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Funding America, Inc


REMEMBER. You only have one life to live, should you live it on your terms, or someone else's? ... Detoxification: Colon Cleanse, Chlorella & Pro-Biotic ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Funding America, Inc

REMEMBERYou only have one life to live, should
you live it on your terms, or someone else's?
WHY ARE YOU HERE? Do You Take Dream Vacations?
Drive Your Dream Car? Live In Your Dream Home?
Spend Quality Time With Your Family?
Facts Are!!!
  • 95 Of All Americans Who Reach Age 65 Are Not
    Financially Independent
  • 22 must continue working
  • 28 rely solely on public charity
  • 45 are dependent on their relatives
  • Only 5 have sufficient assets to meet their
    needs Why?????

Over 62
  • of Americas 65 and older have less than 6,000 of
    annual income.
  • 79 have total assets of less than 35,000
  • Only 8 receive income which exceeds 15,000 per
  • The U.S. Department Of Health, Education
    Welfare, in its Publication Income Resources
    For The Aged states that For Every 100 People
    Starting Their Careers, The Following Situation
    Exists At Age 65
  • 29 are dead.
  • 13 have annual income under 5,200
  • 55 have annual income between 5,200 and 33,000
    (average income is 7,900)
  • 3 have annual income over 33,000.not good

Are You Committing Slow Motion Suicide
  • Unfortunately, a lot of people do not think about
    what the future will really be like for them.
  • Most of us tend to put off today what we think
    well get around to tomorrow.
  • As each day passes it becomes more and more
    difficult to have the hope of a comfortable
    retirement. Procrastination is nothing more than
    Slow Motion Suicide

How Much Do You Need In The Bank To Retire With
Residuals That Your Family Can Live On?
  • 600 per month _at_ 3 362,000 _at_ 4 240,000
  • 1,000 per month _at_ 3 300,000 _at_ 4 400,000
  • 4,000 per month _at_ 3 1,600,000 _at_ 4 1,200,000
  • 5,000 per month _at_ 3 2,000,000 _at_ 4 1,500,000
  • 10,000 per month _at_ 3 4,000,000 _at_ 4 3,000,000
  • How much do you have in your retirement/savings
    account today?
  • Could you live a good life on what you have or
    are you heading down a dead end road?

  • Leverage is the power to earn more money while
    working less and less.
  • What is Passive or Residual Income? If what you
    are doing right now will not pay you for years to
    come. You are working for the clock! You are
    trading time for money. Thats All You Are Doing
    J.O.B. Just over Broke!!! You stop working..NO
  • How To Make Money and Make Money Work For You
    There is only one way to do this and thats take
    control of your life, NOW. Work a plan that
    works!!! Take off the watches, turn off the TV,
    pick up the phone and get ready to once again be
    excited about your future!

What is Leverage?
Funding AmericaUnderstands These 3 Major Trends
Do You know Why People StartA Home Based
  • Actually there are 10 reasons people do this.
  • Earn Extra Income..
  • Financial Freedom..
  • Have Their Own Business..
  • Save Money On Taxes..
  • More Spare Time To Spend With Their Family..
  • Personal Development..
  • Helping Others Enjoy Life And Health..
  • Meeting New People And Traveling All Over The
  • Retirement ..
  • Leave a legacy.

Want To Be Your Own Boss? Ready To Join A
Winning Team? Are You Ready To Take Control of
your Life, Forever?
It All Starts With Our 3 x 7
True Up-Line Spill Over
It Starts With
2nd Spot Bryan
3rd Spot Charme
1st Spot Duel
This is so simple Why? Each new associate has
only (3) top level spots, just like you. They can
be filled by their up-line spill-over or by their
own efforts. Can you see how its a win for all
that join? The power of spill-over can make you
Become a Family Member today!!!
Working The 3 x 7 Plan
  • Level Sponsor Amount IAs
  • 1st 0 Free Money 5 3
  • 2nd 0 Free Money 5 9
  • 3rd 2 5 27
  • 4th 2 5 81
  • 5th 2 5 243
  • 6th 6 5 729
  • 7th 6 5 2187
  • These (7) levels hold 3279 associates. If each
    associate only ordered 50 PV (Personal Volume)
    your check would be.. 8,197.50. If your groups
    average PV was (100) Thats 16,395.00! Per

