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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Transportation

Transportation Workplace Advocacy
StrategiesUpdate to ChaptersOctober 21, 2012
Discussion Topics
  • Transportation Advocacy
  • Federal Surface Transportation Reauthorization
  • State Distracted Driving Teen Safe Driving
  • Grassroots Advocacy Activities
  • Workplace Advocacy
  • OSHA Activities Update
  • NIOSH Activities Update
  • Workplace Congressional Update
  • Grassroots Advocacy Strategies
  • How Chapters Can Help

Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill
  • Passed Congress June 29th, authorizes highway
    programs through September 2014
  • Largely bipartisan passage
  • Passed Senate 74-19
  • Passed House 373-52
  • Distracted driving and GDL incentives for states
    are included in the bill

Distracted Driving Provisions
  • 23 million incentive grant program
  • Texting ban
  • Primary enforcement
  • Minimum fine for first violation, with increasing
    fines for subsequent violations
  • Complete cell phone ban for youth drivers (lt18)
  • Primary enforcement minimum and increasing fines

GDL Provisions
  • 13 million grant program for states that adopt
    comprehensive GDL system
  • To qualify for grant, state must have GDL system
    in place that contains specific minimum

GDL Provisions
  • 3-stage licensing process
  • Learners permit stage
  • At least 6 months in duration
  • Prohibits cell phone usage in nonemergency
  • Remains in effect until 16 (intermediate stage)
    or 18
  • Intermediate license stage
  • At least 6 months in duration, until age 18
  • Prohibits cell phone usage in nonemergency
  • Restricts driving at night
  • Passenger limit 1 non-familial passenger
  • Full license

NHTSA Distracted Driving Grant Notice
  • Notice of funding availability issued in August
  • 11.9 million in FY13 for states that have passed
    a texting ban for all drivers a total cell
    phone ban for drivers under the age of 18
  • Primary offenses, minimum and escalating fines
  • 5.6 million in FY13 for states that have enacted
    texting ban for all drivers, and do not qualify
    for 11.9 million grant program
  • Primary offense
  • 5 million for NHTSA distracted driving ad

Status of NHTSA GDL Rulemaking
  • NHTSA issue notice of proposed rulemaking on
    October 5th
  • Comment deadline is October 25th
  • Nighttime driving restrictions will be determined
    in the rulemaking stage

State Advocacy - Michigan
  • SB 756, Kelseys Law, passed the State Senate
    on March 15th, 2012
  • Full cell phone ban for level 1 and level 2
    license holders (under age 18)
  • Being held up in State House by Speaker
  • You shouldnt regulate common sense
  • NSC is working on a grassroots campaign to
    pressure the Speaker to allow the bill to be
    taken up by the House

State Advocacy - Ohio
  • In 2012, the state passed legislation to
    implement new cell phone restrictions
  • Texting ban for all drivers, secondary
  • Total device ban for drivers under age 18,
    primary enforcement
  • Rep. Rex Damschroder plans to introduce
    legislation to improve Ohios GDL system.
    Provisions include
  • No teen passengers primary enforcement
  • Nighttime driving prohibition from midnight to
    500 a.m. during intermediate licensure
  • Primary belt enforcement for driver and all
    passengers if driver was born after 1/1/96

State Advocacy Texas
  • In 2011, Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a bill banning
    texting for all drivers. The legislature was not
    in session in 2012.
  • State legislature in session 1/8 5/27
  • Only meets semiannually
  • Currently developing plan to improve State GDL
    law with focus on improving passenger restriction
    and nighttime driving provisions
  • Will work to pass texting law should Governor be
    willing to reconsider legislation

Launch of Capwiz
  • Launch of Capwiz
  • Rapid mobilization capability
  • Action Alert notifications
  • Taking Action
  • Campaigns to Date
  • Surface Transportation Bill Advocacy
  • 346 advocates sent 677 messages at key points in
    legislative process
  • Michigan SB 756 Kelseys Law
  • 79 advocates sent 81 messages
  • Please encourage members, friends and family to
    subscribe and participate!!!

