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Education Expanding Horizons


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Title: Education Expanding Horizons

Education Expanding Horizons
Education in India

January 2007
Advantage India
  • 12th largest GDP in 2003 (http//
  • Fourth largest nation in terms of purchasing
    power parity (
  • 300 million strong middle class
  • Three times more English speaking people in India
    than in the UK
  • Disinvestment driven policies in various sectors

Education System in India
  • The Indian education system is based upon 12
    years of primary and secondary education.
  • Secondary Schools are affiliated with Central or
    states boards.
  • Indian universities recognize the various 102
    qualifications from different states and all
    India Boards.

Higher Education in India
  • The higher education system is principally
    divided into three levels namely
  • Undergraduate or Bachelors Level (e.g. B.Sc.,
    B.A., B.E., M.B.B.S., L.L.B., etc.)
  • Postgraduate or Masters Level (e.g. M.Sc., M.A.,
    M.Tech., M.S., LL.M., etc.)
  • Doctoral (Ph.D.)


Education in India
The FiguresEducation in India
  • 304 universities and 8,913 higher education
    institutes in the country.
  • 18 million graduates in India.
  • 6 million Post Graduate students.
  • 2.5 million engineering students.
  • Over 300,000 qualified nursing personnel.
  • Indians have overtaken the number of Chinese
    going to the US to become the largest student
  • 90,000 Indian students go abroad every year to
    further their education.

SourceStatistical Outline of India- 2004-05/
Institute of International Education
Government Policies on Education
  • India spends 3.8 of its GDP on education
  • An estimated 50 increase in Government student
    loans for overseas education
  • A move towards privatisation in the Education
    Sector with foreign players coming in The United
    World College at Pune
  • Sources (i) Central Statistical Organization,
    National Accounts Statistics -- 1998.ii) Ministry
    of Human Resource Development

Overseas Students in USA
Foreign Students by Country of Origin in USA
India remains the largest sending country for the
4th consecutive year with a total of 80,466
students, a modest 1 increase over the previous
year's enrollments. This rate of growth is
considerably slower than the double-digit
increases experienced over the past three years
(12 in 2003/04, 23 in 2002/03, and 29 in
2001/02). China has experienced a 1 growth after
a 5 decrease in the previous year.
Source Open Doors 2004/05 report.
Foreign Students in the US
  • The US is home to 565,039 foreign students.
  • This marked the sixth year in a row that America
    hosted more than half a million foreign students.
  • This year's numbers indicate a leveling off of
    enrollments, after last year's decline of 2.4.
  • Indians remain the largest group of international
    students in the US.
  • Revenues from foreign students in the US are in
    the range of US 13 billion.
  • SourceOpen Doors Report 2005

Indian Students Studying Overseas
Sources UK-British Council Australia-IDP
India NZ- NZ Consulate Canada-CEC Delhi Germany-
DAAD Information Point Russia- Russia Centre of
Cultural Affairs
Indian Queue for Foreign B-Schools
Business Schools in Europe and the US have
reported huge increases in the number of Indian
Harvard, Stanford, London Business School and
INSEAD, have also reported a marked increase in
SourceThe Times of India, June 16, 2006
Indian Queue for Foreign B-Schools
  • The number of Indian students who took the GMAT
    rose by 10.4 .
  • Compared to 2000, the number is up by 121.
  • The increase in numbers is due to the rapid
    economic growth in India which in turn gives rise
    to a huge need for talented leaders who have the
    knowledge, skills and attributes for global
  • The employment of Indian grads has also been
    positive and this has motivated more applicants
    from India according to Sherry Wallace,
    director (MBA admissions UNC Kenan Flagler)
  • China and Korea have also seen a rise in numbers
    but in a smaller proportion.
  • Japan has experienced a reversed growth.

SourceThe Times of India, June 16, 2006
Potential Size of the Training Market
  • The Entrance Examination Training market is
    around US 2 billion in the US and US 200
    million in India.
  • This could expand in the future and prove to be a
    lucrative investment option.

