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Samsung Photo Reader as a live dictionary


Samsung Photo Reader app has three primary functions, viz, text recognition, live dictionary and text search. This page here will show you how you can use this app to increase your productivity. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Samsung Photo Reader as a live dictionary

Photo Reader is a document reader that allows you
to snap a simple document using Galaxy Note
camera.   After snapping a document, it has the
ability to perform Optical Characters Recognition
(OCR).   It has some other functions which will
be highlighted by next few slides.
Launch Photo Reader
Photo Reader can be downloaded and installed in
Samsung app. You can access this in App drawer.
You may need to register a Samsung account if you
do not have one. Once, it is installed, you can
launch it in the app drawer.
Samsung apps
Locate this icon and tap to launch it.
Text character recognition Direct link

To OCR a document, make sure the article has only
a single column. If the article contains
multiple columns, it will OCR the text line by
line horizontally.
1. Once Photo Reader is launched, it will
activate the camera and display a live window.
There are three function buttons here. To
perform OCR on a document, tap 'Direct link'.
Position the square around the region of text to
be OCRed. Tap this button to snap a shot.
Text character recognition - Crop

1. Once a shot has been taken, you have the
option to Crop it using this tool.
Text character recognition - Crop

2. This is the 'Detect text' button which will
perform the OCR process.
1. One of these handles here allows you to Touch
and drag to select the area of text to be OCRed.
Text character recognition

This is the result after Photo Reader performed
characters recognition on the selected region.
Original text.
Point to URL, email address and number
In this function, you need not snap the document.
 When 'Direct Link' is selected, position a
guiding square on a URL or email address,
immediately, a dilogue will pop up prompting you
for your action.
1.  Select 'Direct Link'
2.  Position this square on a link.
3.  This dialogue automatically popped up once
the link is recognised.
Snap a document with Direct Link

With 'Direct Link' selected, you can snap the
document by tapping this button.
Snap a document with Direct Link

Once the document is captured, it scanned for
numbers, URLs and email addresses. When these
links are found, they are highlighted as shown
Snap with Direct Link - tapping the link

Tapping a link such as a phone number, popped up
a dialogue for your action.
Live dictionary

The dictionary funciton can be very handy, it
enables your mobile device to function as a live
1. To use this function, select Dictionary.
2. Now move the square to the word you want its
meaning to be displayed.
3. Immediately, the definition of the word
popped up.
Dictionary - snap it

If a document is being snapped with Dictionary
selected, the document will be captured with all
the OCRed words highlighted. Tapping each
highlighted word will display its definition.
Text finder

'Text finder' enables you to search for the word
you have keyed in.
1. Select 'Text finder'
2. A text entry box popped up to allow you to
key in the text to be searched.
3. Tap Done to complete the text entry.
Text finder

1 found
Word to search.
As the mobile device moved around the document,
it searched and found the word under the camera
window. For this demo, it has found 1 word.
That's all, hope you will find this useful,
thanks for your interest.
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