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New Parent Orientation


Girls on the Run. Band. Tuesday Tutors. And more.... Fundraising without tears ... Toilet alone and wash hands. Know their full name, parent's name, address ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Parent Orientation

New Parent Orientation
  • Welcome to St. Barts!

  • Children in K will stay in class until 930 a.m.
    Children in grades 1-8 will stay all day.
  • Children will meet their teachers and their
    classmates and learn about the routine for a
    typical day

Over the Summer
  • Buddy parents will contact you to arrange a
  • You will receive a summer reading list for the
    children to do over the summer. Follow the
    directions on the list.
  • Summer enrichment is necessary for all students.

  • May be ordered today.
  • Children in grades K-4 have P.E. twice a week and
    wear their P.E. clothes to school. The rest of
    the days they will need regular uniform
  • Children in grades 5-8 have P.E. twice every week
    and three times a week every other month. They
    change into their uniform so they need enough
    school shirts, etc. for five days a week.

  • A supply list will be sent to you over the
    summer. It will explain which supplies need to be
    purchased at school and which supplies you need
    to purchase.
  • There is a supply fee to cover the supplies the
    school will purchase such a tissues, wet ones,
    emergency supplies (water, etc.).

Drop off
  • Students may be dropped off beginning at 745
    a.m. The line forms down the driveway between the
    gym and the parking lot. You will see the line of
    cars. The patrols and teachers will let children
    out of their cars. At 800 a.m. the stop sign
    will come out to stop children in front of the
    school. After 800 a.m., children may be marked

Pick up
  • Children are dismissed at 255 p.m. The carpool
    line wraps around the school through upper
    parking lot. The first car in the line may move
    the chain at 255 p.m. and the cars may filter
    into the back parking lot.
  • Patrols will ask your childs name and grade and
    get your children. Keep moving down so that we
    can fill as many cars as possible at one time.
    Please do not get out of your car. We will help
    children will packages, etc.

Morning and Aftercare
  • All children are welcome at morning or aftercare
    on any day.
  • Morning care begins at 700 a.m.
  • Any child who is not picked up by 315 p.m. will
    go to aftercare.
  • There is a 5 charge for first 15 minutes, 12
    charge for full days, 18 charge for half days.

  • You will get forms to sign up for hot lunch at
    the beginning of the year.
  • Hot lunch schedule
  • Monday Pizza
  • Tuesday-Thursday Catered menu
  • FridayPizza

Leaving school early
  • If your child needs to leave school early. Please
    send a note to the homeroom teacher.
  • You may then come to the main office to pick your
    child up.

  • If your child is sick you should call the
    homeroom teacher and leave a message. Let the
    teacher know if you plan to pick up work from the
  • The daily work can be picked up in the aftercare
    room(7th grade classroom) after 315 p.m.
  • If you going on a trip, please let the teacher
    know in advance, so that assignments can be given.

  • Home and School Association
  • Hot Lunch
  • Room parents
  • Fundraising- Run for Funds/ Gala, etc
  • Field Day
  • CYO coaching

VolunteeringChild Protection Policy
  • Requires parents with significant contact with
    children be fingerprinted and received Virtus
  • Folders are available for those who are interested

  • Wednesday Bulletin-please read every week and
    return envelope.
  • Use voice mail and email to communicate directly
    with teachers. Talk with teachers first.
  • Dont be afraid to ask questions.

Health Forms
  • Up to date health forms must be on file when your
    child begins school on the first day.
  • Please tell teachers directly if your child has
    any allergies to food, or anything they may
    encounter during the school day.
  • Alert Jackie Edmunds verbally and in writing to
    any potential life threatening illnesses your
    child might have.

  • Timely payment is imperative.
  • FACTs tuition management program.
  • See flyer for details.
  • Ask Jackie Edmunds for about any tuition

  • If your child arrives late, they should come to
    the office and receive a late slip to go to
    class. When there is an accident or bad traffic
    we suspend late slips.
  • Excessive tardiness should be avoided.

