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Starting Your Blog - The Why,The What,The How


In this presentation, we describe the different aspects of your blog that should be considered and implemented in order to make your blog popular, attract traffic and the search engines. We will give you some ideas on the Why, the What and the How. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Starting Your Blog - The Why,The What,The How

  • Corinne Floyd
  • Pam McKeen

The BlogThe Why,The What,The How
  • The Why
  • Your Reason is you Motivation
  • Different Blogs for Different Reasons
  • The What
  • What do you want your blog to do for
  • your business?
  • What is your desired outcome?
  • The How
  • Setting up your Global NPN Blog
  • Blogging Basics
  • Getting Started

The WHYThere are many reasons WHY people blog.
  • The Why is the catalyst that motivates
  • us to start a blog and to keep blogging
  • month after month.
  • Before you jump in and start blogging
  • about your passion, take some time to
  • consider What are your short and long
  • term goals for your blog?
  • Make sure the reason Why you want to blog
  • matches What you want your blog to achieve.
  • Lets consider a few different types of blogs
  • and how each of these would produce different

Different Blog Types
  • Blogging for Entertainment and Fun
  • Humor blogs, celebrity entertainment blogs,
  • sports blogs, art blogs, hobby blogs, many
  • travel blogs ,and most personal blogs fall into
  • the category of blogging for entertainment
  • and fun. Many photo blogs are also created
  • for fun and entertainment, too.
  • Blogging for a Cause or Fundraiser
  • Some blogs are created to support a business
  • or non-profit organization. The blog is tied to
  • the business or charity website and enables
  • the business or charity to share information,
  • raise brand awareness, and extend the
  • brand's reach across the web.

  • Blogging for Education
  • Some blogs are started as a way to educate
  • people about a specific topic. For example, a
  • how-to blog focused on teaching people how to
  • a successful online business or how to build a
  • would be an educational blog. It doesn't matter
  • topic the blogger is writing about as long as
  • purpose of the blog is to teach or educate the
  • Blogging for Networking and Exposure
  • Some may start a blog so they can expand their
  • networking opportunities with professional
  • Through this type of blog, they can establish
  • expertise and extend their online reach.
  • gives them the chance to expose their content to
  • broader audiences, which could lead to business
  • career opportunities. Especially if the blog is
  • to the various social media platforms.

The WHATWhat do you want your blog to do for
your business?
  • Now that you have established the type of blog
  • that you want, think about the purpose of your
  • blog.
  • What is your desired outcome?
  • Having a clear intention in your mind as to what
  • outcome you want and the purpose of your blog
  • makes it easier to write your articles, maintain
  • your blog, and drive traffic to your blog.
  • Knowing the outcome you desire for your blog
  • helps you to narrow down your niche, find good
  • keywords and ultimately reach your goal of
  • finding the best customers for your business.

What is your Goal? What Outcome Do You Expect?
  • Knowing what results you
  • expect before you even
  • get started will help you to
  • achieve your goals.
  • Whats Your Goal?
  • Do you want to
  • Brand yourself
  • Build your list
  • Promote your products
  • Share content to places
  • such as Facebook, Twitter,
  • or LinkedIn
  • Give yourself an online home base
  • Optimize by combining several of
  • these strategies.

The HowTaking Action
  • How to set up a Global NPN
  • Instant Blog Post
  • 2. How to create your Profile that
  • shows up at the bottom of each
  • post with Clickable Links
  • 3. How to create your
  • External Profile Page
  • a good page to send prospects
  • Watch Our Video http//

The HowTaking Action
  • 4. How and where to add
  • Tags and Keywords
  • 5. How to use All in One SEO
  • 6. How to use Pictures
  • to link to another post or page
  • 7. How to create Internal Links
  • to other posts
  • 8. How to make your blog
  • Reader Friendly
  • using bullet points, headers
  • and white space
  • Watch Our Video http//

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