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The Tourism Geography of North America


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Title: The Tourism Geography of North America

The Tourism Geography of North America
Learning Objectives
  • 1      Describe the major physical features and
    climates of North America and understand their
    importance for tourism
  • 2      Appreciate the scale and characteristics
    of domestic tourism in the USA and Canada
  • 3      Understand the importance of the USA and
    Canada as tourist-generating countries
  • 4    Appreciate the significance of the
    conservation movement in North America and the
    importance of the national park system in
    particular to tourism
  • 5      Be aware of the cultural diversity of the
    USA and Canada
  • 6      Recognise the importance of transport in
    the development of the tourism industry
  • 7. Demonstrate a knowledge of the tourist
    regions, resorts, business centres and tourist
    attractions of North America.

North America Introduction
  • Physical setting
  • Natural resources
  • Demand
  • Climate
  • Natural and man-made attractions

  • Leading destination
  • Devolved tourism administration
  • Demand
  • Inbound
  • Outbound and domestic
  • Supply
  • Public sector
  • Private sector
  • Transport
  • Accommodation

USA North East
  • New England
  • Cape Cod
  • Newport
  • Salem
  • Boston
  • Middle Atlantic
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore
  • Washington
  • Northern Appalachians
  • Upstate New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Coastal Resorts

USA The South
  • Character
  • A climate characterised by long sultry summers,
    short mild winters and abundant rainfall
  • The importance given by Southerners to the
    American Civil War (1861-1865), in which the
    Confederacy, made up of eleven slave-holding
    states was defeated in its attempts to secede
    from the USA
  • The presence of a large Black minority, who for a
    century after the Civil War continued to suffer
    from many forms of discrimination
  • A lifestyle which is more traditional,
    family-orientated, and religion-based than other
    regions of the USA. The strength of
    fundamentalist Christianity explains the use of
    the term Bible Belt for much of the region
  • An economy in which areas of dynamic growth and
    prosperity the so-called New South contrast
    with pockets of rural poverty.

USA The South
  • Character
  • Large areas of forest, particularly in the
    Southern Appalachians
  • The wetlands of the coastal plains, such as the
    Okefonokee Swamp in southern Georgia, and the
    bayous of the Mississippi Delta, that provide a
    unique refuge for wildlife
  • A number of large man-made lakes providing
    facilities for water sports. These are a legacy
    of the hydro-electric power projects carried out
    by the federal government to boost the regions
    economy, following President Roosevelts New Deal
    in the 1930s
  • The abundance of golf courses, particularly in
    the hilly, well-wooded Piedmont zone between the
    Appalachians and the coastal plains. Pinehurst
    in North Carolina and Augusta in Georgia are the
    most popular golfing resorts
  • The barrier islands of the Atlantic and Gulf
    coasts provide many fine beaches. Some have been
    developed as resorts Hilton Head Island is one
    example - while others such as Cape Hatteras and
    Cumberland Island are preserved from development
    by federal and state governments

USA The South
  • Virginia
  • South East
  • Atlanta
  • Savannah/Charleston
  • Southern Appalachians
  • Nashville
  • Memphis
  • Deep South
  • New Orleans
  • The Ozarks

USA Resources
  • Texas
  • Dallas
  • California
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Santa Barbara
  • Theme Parks
  • North West
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii

  • Demand
  • Inbound
  • Outbound and domestic
  • Supply
  • transport

Canada Resources
  • Ontario
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa
  • Niagara
  • Quebec
  • Montreal
  • Quebec City
  • Atlantic Provinces
  • Newfoundland
  • St. Pierre and Miquelon
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick

Canada Resources
  • Prairies
  • The West
  • Banff National Park
  • Jasper National Park
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • British Colombia
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • The North
  • Yukon
  • North West territories
  • Nunavut
  • Greenland

USA Florida
  • Character
  • The scale of its tourism industry, with a
    constant flow of visitors all year round
  • Retired people from the northern states make up a
    high percentage of its population
  • The influx of Cuban immigrants to southern
    Florida since 1960, who have largely made Miami a
    Spanish-speaking city and effectively the
    financial centre of Latin America
  • Resources
  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami Beach
  • Florida Keys
  • Theme Parks

USA West and Mid West
  • Mid West
  • Detroit
  • Cleveland
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • West
  • High Plains
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • Santa Fe
  • Salt Lake City
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