Qualifications Levels (1 2) No sponsorship
requirements Levels 3/4/5 Sponsor (2) associates
that place a 50 PV order. Levels 6/7 Sponsor (6)
associates that place a 50 PV order and you move
your pvs up to 100.
Earn a 50 Matching Bonus On All Your
Personals.Each month that you have 6 active
personals or more with 50 pvs or higher and you
have 100 pvs or higher under your ID number you
will earn a 50 Matching Bonus on each active
(IA) you personally sponsored 3 x 7 monthly
matrix 5 check.
Car/Cash Bonuses Up To 750 Per Month

Growth Bonuses Up To 1,000
3 Profit Pools
  • (Executive Director) Have a group volume of 6,000
    pvs during a month Earn a (1) time Growth Bonus
    of 100.00 plus a 100.00 monthly Car/Cash bonus
    each month you maintain this status.
  • (National Executive Director) Have a group volume
    of 12,000 pvs during a month Earn a (1) time
    Growth Bonus of 250.00 200.00 monthly
    Car/Cash Bonus each month you maintain this
    status plus share in a 1 pool with all active
  • (National President Director) Have a group volume
    of 20,000 pvs during a month Earn a (1) time
    Growth Bonus of 500.00 plus a 400.00 monthly
    Car/Cash bonus each month you maintain this
    status plus share in a 1 pool with all active
  • (President Direct) Have a group volume of 50,000
    pvs during a month Earn a (1) time Growth Bonus
    of 1,000 plus a 750.00 monthly Car/Cash bonus
    each month you maintain this status plus share in
    a 1 pool with all active (PDs) and earn 1 on
  • Note YES Your personal monthly (pv's) counts
    as part of your monthly group volume. Only 60 of
    your required group volume can come from one leg
    of your 3 x 7 matrix. Your personal account must
    be on Auto-Ship with method on file of 100 pvs
    or higher.

5 Up Infinity ProgramEarn 1,225 or more in
your first 30 days, 10,000 or more in your first
90 days get paid weekly long term
residuals. WOW
  • How Do I Start
  • Attend Training with your sponsor ASAP.
  • Purchase the (5 Up Infinity Bonus Kit)
  • Start Earning a 100 to 250 Fast Start
    Commission on each new sale by you of the 5 Up
    Infinity Kit, plus have the ability to earn
    roll-up bonus commission checks from each sale
    in your group, 5 direct levels deep, or possibly
    to infinity. This can be huge!

Example Enroll 6 new IAs with this package in
your first 30 days Earn 2 x 100 3 X 125 1
X 150 825.00 in Fast Start commissions,
plus we will give you a one time 400 bonus.
Thats 1,225 in 30 days Best part you can
double that or even triple it if you would like.
How? Next Slide
Roll-Up Program Get Ready To Make Some Big
  • First thing is to understand what is Direct
    Up-Line in this program.
  • When the computer is looking to pay out a Roll Up
    check. It will look from the point of the sale to
    the direct up-line sponsor that earned the Fast
    Start Commission.
  • Then it looks at the Direct Up-Line sponsor of
    that associate and so on.
  • Meaning it will attempt to pay out (5) Roll Up
    checks from the Associate that made the sale by
    going Direct Up-line by sponsorship and not by
    position in matrix.
  • So How Does It All Work?
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an Associate
    (Title) he/she would earn 100 in Fast State
    commission and the system would attempt to pay
    out 5 checks in the amount of 30 each (150)
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an Director
    (Title) he/she would earn 125 in Fast State
    commission and the system would attempt to pay
    out 5 checks in the amount of 25 each (125)
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an Executive
    Director (Title) he/she would earn 150 in Fast
    State commission and the system would attempt to
    pay out 5 checks in the amount of 20 each
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an National
    Executive Director (Title) he/she would earn 175
    in Fast State commission and the system would
    attempt to pay out 5 checks in the amount of 15
    each (75.00)
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an National
    President Director (Title) he/she would earn 200
    in Fast State commission and the system would
    attempt to pay out 5 checks in the amount of 10
    each (50.00)
  • If the (IA) that made the sale is an President
    Direct (Title) he/she would earn 250 in Fast
    State commission and there would be No Roll up