Revenues from Indian students
  • Assuming an average cost of US 14,000 per
    student per year, Indian students generate
    approximately US 336 million in exported
    educational services each year
  • Source U.S.Commercial Service India website

Main Areas of Demand in the US
  • Management Education estimated at US 173
  • Information Technology and Training US 88
  • Source U.S.Commercial Service India website

Indian Students Canada Bound
  • Total number of international students studying
    in Canada - 1,80,000
  • Indian students studying in Canada - 5000 - 7000
  • Canada can attract more Indian Students
  • Quality Education Degree from Canadian
    universities equivalent to US degrees
  • Worldwide recognition
  • World-renowned programs in popular fields viz.
    business and engineering
  • Affordable tuition and living costs
  • Work on campus and off campus up to 20 hours a
    week during school year and fulltime during study

Source Canadian Education Centre Network
India/Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade, Canada Association of
Universities and Colleges of Canada. The Economic
Times May 3, 2006.
Indian Students Canada Bound
Comparison of tuition and living costs
All figures in US Dollars Costs for public
Source Canadian Education Centre Network
India/Department of Foreign Affairs and
International Trade, Canada Association of
Universities and Colleges of Canada
Indian Students UK Bound
  • Indian students going to the UK (2004-05) -
  • Percentage increase from last year - 8.9
  • Costs
  • Indian students going to the UK for postgraduates
    courses US 16,280 (approx.)
  • Indian students going to the UK for undergraduate
    study US 10,855 (approx.)
  • Tuition fees for Arts, Science and Law courses
    US 11,759 - 18,091 (approx.)
  • Tuition fees for medicine US 27,143
  • Living Expenses US 9,048 - 13,576
  • The UK education system is similar to the Indian
  • Bachelors degrees can be earned in three years
  • Masters and MBAs are of a one years duration as
    compared to those in USA or Canada thereby
    decreasing costs

The Singapore Advantage
  • Singapore is fast emerging as Asias premier
    education hub, known for its management
    culinary programmes.
  • A year after the Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
    held a career fair in the country, there has been
    an increase in the number of students going to
    the City State for studies.
  • Total number of foreign students in Singapore
    approximately 70,000. India ranks in the top 5
    with an annual growth of 21 in 2005, according
    to Kenneth Lim of STPB. (ET 16.10.06)
  • For Indian students, Singapore is closer home,
    more comfortable and education is highly
  • After completion most students are granted a
    work permit for another three years. The linkages
    between university and industry were strong
    enough to enable the students to find jobs after
    course completion. Popular Institutes include
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • AEC Business School
  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore Management University
  • National Institute of Education
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Leading international universities have also set
    up shop here eg.University of Chicago, Graduate
    School of Business

The Singapore Advantage
Fees for various programmes per annum
SG Diploma
2000 Undergraduate
6220-7700 Medicine dentistry
17820 Postgraduate 4370-2500 MBA
10000-81000 The Ministry of Education Tuition
Grant is applicable to UG students at
universities and diploma students at
polytechnics. This means that international
students can study at highly subsidized rates
i.e.65-85 of full tuition fees.
Studying in Australia
  • From less than 500 in 1990 to 27,000 students in
    2005-06, the Indian student community joins an
    international one consisting of 3,42,000 from
    over 100 countries around the world. Australia
    recorded a 54 increase in Indian students.
  • Australia specializes in IT, Biotechnology and
  • Australias largest institutions are now
    educating almost 54 of overseas IT students.
  • The Australian government allows overseas
    students to take up permanent jobs in the
    country immediately on completion of their
  • Part-time jobs Students can work upto 20 hours
    a week during the academic year and full-time
    during vacations. Unskilled part-time labour
    range from AU 10-AU 50 an hour.
  • Top Institutes
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • University of Canberra
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Western Sydney
  • University of Technology Sydney