How Chapters Have Helped
  • Twenty chapters sent 27 letters to federal
    legislators in support of the STANDUP Act and
    Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill
  • Several chapters are involved in their states
    teen safe driving coalitions and have attended
    in-district meetings with a Member of Congress.
  • Three chapters identified larger member companies
    that would potentially be willing to have their
    companys government affairs staff contact an
    elected official in support of the STANDUP Act.
  • At least five chapters were involved in advocacy
    to support state transportation safety
  • THANK YOU for your support of our efforts!

Transportation Advocacy
  • Questions?

Workplace Advocacy
  • OSHA Activities Update
  • NIOSH Activities Update
  • Workplace Congressional Update

OSHA Alliance Agreement Renewal
  • NSC has maintained an Alliance Agreement with
    OSHA since 2003
  • OSHA and NSC renewed the Alliance in August 2012
  • Alliance Agreement focus areas
  • Construction safety
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2)
  • Motor vehicle safety

Future OSHA-NSCAlliance Products
  • Specific products to be developed under the
    renewed Alliance include
  • A fact sheet on near miss reporting focused on
    the elements of best practice near miss reporting
  • A sample policy for employers focused on
    encouraging worker engagement in identifying
    hazards and reducing risk in the workplace
  • A fact sheet focussed on the specific hazard
    identification and control topics that should be
    included in worker training
  • A fact sheet on the ROI of I2P2
  • A case study on preventing falls from heights in
  • All OSHA-Alliance developed products will
    continue to be shared with the chapter network

Construction Roundtable
  • Group of Alliance participants working to share
    construction-related information and develop
    compliance assistance tools and best practice
  • Nigel Ellis (Construction Services Division
    member) serves as an NSC representative
  • Recently crafted safety design solution focused
    on flat bed safety in steel construction
  • Regularly reviews other Roundtable products
    focused on falls from heights
  • Last meeting focused on hearing conservation
  • NSC identified Rick Stepkin, an occupational
    audiologist, to present at the meeting

OSHA NSC Congress Participation
  • OSHA Administrator Dr. David Michaels to present
    at Occupational Keynote session on Tuesday _at_
  • OSHA will participate in 7 technical sessions
  • Fall Protection Equipment Calculating the Fall
    Distance (Tuesday, 4-530)
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Effective Process Safety
    Management Strategies (Monday, 4-530)
  • OSHA Current Activities An Update (Monday,
  • Safe Patient Lifting (Tuesday, 2-330)
  • Safety Health Assistance for Small and Medium
    Businesses (Wednesday, 1-230)

OSHA NSC Congress Participation
  • OSHA Technical Sessions (continued)
  • VPP Ensuring Effective Safety Incentive
    Programs (Monday, 2-330)
  • Most Interesting OSHA Cases (Wednesday, 1-230)
  • OSHA staff to exhibit on exhibit floor

NSC NACOSH Participation
  • Top workplace safety advisory committee
    established to advise the Secretary of Labor and
    the Secretary of Health and Human Services on
    occupational safety and health programs and
  • Jim Johnson term on the committee expires
    December 2012, nominated for reappointment
  • Recent committee recommendations include
  • I2P2 as no.1 priority and call for national
    symposium (repeat from 6/20/12, 12/15/11,
    6/22/11, 2/14/11)
  • Effectiveness Measures workgroup established and
    request for information submitted
  • Finalize silica rule (initiated 14 years ago,
    SBREFA completed 8 years ago, at OMB for over 1
    year vs. required 4.5 months)
  • Modernize injury and illness data collection
    system and add MSD column (recordkeeping
    workgroup ended 6-20-12)
  • Replace outdated PELs with requirements
    consistent with current scientific evidence

OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Campaign
  • Nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness
    among workers and employers about the hazards of
    working outdoors in hot weather
  • Educational resources, including training on how
    to use the heat index
  • Advisory, not regulatory
  • Products produced this year
  • Heat Outreach Wallet Card
  • Public Service Announcements (English Spanish)
    on Heat Illness Prevention by Dolores Huerta
  • Heat Smartphone Application

