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Computer Graphics Technology: AS and BS. Computer Technology: AS and BS ... Cisco Computer Engineering Technology Initial Laboratory ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
Deans Industrial Advisory Council December 10,
  • Meeting Convened (Mike Winter)
  • Deans Report (Dean Yurtseven)
  • School Business Plan (Dean Yurtseven)
  • Subcommittee Reports
  • Life Sciences (Bob Uleski)
  • Advanced Manufacturing (Bill Klenk)
  • Information Technology (Bernie Sepaniak)
  • Recognition of Outgoing DIAC Members
  • Discussion of 2003 Goals (Bill Klenk)

Welcome and IntroductionsMike WinterChair DIAC
Deans Report Dean H. Öner Yurtseven
School Numbers Fall 2002
  • Number of students 2,543
  • Full-time faculty 75
  • Part-time faculty 75
  • Full-time staff 30
  • Student credit hours generated 45,000

Enrollment Trends/Initiative
  • Spring 2003 enrollment
  • Student headcount 5.6 increase
  • Student credit hours 2.9 increase
  • New degrees (approvals pending)
  • Interior Design Technology-BS
  • Biomedical Engineering-BS

School of Engineering and Technology Student
School of Engineering and Technology Student
Credit Hours
Research (2001-2002)
  • Number of proposals submitted 60
  • Grants and contracts received 1.827M
  • Significant new grants in 2002-03
  • Zina Ben Miled Eli Lilly (250K)
  • Hiroki Yokota NIH (200K)
  • Ed Berbari IUPUI (650K)

Research and Sponsored Programs Expenditures

Information Technology Initiatives
  • Motivation strong industry feedback
  • Recommended steps
  • Chief Information Officer Greg Smith
  • New set of brochures with IT focus
  • IT website and logo
  • Department name change from Computer Technology
    to Computer and Information Technology

IT Statistics in the School
  • Degree programs
  • Computer Graphics Technology AS and BS
  • Computer Technology AS and BS
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering BS and MS
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
    AS and BS

IT Statistics in the School
  • Student headcount 1,004
  • 40 of total school headcount
  • Informatics headcount 503
  • Student credit hours 8,979
  • 38 of total school credit hours
  • Informatics credit hours 2,898
  • Online courses 576 students (fall 2002)
  • Credit hours 1,686 credit hours (7 total)
  • Offerings 25 courses and 43 sections

IT Branding/Logo
IT Website Development
  • Terri Talbert-Hatch
  • Director of Recruitment and Corporate Programs

2003-2006 Strategic Planning
  • Update
  • Planning is ongoing completion date May 2003.
  • Input from September DIAC meeting incorporated in
    planning (see handouts).

Strategic Planning Implications
  • Campus has provided the magnet under which
    academic units should align efforts
  • Campus-level performance indicators, resource
    allocations, reports, etc. are driven by and
    derived from these goals
  • In Schools best interest to operationalize these
    goals to meet specific needs of ET

IUPUI Comprehensive Campaign
ET Comprehensive Campaign Progress
Proposal Status and Gift Report
  • Student Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Bepko Scholars in Biomedical Engineering
  • F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company Endowed
    Scholarship - 10K - completed
  • Virgil Elizabeth Hunt Scholarship in Engineering
    and Technology Endowment - 50K
  • Derek Krueger Memorial Scholarship - 10K
  • Alcoa Advanced Materials Scholars Program - 54K
  • Ruth Lilly Biomedical Engineering Scholarship
    Endowment (undergraduate, in-state) - 2M (in
    process, 7 year waiting cycle)
  • Shook LLC Endowment - 20K (in process)
  • Dolores Walker Endowed Scholarship in Interior
    Design - 10K (in process)
  • Robert and Elaine Pott Foundation Scholarship
    Endowment - 80K (regretted)
  • Klipsch Graduate Fellowships in Multimedia - 50K
    (2 _at_ 25K, regretted)

Proposal Status and Gift Report
  • A Quality Learning Environment Laboratory
  • INITA Foundation CyberTeens and the CyberLab -
    10,000 submitted 11/02 (pending)
  • Cisco Computer Engineering Technology Initial
  • Equipment - 99,860 GIK - approved 12/02
  • 70,431 Cash regretted 12/02
  • Will consider additional equipment request 12/02
  • Kimball Office Group Conference Room
    Furnishings for Deans Conference Room , GIK of
  • Carrier Thermo Fluids Laboratory 85,057 (pending
    - resubmitted 6/02)
  • Alcoa CSI Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
    Laboratory 115,855 (to be reevaluated 12/02)
  • Thomson Consumer Electronics will consider GIK
  • Sun Microsystems Center of Excellence?