Studying in New Zealand
  • There are more than 1,00,000 international
    students studying in New Zealand
  • Over 3000 of them are Indian.
  • Educational institutes in NewZealand specialize
    in Biotechnology, cultural biosciences and human
    health at competitive costs.
  • Other Biotech related courses offered here are
    Dairy Technology, Veterninary science,
    Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry.
  • The introduction of the Kiwi immigration act has
    made it easier for overseas students to work in
    the country after completing an academic courses
  • Top Institutes
  • University of Auckland
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • University of Canterbury
  • Massey University
  • Canterbury

Who Are Your Target Audiences?
  • Students at different levels School,
    Undergraduate, Graduate
  • Parents
  • Educational Institutions/Organisations
  • Agencies/counsellors

Catch Them Early
  • Press and Web Advertising
  • Participate in Education fairs The Times Group
    International Division can organise International
    Education fairs by country and subject
  • Organise a Conference
  • Local embassy/consulate
  • Work through agents and representatives

Press Advertising in India
  • The total ad spend in 2005 in India was US 3001
    million, and the largest share of US 1416
    million or 47 went into press ads.
  • TV/Cable/Satellite/Video 40
  • Outdoor 6.8
  • Radio 1.9
  • Cinema 2.9
  • Internet 0.7
  • SourceTAM ADEX 2006

Education Advertising in India
  • In 2005-06, total Education Advertising in the
    Indian press was to the tune of US 157 million.
  • Of this, the TOI group attracted 32 of total ad

Source TOI MIS
The Times of India For Young Readers
  • In October 2006, The Times of India was awarded
    the Young Reader Newspaper of the Year by the
    World Association of Newspapers, for the
    re-launch of its student edition, which achieved
    a 50 per cent increase in circulation after the
    re-launch. The overall impact was to instil
    regular newspaper reading habits among students.
  • The Times of India was also awarded the World
    Young Reader Prize in the Newspapers in
    Education category, which honoured its effective
    use of the newspaper as a teaching tool.
  • The young reader strategies of the winning
    newspapers will be presented at the 7th World
    Young Reader Conference and Expo to be held in
    Washington D.C. in March 2007.
  • Website - http//

The Times Group Your one stop shop for Education
  • The Times Of India is the highest selling English
    morning daily broadsheet in the world, with
    circulation of 2.8 million. (Audit bureau of
    Circulations JJ 2006), Readership - 7,502,000
    (National Readership Survey 2006)
  • In its stable is the Education Times, the only
    weekly education supplement in India with 13
    editions and a circulation of over 2 million.
    (Audit Bureau of Circulations JJ 2006).
  • The Economic Times is the 2nd highest selling
    business daily in the world. Executive Courses
    can be advertised in the same.
  • Advertisers can focus on the core groups through
    specific publications in the Times group e.g
    Femina for women, Filmfare for Photography and
    other niche publications.
  • Maximize value for money through multiple
    insertions in different editions
  • Indiatimes portal Education Channel.

Special Education Issues
Bi-weekly Career Guide Circulated Every Monday
and Thursday with The Times of India
Education Feature CalendarJan-Dec 2007
The Future Market Size Estimates
  • Growth Prospects The number of students going
    abroad is increasing every year
  • Between 1993-1994 and 1998-1999, the Indian
    private expenditure on education had risen over
    50 in five years to US 330 million
  • RBI broadening policies on student loans

Source USIS Bombay/Embassy Estimates
Profile of Student Readers in The Times of India
  • Of the total readership of the Times Of India, 31
    are students
  • 56 of readers are Graduates
  • Of the total readership of The Economic Times, 64
    are Graduates
  • 18 of readers are students
  • Source NRS 2006

Future Trends in Education and Learning
  • A growing trend towards newer methods of learning
  • E-learning Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    offering certain courses free on the Net
  • Distance Education Strategic Tie-ups with local
    players in the field
  • At present, 20 percent of India's 133
    universities have correspondence institutes
  • A desire for international quality of education
    while being based in India through cooperative
    distance education programmes.

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