Afterschool activities
  • This year we had
  • Yoga
  • Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
  • Dance
  • Golf
  • Girls on the Run
  • Band
  • Tuesday Tutors
  • And more.

Fundraising without tears
  • Box tops for education
  • Register your Safeway and Giant cards
  • Escrip- Turn in old printer or fax cartridges-
    school receives
  • Target Visa- designate St. Barts to receive 1
    of purchases.
  • St. Barts Night Out- Ledos, Hamburger Hamlet,
    Parkers- percentage of bill goes to school

You are your childs first teacher-Be a role model
  • Value education and knowledge
  • -Help your child attend school regularly
    and on time.
  • -Teach your child to be interested in the
    world by being interested in the world yourself-
    Teachable moments

Getting your children ready for Pre-K and
  • The next slides are some tips to help with the

Encourage independence
  • Toilet alone and wash hands.
  • Know their full name, parents name, address and
    phone number
  • Train them how to dress themselves.
  • Teach them to tie shoes-dont worry if they are
    not ready they will be by the end of

Playing games
  • Play guessing games- I Spy
  • Number games
  • Rhyming games
  • Color games
  • Shape games
  • Sorting games

Set up routines
  • Set bedtime-routines-brush teeth, story, kiss,
    good night
  • Morning routine-set time, clothes ready,
    breakfast (avoid t.v. if possible)
  • Goodbye ritual-you decide
  • Arrive on time to school
  • Check backpacks, etc. at pick up. Talk about the
    day Sample questions What was one thing you
    learned today, Who is one friend you played
    with on the playground

Top ten things to do before Kindergarten
  • Recognize and write first name
  • Practice tying, zipping, and buttoning.
  • Identify basic 8 colors
  • Identify letters in first name
  • Rote count to 10
  • Count 10 objects
  • Listen attentively to a story
  • Practice cutting a straight line using scissors
  • Copy letters, shapes and symbols
  • Know personal information-full name, b-day,
    address and phone number

Encourage counting by
  • Having your child set the table, counting out
    silverware, etc.
  • Counting objects to play with.
  • Playing games like Candy land where you have to
    move a marker

Help develop time concepts by
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow.
  • Days, weeks, months, years
  • Birthdays
  • Clocks
  • Seasons

Develop responsibility by
  • Take care of and put away toys
  • Dress self (button, zip, snap, tie)
  • Learn safety rules
  • Daily chores to contribute to family life (age

Talk with your child
  • Studies show the more language a child hears the
    larger their vocabulary and the better prepared
    for school and reading.
  • Uses more mature vocabulary- bathroom, restroom-
    not potty- pee-pee
  • Following directions-first time given crucial-
    work on it at home- reward with specific praise-
    I like the way you put on your coat the first
    time I asked

Read, Read, Read
  • Read to your child every day at least once a day.
  • Read books to teach lessons (ex. Me First)
  • Read books about changes in their lives. (Mrs.
    Bindergarten goes to Kindergarten, The Principal
    or from the Black Lagoon series,)
  • Read about feelings (How are you peeling)

Things to do with your child
  • Read aloud to your child and talk about what you
    have read
  • Teach your child to listen and follow directions
    (one step at first)
  • Take time to listen to your child. Encourage
    questions, stories, etc.

Favorite Parenting Resources
  • The Mom Book Goes to School- Stacy DeBroff
  • The School Savy Parent-Rosemarie Clark, Donna
    Hawkins, Beth Vachon
  • How to get your child to love Reading-Esme Raji
  • The Blessings of a Skinned Knee- Wendy Mogel

Childrens books
  • The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn
  • Me First by Lester and Munsinger
  • Miss Bindergarten gets ready for kindergarten by
    Joseph Slate
  • How are you peeling? Freymann and Elffers
  • I love you all day long- Rusackas

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