OSHA Falls from Heights Campaign
  • Falls are the leading cause of death in
  • Plan, Provide, Train
  • Products Produced
  • Poster
  • Fact Sheet
  • Fall Prevention Wallet Card
  • Prevention Videos
  • Web site with educational resources
  • Prevention Videos
  • Floor Openings
  • Fixed Scaffoldings
  • Bridge Decking
  • Reroofing
  • Leading Edge Work
  • Falls prevention
  • NSC Adopted Official Policy/Position in February
  • August OSHA staff report to senior OSHA
    leadership called for streamlined oversight, 34
    separate recommendations for improvement,
  • Recommendation to discontinue merit category of
    VPP membership, reconsider corporate category
  • Fatality and willful repercussions result in
    inactive status
  • VPP site exemption from OSHA programmed
    inspections remains
  • Reducing regional differences in VPP judging
  • VPP renewals handled by regional offices
  • OSHA leadership in process of determining which
    recommendations to adopt

Injury and IllnessPrevention Programs
  • NSC Adopted Official Policy/Position in May 2010
  • Little progress on I2P2 rulemaking
  • OSHA published I2P2 White Paper in January 2012
  • Describes the costs of workplace injuries and
  • Supplies evidence that I2P2 can improve the
    bottom line
  • Examines impact of related programs in effect in
    various states and in the Department of Defense
  • Shares case studies of programs implemented under
  • Considers impact on small businesses
  • I2P2 Symposium
  • NACOSH recommendation that OSHA, NIOSH, NSC and
    other stakeholders bring together diverse group
    of company sizes and industries to share best
    practices and educate employers on benefits of
    I2P2 programs

OSHA Agency Activities Update
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee
  • Extension of temporary enforcement measures in
    residential construction
  • Application of worker safety and health
    requirements for cranes and derricks to
    demolition and underground construction
  • Increased focus on effectiveness of State Plan

OSHA Funding
  • NSC Policy Position
  • NSC has drafted a proposed policy position on
    OSHA funding, calling on Congress and the
    Administration to
  • Ensure stable, adequate funding for all agency
    key functions, including compliance assistance
    support, regulation, and enforcement
  • Set priorities founded on performance-based
    fundamentals founded on sound science and
    improved measurements

NORA Manufacturing Sector Council Participation
  • August 16-17 Sector Council meeting with
    workgroups on
  • Contact with objects/equipment and falls
  • Focus on lock out tag out for food and beverage
  • MSDs and hearing loss prevention
  • Focus on creating a virtual library on hearing
    loss prevention, then MSDs
  • Respiratory disease and cancer
  • Focus on NANO
  • Health disparities, vulnerable populations and
    small businesses
  • Focus on machine guarding for small businesses
  • Emerging risks and catastrophic incidents
  • Focus on NANO
  • Introducing the NORA-NSC Research to Practice
    track at Congress
  • Tuesday, 10/23 at 2p Introducing the NORA
    Manufacturing Sector Research to Practice Track
  • Tuesday, 10/23 at 4p Identifying Effective
    Hearing Loss Prevention Programs Safe-In-Sound
  • Wednesday, 10/24 at 915a Emerging Risks of
    Stress and Inadequate Sleep
  • Wednesday, 10/24 at 1p Implementing the Agenda
    The Toyota Projects

NIOSH Programs Update
  • April launch of construction fall prevention
    campaign in cooperation with OSHA CPWR
  • Developing campaign posters, handouts, fact
  • Campaign websites
  • Newly Published Resources
  • Small Business Safety Health Resource Guide
  • Safe Practices for Working with Nanomaterials
  • Focus on green construction and prevention
    through design

