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Heritage Tourism in India


Heritage Tourism in India offers information on rich heritage of India well preserved in the famous heritage destinations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Heritage Tourism in India

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Taj Mahal, AgraA Tribute to Beauty is a "symbol
of eternal love, regarded as one of the eight
wonders of the world it is built entirely of
white marble and seems to glow in the light of
the full moon. Like a jewel, the Taj sparkles in
moonlight when the semi-precious stones inlaid
into the white marble on the main mausoleum catch
the glow of the moon.
Img by Raphael Fauveau
India Gate, DelhiGateway made of Sand Stone is
very dominating and intimidating in its outlook.
The interesting thing about the Delhi gate is
that it has its century old wooden locking
system. The system is very complex and thus it
had remained unused since the times of British
Img by Shashwat Nagpal
Lotus Temple, Delhi Located in the south of
Delhi, it is lotus shaped and has rightly been
given the name. It is open to all faiths and is
an ideal place for meditation and obtaining peace
and tranquility.
Img by Vandelizer
Qutub Minar, DelhiFamed as the highest brick
minaret of the world, Highest brick tower in the
world This ornate tower is now an eminent member
of the World Heritage Site community
Img by thovie333
Humayun's Tomb, Delhi It is a magnificent
architecture , the first garden-tomb to be built
in India, based on the description of Islamic
paradise gardens, is known to have inspired the
Taj Mahal
Humayun's Tomb is a magnificent architecture ,
the first garden-tomb to be built in India, ased
on the description of Islamic paradise gardens,
is known to have inspired the Taj Mahal
Img by bunnicula
Red Fort, DelhiDelhi's famous Red Fort is known
by that name because of the red stone with which
it is built and it is one of the most magnificent
palaces in the world, famous for its delicately
carved inlaid and Royal chambers
Img by js42
Akshardham Temple, DelhiIt is worlds largest
Hindu temple The monument is a fusion of several
architectural styles of pink stone and pure white
marble. Pink stone symbolizes devotion in eternal
bloom and white marble of absolute purity and
eternal peace. It is one of the wonders of the
modern world, and the wonders of modern India.
Img by Russbowling
Agra Fort, AgraIt is the most important fort in
India. The great Mughals emperors lived here, and
the country was governed from here. It contained
the largest state treasury and mint. It was
visited by foreign ambassadors, travelers and the
highest dignitaries who participated in the
making of history in India.
Img by michael clarke stuff
Jantar Mantar, JaipurIt is the largest stone
observatory in the World The observatory has
fourteen statistical instruments for measuring
time, predicting eclipses and to ascertain other
astronomical events
Img by Carlton Browne
City Palace, Jaipur It houses number of palaces
inside the complex. including an art gallery and
a rich collection of some rare items. the museum
inside has a rich collection of royal costumes,
folk embroidery, rare and invaluable (Kashmiri)
Shawls, silk saris .
Img by Wonker
Umaid Bhawan Palace, JodhpurIt is one of the
world's largest private residences. Construction
of Umaid Bhawan employed more than 5000 men for
fifteen years. It is designed in such a manner
that it always maintains the temperature at
approximately 23 degrees Celsius.
Img by Travayegeur
Hawa Mahal, Jaipur It is also konoan as Palace
of Winds is the most sensational monument in
the city of Jaipur. was originally constructed to
offer women of the court an upper hand, so that
they can watch the activities taking place in the
bazaar and the surrounding streets it is shaped
like a pyramid and is a five-storied building,
with number of small windows and screens, with
arched roofs .
Img by saturnism
Golden Temple, AmritsarOne of the most famous
religious places in India. Located in the city of
Amritsar, its name literally means House of God.
, richly ornamented with marble sculptures,
golden gilding, and large quantities of precious
stones it is a place of both stupendous beauty
and sublime peacefulness
Img by voobie
Amber fort, JaipurIt is located in Jaipur,
all-built in white marble and red sandstone it
looks stunning. The intricate carvings on the
walls and ceilings simply astonish the visitors.
The minute mirror work adds to the grand
appearance and royalty of the halls it is
renowned for its glorious past, huge silver lions
and silver doors.
Img by entranceby mckaysavage
Birla Temple, DelhiIt is a famous temple of
Hindus in New Delhi. The temple was inaugurated
by Mahatma Gandhi and took six years to complete.
It is a landmark in the history of modern Indian
architecture. The walls of the entire complex
exhibit paintings of the artists from Jaipur. An
artificial mountainous landscape, with fountains
and waterfalls, has been created as the backdrop
of the temple.
Img by soham pablo
Gateway of India, Mumbai Mumbai's most famous
monument, this is the starting point for most
tourists who want to explore the city. The last
of the British ships that set sail for England
left from the Gateway. Behind the arch, there are
steps leading down to the water.
Img by zadeus
Jal Mahal, JaipurIt is noted for its
sophisticated design and grand architecture. The
Palace was developed as a pleasure spot and was
used for the royal duck shooting parties. It is
a five-story palace, with the first four floors
being submerged under water
Img by soylentgreen 23
Victoria Memorial, KolkattaIt was built to
commemorate Queen Victorias 25-year reign over
India It currently serves as a museum. it is a
majestic white marble building surrounded by a
sprawling garden. A black bronze Angel of
Victory, holding a bugle in her hand is placed at
the apex of the dome
Img by travel with soumen
Meenaskshi Temple, Madurai One of the largest
temple complexes in India, the grandeur of the
Meenakshi temple has remained undiminished for
the past two thousand years. It has 12 gateways,
ranging in height from 45 to 50 m, the tallest
being the southern one. The southern gateway is
beautifully proportioned and is nine stories
high, crowded with the images of gods, goddesses.
in brilliant colors.
Img by mckaysavage
Khajuraho - Land of The Moon GodSituated in
Madhya Pradesh, India, Khajuraho oozes with
passion, eroticism, dance and music and other
finesses of creative arts depicted in sculpture
and images of the temples
Img by psykedelic
Lake Palace, Udaipur This palace is situated on
an island, in the middle of Lake Pichola.
Constructed in white marble, it is one of the
most mesmerizing palaces there are a number of
apartments within the palace itself. Ornamented
with painted mirrors, inlaid stones, cusped
arched and lotus leaves, the rooms in these
apartments bring back the memories of the bygone
royal era.
Img by dizznan
Lotus Mahal, HampiIt is designed as a place of
relaxation for the queen it is called the Lotus
Mahal because there is a lotus carved in the
centre of the ceiling. However, it seems to also
suit its name as, set in the middle of a
well-kept lawn and glowing golden in the
sunshine, it appears like an exquisite flower.
Img by 4ocima
Panch Mahal It was basically a pleasure palace
of emperor Akbar. He primarily used it for
relaxation and entertainment purpose. The
structure has been so designed that each story is
pillared and is smaller than the other as you
move upwards. While no less than 84 columns
support the ground floor, the uppermost domed
floor has only 4 columns.
Img by soham
Mysore Palace, Mysore It is a sight not to be
missed when it is illuminated on Sundays and
festive occasions.. The palace complex includes
twelve Hindu temples. The palace houses several
rooms of importance. which are Royal wedding
hall, public hall where the general population
could meet the king at prescribed times with
petitions. And an armory, which contains a
collection of different types of arms used by the
members of the royal family.
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