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The Home Book of Quotations


Title: Home Book of Quotations Classical and Modern. Author: Burton Egbert ... folklore, essays, stories, and humor, including works from Langston Hughes. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Home Book of Quotations

The Home Book of Quotations Classical and Modern
Burton Egbert Stevenson
Library 150 Winter 2003 Dewey 800 Holly Maxim
Call Number and Bibliographic Citation
Call R 808.88 S847h Title Home Book of
Quotations Classical and Modern Author Burton
Egbert Stevenson 1872 - 1962 Description xlii,
2816 p. 25 cm. Imprint New York, Dodd,
Mead, 1967. (Original) c1934. Edition Tenth
Edition, Revised. CoverStatement Most
accurate and comprehensive reference book in
its field, the most useful and reliable
compilation of quotations available in our
language. LC Call 67-13583
MARC Record
Highline Library The home book of quotations,
classical and modern. 000 00469nam 22001691 450
001 42922 008 760426s1967 nyu 000 0 eng 035
__ a (WaOLN)670237 035 __ 9 67013583 050 00
a PN6081 b .S73 1967 082 00 a 808.88/2 100
1_ a Stevenson, Burton Egbert, d 1872-1962.
245 14 a The home book of quotations, classical
and modern. 250 __ a 10th ed. 260 __ a New
York, b Dodd, Mead, c 1967. 300 __ a xlii,
2816 p. c 25 cm. 650 _0 a Quotations.
Arranged first by subject and then by author.
Then it looks at variations of the statement
listed chronologically. The Table of Contents is
like an index in itself, including subdivisions
under main subjects and cross referencing. Example
AGE 17 subdivisions MAN 19
subdivisions LIFE 30 subdivisions LOVE 37
subdivisions Includes 5 Prefatory notes from
previous editions. Contains two Appendices the
first one seems to be the original. The second
seemed less usable and more of an add-on during
the multiple revisions. Appendix I - Example
Your women shall scream like peacocks when they
talk and your men neigh like horses when they
laughyou shall be governed by the Irishman the
German, the vendors of drinks and the keepers of
vile dens, that your streets may be filthy and
your midst and your sewage arrangements
filthier. 1889 - Kiplings seven-fold curse on
America. (Written in resentment at pirating of
his books by American publishers.
More About Arrangement
Appendix II This appendix appears to have been
added during a revision. I found it less
navigable, but could see the value of the
information it contained. Both appendices
provides fuller presentation of a quote with
biographical information that is insightful.
Index ? Scope ? Currency
Indices Two. The first index is for the authors
and includes a short article on how to use this
index. The add-on is apparent here as well in
Appendix II. The second index serves as the
main index. Both indices have How to Use
articles associated with them. Scope The
scope is broad, containing notable playwrights,
politicians, essayists, novelists, scientists,
etc. It reaches back in the annuals of time to
the beginning of the printable English
language. Currency This is the 10th edition,
revised, and it has been kept current. A
reference like Home Book will always find a
place in libraries.
Intended Purpose
For Burton Stevenson, who died in 1962, this was
a labor of love. In his second edition preface,
he states the he views Home Book as a living
thing. Home Book is one of several independently
created large reference works like Home Book of
Verse and Home Book of Shakespeare. He also
desired to have this work always reflect the
times. The publishers have all kept this ideal
in mind. This kind of work reflects a time when
men like this, who created large compilations in
fine detail, were crafters for the future of what
would become database technology.
Physical Format and Special Features
PHYSICAL Format A large (over 2800 pages) but
user-friendly concordance type of work, Home Book
appears only in hardback. The edition I
selected is the older 1967 edition, which appears
to be the first revision after the author died.
SPECIAL FEATURES Home Book is an alphabetical
concordance of famous quotations. Keywords are
used to find the passage you are seeking.
However, if you cannot remember any keywords, a
main index and author index are provided to
approach your search in a different way. These
features all have How to use articles included
for you convenience.
  • In the late 1890s Dodd, Mead and Company
    introduced the work of a number of new poets
    including Robert W. Service, Bliss Carman, and
    Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  • During the 1950s, '60s, and '70s Dodd, Mead and
    Company published a number of anthologies of
    Negro poetry, folklore, essays, stories, and
    humor, including works from Langston Hughes.
  • The business operations of Dodd, Mead and Company
    were suspended in March 1989 pending the outcome
    of arbitration with its fulfillment house, Metro
    Services Inc. By the end of 1990 the company
    ceased publications.
  • Many of the business correspondence, manuscripts,
    contracts, etc have been broken up and are
    residence in archive collections at various
  • Obligations of the World to the Bible, A Series
    of Lectures to Young Men (1839) was the first
    book published by Dodd. Although religious works
    dominated the early publication lists of M. W.
    Dodd, by the 1870s Frank Dodd, the son of Moses
    Dodd, had done much to change the emphasis of the
    publisher to a more general list.
  • Early publications of popular fiction included
    Martha Finley's Elsie Dinsmore and Edward P.
    Roe's Barriers Burned Away. Edward S. Mead, a
    partner in Dodd, Mead, was also a writer for the
    company. He wrote a number of books for children
    and adults under the pseudonym Richard Markham.
    Through the 1890s and early 1900s Dodd, Mead and
    Company expanded publications to include a
    variety of British and American authors
    including G. K. Chesterton, Jerome K. Jerome, H.
    G. Wells, Joseph Conrad, Paul Leicester Ford,
    George Barr McCutcheon, Hamilton Wright Mabie,
    and Agatha Christie.

Burton Stevenson was peerless in his
accomplishments and a well know compiler and
In my opinion. . .
I am very comfortable using a book like this and
feel like the use of books of this type have help
to prepare me conceptually for the new age of
information. I was able to find one of my most
favorite quotations of irrepressible joy as well
as discover interesting quotes by politicians who
repeated themselves frequently if they thought
they had a great line. I shall not help crucify
mankind upon a cross of gold. I shall not aid in
pressing down upon the bleeding brow of labor
this crown of thorns. -William Jennings Bryan
In my opinion. . .
I searched Google and Ask Jeeves with the same
query I used to find my favorite quote in Home
Book First query using O wonderful,
wonderful, Google yielded nothing. Ask Jeeves
give me sites where individuals where pirating
the saying and incorporating it into their own
prose and poetry. Second query using O
wonderful, wonderful shakespeare. Google then
gave me a number of sites that were useful. One
site in particular I found interesting was
http// Ask
Jeeves also gave me immediate and appropriate
hits for the query. I found it interesting that
the keyword worked better in the book than the
search engines.
O wonderful, wonderful, And most wonderful,
wonderful, And yet again, wonderful, And after
that, out of all hooping!
-Shakespeares, As You like it, act iii, scene 2
The End
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