FY13 Appropriations
  • Continuing resolution
  • CR will keep government running at FY12 levels,
    in absence of budget, through March 2013
  • No further appropriations legislation anticipated
    through end of this Congress
  • Sequester
  • Scheduled to take place beginning of 2013, if
    lack of Congressional action
  • 8.2 budget cuts to CDC, OSHA, MSHA, NHTSA
    (Operations Research)
  • Sequester unlikely to affect Highway Trust Fund
  • Congress expected to work in lame duck to avert

OSHA NIOSH Appropriations
  Funding in Millions Funding in Millions Funding in Millions Funding in Millions
OSHA FY 2012 Enacted FY 13 WH Request FY 13 Senate FY 12 House
Safety Health Standards 20 21 21 19.5
Federal Enforcement 208.1 207.1 207.1 208.1
Whistleblower Enforcement 15.9 20.7 18.7 14.8
State Programs 104.4 104.2 104.2 104.2
Technical Support 25.9 24.9 24.9 25.9
Compliance Assistance        
Federal Assistance 76.5 73.1 75 81
State Consultation Grants 58 57.9 57.9 65.8
Training Grants 10.7 10.7 11 0
Subtotal Compliance Assistance 145.2 141.7 143.9 146.8
Safety Health Statistics 34.8 34.3 34.3 34.8
Executive Direction and Administration 11.5 11.5 11.5 11.5
Total Appropriation 565.9 565.5 565.5 565.7
  Funding in Millions Funding in Millions Funding in Millions Funding in Millions
NIOSH FY 12 Enacted FY 13 WH Request FY 13 Senate FY 12 House
Total Appropriations 293.6 249.4 292.6 249.7
The House Appropriations Committee bill for FY
13 would fund OSHA at 560 million, a 0.8
decrease from FY12. Specific funding details are
not available at this time.
WH Budget Request
  • Proposes to eliminate funding for NIOSH Education
    and Research Centers (ERCs)
  • The original programmatic plan was to provide
    money for five years for institutions to develop
    and/or expand existing occupational health and
    safety training programs and for the grantees to
    become self-sustaining over time. This original
    goal has been met.
  • FY12 - 24 million
  • Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • One of 10 sectors focused on over several years
    by CDC, with positive accomplishments
  • Given the relation to CDCs mission and the
    ability to have a national impact on improved
    health outcomes, the AgFF program has been
    designated as a low priority program and proposed
    for elimination.
  • FY12 - 20 million

House AppropriationsPolicy Riders
  • Prevents OSHA from proceeding with rulemaking on
  • Defunds enforcement of portion of OSHAs grain
    handling standard
  • Requires employers to lock out/tag out equipment
    inside grain silos unless they are 6 feet away
    from any partially-guarded or unguarded energized
  • Prevents OSHA from enforcing residential roofing
    fall protection directive
  • Terminates Susan Harwood training grants program

NSC 2013 Workplace Advocacy Priorities
  • Support stable, balanced funding for OSHA NIOSH
  • Appropriations Bills
  • Support I2P2
  • Appropriations Bills
  • I2P2 Symposium
  • Support VPP Program
  • Appropriations Bills
  • VPP Protection Act

Grassroots Advocacy Strategies
  • Initiate development of NSC key contact program
  • Conduct advocacy training sessions
  • Host Capitol Hill days for NSC divisions
  • Initiate grassroots letter writing campaigns to
    targeted elected officials on specific committees
    of jurisdiction, as needed

How Chapters Can Help
  • Share our advocacy calls to action in your
    chapter newsletters
  • Share our advocacy alerts on your Facebook
  • Participate in a teen safe driving coalition in
    your state
  • Schedule in-district meetings with your federal
    and state elected officials
  • Attend elected officials town hall meetings,
    neighborhood office hours

How Chapters Can Help
  • Draft letters to key legislators
  • Draft letters to the editor in key states
  • Friend/Like your Member of Congress on Facebook,
    follow them on Twitter, join their email list
  • Build a relationship with your OSHA local area
  • Share any relevant legislative or regulatory
    information with the Government Affairs team

  • Luke George
  • Senior Government Relations Manager
  • 202.974.2480
  • Julian Hoffman
  • Government Affairs Assistant
  • 202.974.2472
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