Proposal Status and Gift Report
  • Faculty Support
  • Thomas J. Linnemeier Guidant Foundation Endowed
    Chair in Biomedical Engineering - 1.7M funded
  • Kimball Endowed Chair in Sustainable Design -
    1.0M (pending)
  • Letter of Inquiry Submitted for Endowed Chair in
    Heat and Mass Transfer or Thermo/Fluids - 1.0M
  • Need economic recovery for each

Office of Industry Relations
  • Update
  • Internship program credit revised
  • 1 credit hour tuition 1 hour credit awarded
  • OIR Advisory Committee formation.

Office of Industry Relations
  • Connect Tech 2003 January 17th University
    Conference Center.
  • School Sponsored Session
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences

Budget and Planning Process
Budget and Planning Process
  • Income
  • State appropriation
  • Campus reallocation
  • Student fees
  • Research grants and contracts
  • Cash and in-kind gifts

Budget and Planning Process
  • Expenditures
  • Full and part-time faculty and staff compensation
  • Assessment (campus and university tax)
  • Technology maintenance and upgrade
  • Renovation

2002-03 School Budget - 1
  • State appropriation 9,729,110 (-0.6)
  • Budgeted tuition income 6,893,645 (16.9)
  • Indirect cost recovery 350,000 (same)
  • Assessment -5,547,310 (3.9)
  • Total 11,425,445

2002-03 School Budget - 2
  • Salaries and compensation 10,254,452 (7.9)
  • General expenses 492,322 (4.7)
  • Travel 124,820 (3.4)
  • Capital assets 317,000 (-16.0)
  • Other 236,851 (12.8)
  • Total 11,425,445

How to Generate Income
  • State appropriation
  • New degree programs
  • New initiatives (Informatics)
  • Campus reallocation
  • New degree programs (BME and Comp Eng)
  • New initiatives (IT and Trustees Lecturers)
  • Research and contracts
  • Student fees (student recruitment)
  • Gifts (industry and alumni contacts)

How to Save Funds
  • Do not fill vacant faculty positions.
  • Scale down recruitment and development expenses.
  • Slow down technology upgrade in laboratories.
  • Close marginal programs.
  • Freeze salary increases.

Budget Priorities for the School
  • Faculty and staff salaries
  • Part-time faculty salaries
  • Technology upgrade
  • New full-time faculty positions
  • Graduate programs
  • Renovation

Budget Planning Process
  • Schools make funding requests for
  • New degree programs.
  • New initiatives such as research centers, etc.
  • Deans make presentations to campus
  • Campus decides on reallocation funds.
  • Prepares a priority list for IU

Budget Planning Process
  • Campus provides information on
  • Amount of state appropriation.
  • Projected tuition income.
  • Assessment (taxes).
  • Projected compensation for faculty and staff.
  • Guidelines for salary adjustments.

Budget Planning Process
  • Each school decides how to
  • Distribute salary increases.
  • Close budget gap.
  • Plan use of cash funds (if any).
  • Project future enrollment.

Objectives for Subcommittees
  • Build connection points between the industry
    members of DIAC and the educational programs that
    the school currently offers.
  • Identify and spread best practices within each
    subcommittee relative to the topic of
    partnerships between the School and industry.

Life SciencesBob Uleski
Advanced ManufacturingBill Klenk
Information TechnologyBernie Sepaniak
Subcommittee Meetings
  • Subcommittee meetings were held on 3/27, 4/30,
    5/30,6/27, 8/14, 9/24, 10/29, and 11/21
  • Faculty Chair meeting on 9/27
  • Meeting with Dean on 10/11
  • Attendance has ranged been between 4 and 10
    industry representatives at each subcommittee

Subcommittee Focus
  • The subcommittee has focused its efforts in two
    key areas
  • Raising the profile of IT programs in the School
    of Engineering Technology (85 of focus)
  • Identifying and driving improvements in the
    Schools internship programs (15 of focus)

IT InitiativeBackground
  • On August 14, 2002 the DIAC IT Subcommittee held
    a regular meeting during which significant
    discussion involved the topic of whether the
    school and the university are appropriately
    coordinating their efforts with respect to the
    various IT educational programs offered. A small
    group was identified to articulate the thoughts,
    concerns and recommendations of the Subcommittee
    to the Dean and his staff.

