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Animal Rights


Animal Rights. What is a right? Something that the law allows you to have/do ... Animal Rights Coursework. This is a piece of extended writing. Marks will be ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Animal Rights

Animal Rights
What is a right?
  • Something that the law allows you to have/do
  • An entitlement that is protected by the law
  • A privilege / benefit granted to everyone

Can animals have the same rights as humans?
  • Some people say yes and some say no

Can animals have the same rights as humans?
  • No because
  • They can not exercise their rights eg. right to
    free speech, right to religion, freedom from
    arrest. Can not defend their rights
  • Animals unlike humans are not self conscious.
    They do not see themselves as having a past and
  • Animals do not choose how to live - they have to
    adapt themselves to the environment
  • For some its the belief that man was created by
    God as his most important creation so animals are
    of less importance
  • God appointed man as his steward deputy on
    earth and told to rule over the animals. Some
    people believe this means man can use animals in
    any way he chooses.

Can animals have the same rights as humans?
  • Yes because
  • They feel pain and suffer
  • They show pleasure and experience happiness
  • People are given rights even if they are not
    capable of exercising them eg because of ill
  • We give rights to children even if they are not
    self conscious or autonomous and even though they
    can not defend them.
  • For some people its simply that, as living beings
    that share our planet, they deserve the same.

Do animals deserve rights?
  • Some would say that, even if they can not be
    given the same rights as humans, animals deserve
  • To be respected as living beings
  • Have the right not to be abused and exploited (
    taken advantage of )
  • They should be protected and not harmed

How can man use animals?
  • For food?
  • For medical research?
  • For sport?
  • For friendship?
  • For transport?
  • For entertainment?
  • To help the disabled?
  • For work?

Should all animals be treated the same?
  • Is it all right to kill a rat because its a
    pest, but not right to kill a fox by hunting it?
  • Is it right to experiment on a mouse but not a
    dog or a chimpanzee
  • Is it right to breed pigs for food but not breed
    animals for experiments?

Animal Rights Coursework
  • This is a piece of extended writing.
  • Marks will be awarded for
  • 5 for presentation
  • 10 for effort
  • 15 for content
  • Total mark 30
  • If possible your work should be typed on the
  • Suitable illustrations to highlight points made
    in your writing

Animal Rights Coursework
  • What are we assessing?
  • Your ability to research animal rights issues
  • Your ability to select relevant material so you
    can describe and explain issues
  • Your ability to give balanced arguments for and
    against an issue
  • Your ability to describe what different
    religions say about the treatment of animals and
    explain why they say it
  • Your ability to evaluate judge the worth or
    value of arguments - to reach a personal

Animal Rights Coursework
  • You will need -
  • A title page
  • An introduction on the issue of animal rights and
    introducing your two chosen issues
  • A section for each issue chosen in which you
  • Describe and explain what the issue is
  • Give arguments that support this
  • Give arguments against it
  • Explain the attitude to this issue of at least
    one religion
  • A conclusion - to be done in test conditions in
    class - reviewing your issues in relation to the
    concept of animals having rights and stating your
    personal opinion with reasons
  • Also a contents page
  • Bibliography
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