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Title: later middle ages d. Bromagen

The Late Middle Ages!
  • By Delaney Bromagen

Christianity and Medieval Society
The Church Shapes Politics and Society
  • For many people in the Middle Ages life revolved
    around the local church. The clergy (church
    officials) were very influential on the people.
    Religious ceremonies were often key events in
    peoples lives. (ex, weddings, baptisms)
  • When, people died, most of them gave their land
    to the church. This made the church become a
    major feudal lord.

Monks and friars
  • The monks of Cluny, France, designed a new
    religious order. Most of their lives were
    dedicated to common rules. However, monks lived
    away from society.

  • Friars, on the other hand, wanted to sort of stay
    with everyone. Or even sometimes, mainly the
    sinners, so they could help bring them to
    God. Therefor, two new orders were developed,
    they were called the Dominicans, started

Universities are Built
  • Europes first universities were built by the
  • Thomas Aquinas wrote a reasoned argument for the
    existence of God. He also developed a
    philosophical system called natural law.

The Church and the Arts
  • The Gothic cathedrals of late medieval Europe
    made some of the most beautiful architectural
    structures ever. They created spires and high
    ceilings with colorful stained glass windows.

  • Basically, the society did almost everything
    around religion (churches). This could have its
    benefits and cons, but mainly it was for the
    good. Monks, friars, and others contributed to
    the society.

Magna Carta
Magna Carta Causes Changes in England
  • Magna Carta was a document listing rights that
    the king could not ignore or overlook.
  • The people who demanded the agreement were
    English nobles who forced King John to sign it.

Effects of Magna Carta
  • This was a really important step in democratic
    principles in Europe
  • The king would have to obey the laws as well.

The Demands
  • 16- no man shall be forced to perform a service
    for a knights fee or other free holding of land,
    than is due from it.
  • 31- neither we nor any royal official will take
    wood for our castle or for any other purpose
    without the consent of the owner
  • 38- in the future no official shall place a man
    on trial upon his own unsupported statement,
    without producing credible witnesses to the truth
    of it.

  • This step was important because it established
    democratic principles in Europe. The King would
    have to obey these laws as well.

Inspiration by Magna Carta
  • Kings turn to nobles for support in dealing with
    war and financial issues.
  • These councils of Nobles would eventually lead to
    a Parliament.

The Hundred Years War
The Course of the War
  • The Hundred Years War was a long conflict
    between England and France. The English King
    attempted to take over Frances throne. Two men
    claimed the throne. Therefor, putting English in
    the lead.
  • The Joan of Arc, railed the French troops.
  • The English caught and killed Joan, but the
    French eventually won the war.

The Black Death
The Black Death
  • The black death was a deadly plague that swept
    through Europe during 1347 and 1351. Fleas on
    rats gave and passed on the disease.
  • This wiped out 25 million people.
  • Plague survivors found their skill in demand and
    charged a lot more for their work.

What Disease was it?
  • The Bubonic plague.

What Happened to it.
  • People who were strong enough lived and people
    who were weak died out. Its still here today but
    not as strong.

  • In the beginning, a lot of advances dealt with
    the churches. Then, many fair orders were
    demanded in society. War between the English and
    French broke out. Finally, one of the most deadly
    diseases broke out.
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