IT InitiativePre-existing Conditions
  • It is difficult and confusing to a prospective
    student or a member of industry to understand
    where within IUPUI one might find programs
    related to information technology (IT).
  • Although, the ET School has been highly
    successful in placing its graduates into IT
    careers, there is little public exposure to this
  • IT courses and programs are offered and
    espoused by several departments within the Purdue
    School of Engineering Technology CPT, CGT,
    ECE and MET. While each of these offerings is
    under the umbrella of the ET School, they seem
    separate from one another when viewed from the
    perspective of an outsider.
  • The situation is made more confusing to outsiders
    as there are also IT-related educational
    opportunities offered by the School of
    Informatics, the Computer Science department and
    the Kelley School of Business.
  • CONCLUSION Mass confusion exists!

IT InitiativeProposed Solutions
  • Name a director-level staff member, reporting to
    the Dean, that would have responsibility for the
    coordination of all IT-related educational
    opportunities within the School.
  • Change the name of the Department of Computer
    Technology to the Department of Computer and
    Information Technology.
  • Use Tech Connect 2003 as a launch vehicle for
    the new message. Develop new literature
    specifically for this event and beyond that best
    tells the story.
  • Create a new web site that can be used as an
    information source and recruiting tool to draw
    perspective IT students to the School. Create a
    brand image for the IT career programs at the

IT InitiativeProgress on Solutions
  • Name a director-level staff member, reporting to
    the Dean, that would have responsibility for the
    coordination of all IT-related educational
    opportunities within the School.
  • A meeting between Dean Yurtseven and DIAC IT
    Subcommittee members Mike Winter and Bernie
    Sepaniak resulted in the identification of the
    strongest perspective candidate within the School
    (Greg Smith).
  • Dean Yurtseven took the initiative to meet with
    Mr. Smith and then his department chairs. Winter
    and Sepaniak met with Mr. Smith as well.
  • To our great pleasure, Greg Smith has accepted
    the responsibility.

IT InitiativeProgress on Solutions
  • Change the name of the Department of Computer
    Technology to the Department of Computer and
    Information Technology.
  • In a meeting with the Dean and two IT
    Subcommittee members, the logistics of effecting
    a name change was discussed.
  • This proposed name change has system-wide
  • DIAC can best help by drafting a letter of
    support to Dr. William M. Plater, Executive Vice
    Chancellor and Dean of Faculties
  • This letter has been drafted and is ready to send.

IT InitiativeProgress on Solutions
  • Use Connect Tech 2003 as a launch vehicle for
    the new message. Develop new literature
    specifically for this event and beyond that best
    tells the story.
  • All school IT related programs will be combined
    into a single IT session at Connect Tech.
  • Engineering and Technology IT area will be
    physically separated from other IT related campus
  • Special presentation session in auditorium
    planned to formally announce schools IT

IT InitiativeProgress on Solutions
  • Create a new web site that can be used as an
    information source and recruiting tool to draw
    perspective IT students to the School. Create a
    brand image for the IT career programs at the
  • Website formal roll-out at Connect Tech 2003.
  • Website to incorporate interest survey instrument.

Internship ProgramPrevious Recommendations
  • Recommendations
  • School needs to strive for more consistency
    within the departments
  • Very little incentive for student to pay for 3
    credits hours and receive 1 credit hour applied
    toward their academic program
  • Higher application of credits or, no credit
    (informal) but place the experience on the
    students transcript or, non-transcript
    certificate issued by the school

Internship ProgramProgress
  • Meeting held on 7/8 to review current programs
  • Memo was drafted on 9/23 to describe the current
    situation and suggest improvements. This memo
    has been under review by the subcommittee
  • The School has made some policy changes with
    respect to credit hours that bring more
    uniformity across departments.

Outgoing Member Recognition
2003 DIACGoals and StructureBill Klenk
Proposed 2003 Meeting Dates
  • February 11, 12, 13
  • May 6, 7, 8
  • September 9, 10, 11 (retreat)
  • November 18, 19, 20

AdjournmentThanks for attending!
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