilo Moana, Nukualofa, Tonga to
    Honolulu 14 May to 23 May, (Chief Scientist),
    Geophysical mapping during ship transit
  • 2007 NSF Workshop and Workshop Report The
    Future of Marine Heat Flow Defining Scientific
    Goals and Experimental Needs for the 21st
    Century (Co-Convener),) 6-7 September 2007, Salt
    Lake City, UT.
  • Keynote speaker at 4 meetings in last 3 years

  • Fryer
  • 2003 Chief Scientist R/V Thomas Thompson,
    TN154, Jason/DSL120 ROV survey of Mariana Forearc
    serpentinite mud volcanoes (55-day cruise
  • 2003 Co-Organizer of the Ridge 2000-InterRidge
    Joint Theoretical Institute Interactions among
    Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Geological
    Processes in Backarc Spreading Systems Jeju
    (Cheju) Island, Korea Dates 24 - 28 May, 2004
  • 2003 Hosted ODP Leg 195 second post-cruise
    meeting in Honolulu Nov. 3-5,
  • 2003 Convened special session on Recent
    developments in deep submergence Science, 2003
    Fall AGU meeting
  • 2004 IODP Science Planning Committee member,
    Corvallis OR, Oct. 25-27 (science planning and
    scheduling decisions for 2005-2006.)
  • 2005 Lead metamorphic petrologist on IODP
    Expedition 305 (Jan. 8 Mar. 2)
  • 2005 Editorial Committee for Preliminary Report
    of IODP expedition 304/305.
  • 2005 3 weeks as Co-chief Scientist on
    Yokosuka/Shinkai 6500, Mariana backarc basin
    (July. - Aug. 2005)
  • 2005 IODP Science Planning Committee member,
    Kyoto, Japan, Oct. 25-28

  • Fryer (Cont.)
  • 2007 Presented Drilling Preview regarding IODP
    Proposal 505 (Mariana forearc) to the
    Environmental Protection and Safety Panel of the
    IODP in Houston, TX, June 2007.
  • 2007 Gas Hydrates Observatory Workshop invitee,
    co-led breakout group 4, wrote groups section
    of workshop report. July, 2007
  • 2007 Hosted IODP Expedition 304/305 second
    Post-cruise Meeting in Hilo, Sept. 2007
  • 2007 Co-Convened IBM MARGINS Workshop, Honolulu
    Hawaii Subduction Factory Studies in the
    Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc System Results and Future
    Plans, November 7-10, 2007.
  • 2007 R/V Kilo Moana, test cruise of the WHOI
    Hybrid ROV Nereus
  • Kroenke
  • 2006 Workshop on the Scientific Ocean Drilling
    of the Ontong Java Plateau
  • July 31 - Aug. 1

Current Research Hey Analysis of data from
recent oceanographic expeditions
a) Tectonic/volcanic segmentation and contr
ols on hydrothermal venting along Earth's faste
st sea- floor spreading system, EPR 27-32S
b) ALVIN magnetometer investi- gations of
tectonic windows into superfast spread crust ex
posed at Pito Deep, Easter Microplate
c) Origin of the V-shaped ridges along the Rey
kjanes Ridge south of Iceland (see Fig.)
Current Research (Cont.) Martinez Major NSF i
nitia- tives such as the Ridge2000 Program ha
ve decadal time spans with goals
of investigating a broad range of
interrelated processes at seafloor
spreading centers from mantle pro-
cesses to the magmatic and tectonic
construction of the oceanic crust to
the biological systems that live in
these settings. Hydrothermal activity
is a key process that transfers matter
and energy across these components.
My recent work has focused on the
study of the geologic and geophysical
controls on the occurrence and distri-
bution of hydrothermal activity at back-
arc spreading centers.
Evolution of mantle mineralogy/textures and an
isotropy 08
Current Research (Cont.) Fryer Divergent
(Mid-Atlantic Ridge IODP Exp 305 and Mariana
Backarc Basin) and convergent plate margin
processes, (Mariana forearc) petrogenesis and
metamorphism of the mantle, changing stress
regimes in subduction zones. Recently funded to
examine dredged serpentinized peridotite samples
from numerous forearc sites to study evolution of
the suprasubduction-zone mantle.
Shinkai 6500 06
ODP Seafloor Observatory Site 1200 0 08
Shinkai 6500 07/08
Dredging 07
Current Research (Cont.) Kroenke plate tecto
nic reconstruction of the Pacific, initiation of
subduction, hot-spot mapping. Reconciling late
Neogene Pacific absolute and relative plate
motion change.
Wessel et al., 2006 Geometry of the
Hawaii-Emperor seamount chain. The Hawaii-Emperor
Bend dated at 4748 Myr (Chron 21) by allowing
12 Myr for edifice construction. Triangles
recent dates from Sharp and Clague 2002 except
for Nintoku Tarduno et al., 2003.
Future Directions Hey in addition to continuin
g my research in the 3 areas mentioned above, I'm
revising the Cox and Hart textbook, Plate
Tectonics How it Works. Martinez Studies of s
everal (Lau, Manus and Mariana) backarc basins
reveal a broad range of conditions of back-arc
basin development. His work has attracted
attention from major mining companies (Teck
Cominco, Nautilus Minerals - currently funding my
research though sizable gifts (700K) I hope to
continue and expand this academic/industry
relationship in the future. Kroenke Will expa
nd recent studies to include examination of
global tectonism, cause and effect.
  • Future Directions (Cont.)
  • Fryer Studies of arc/backarc basin volcanism
    has been carried out recently in collaboration
    with Japanese colleagues (Shinkai 6500 diving and
    dredging cruises). Studies of origin of island
    arc crust will continue also with Shinkai 6500
    dives. Recently funded studies of effects of in
    situ Archeal communities on peridotitic
    substrates will be carried out at ODP Seafloor
    Observatory Site 1200. I will be Co-chief
    Scientist and first user of WHOI HROV in the
    Mariana Trench (2009). A recently funded study
    of the evolution and regional variability of
    forearc mantle will use dredged samples of
    serpentinized peridotites from the Mariana
    forearc (analysis to include thermal IR,
    mineralogy, micro-Raman mapping, EBSD analysis,
    velocity measurements). I am principal proponent
    (approached to be Co-chief Scientist) of IODP
    drilling expedition to Mariana region in 2009
    (scheduled/funding permitting).
  • Designed new GG course with Ethics Focus GG 306
    - Natural Hazards Geoethics and the Layman (for
    Fall 2008)
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