  • 20 Preferred Customer Program More
  • Once your friends and family try our unique
    products, they're going to want to order them.
    When their order is placed either through you as
    a new Preferred Customer (PC) or directly from
    your Personal Online Shopping Cart, Funding
    America, Inc. will pay you the (PC) Fast start
    commission of 20 of the total (PV) value of that
    order. Plus we will also post a credit to your
    ID in the amount of 1/2 of that products (PV)
    value.Unlike other business opportunities,
    Funding America, Inc. does all the warehousing
    and shipping for you. You can build your own (PC)
    business with no inventory, no shipping costs, no
    bottling, no labeling and no employee costs. The
    best part is YOU don't have to buy or warehouse
    the wholesale products you're selling! Funding
    America, Inc. will store and ship it all for
    you.Here's How it Works Your customers simply
    place their order by telephone, online, or at a
    health show or business meeting they attend.
    Their order is shipped from the Funding America,
    Inc. warehouse the very next day unless the order
    comes in on a Sat. Next....The company, at NO
    charge to you whatsoever, will send your new PC a
    welcome packet with their order.
  • The Preferred Customer program is a great way to
    build a huge check fast. Example 100 PC's that
    order just (1) bottle each month of Cardio Care
    Extreme would give you a commission of 100 x 12
    or 1,200.00.....What if you had 1000
    PC's....Think About Health Shows, Mail Out
    Programs, Seminars, etc.....SEE THE PICTURE!

What Brings All Of This Together ? The Power Of
HavingThe Knowledge To Create Better Health.
Welcome To Health 24/7 !!!Your New Way Of
Is The Unites States Health Care InThe Health
Care Business or Sickness Business?What Do You
  • A Heart attack happens every 20 seconds 1
    Million each year 50 results in death.
  • More people get colds and the flu than ever
  • More people get cancer, disbetes than ever
  • More people have chronic fatigue than ever
  • More people have multiple sclerosis, lupus,
    muscular dystrophy, asthma, migraine headaches,
    joint, neck and back pain than ever before.
  • More people are taking drugs, having
    surgeries,suffer from depression, stress and
    anxiety than ever before.
  • More men and women suffer from sexual
    dysfunction, infertility and more men suffer from
    protate than ever before.
  • More people are on diets than ever before.

Heart Disease Is The 1 Cause Of Death In North
Heart Disease Will Kill 1 In 4
Are You That One? 
Warning The Following Will Shock You
  • The 1 medical cause of death today is not a germ
    or virus, but ignorance. What we dont know can
    kill us!!!
  • You have a 95 chance of dying from a disease or
    condition for which there is already a known
  • Every (3) minutes in this country, someone dies
    due to an error made by a doctor, pharmacist, or
    hospital worker. (Not all doctors are bad)
  • Thats over 220,000 deaths each year, making
    medical blunders the 3rd most common cause of
    death in the United States.
  • Prescription drug errors account for a staggering
    140,000 deaths each year.
  • 80,000 people die each year from hospital
    acquired infections in fact, (1) out of every
    (5) people checking into a hospital catch an

  • We are one of the biggest drug consuming
    countries in the world-of prescription drugs.
  • Every minute, (2) people are hospitalized for
    adverse drug reactions. Thats (1.5) million a
  • Theres a death every (5) minutes and 15 seconds
    from a prescription drug. Thats (100,000 a
  • Every (3) and one quarter minutes, someone
    suffers drug-induced or drug-worsened memory loss
    (163,000 a year).
  • Every 16 minutes, an older adult suffers a hip
    fracture-often fatal-because of falls caused by
    adverse drug reactions.
  • Every 32 minutes, someone is involved in an
    injury-causing automobile accident because
    prescription drugs have impaired their driving

Funding America PresentsProducts Of The
  • Natural Products Sales Top 45 Billion in 2004
  • BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2005
  • American shoppers spent nearly
  • 45.8 billion on natural and organic products in
    2004, according to research published in the 24th
    Annual Market Overview in the June issue of
  • The Natural Foods Merchandiser.

  • Cardiovascular Support L-Arginine Cardio Care
    Extreme w/OPC-50
  • Building Block Of The Cells Enzyme Plus
  • Antioxidants OPC-3 Antioxidant Extreme,
    Mangosteen, Beta Glucan
  • Calcium Ryukyu Coral Calcium
  • Detoxification Colon Cleanse, Chlorella
  • Joint Pain/Skeletal System 4 Relief Body
    Cream, Joint Relief w/MSM Mega Flex w/Chlorella
  • Multi-Vitamin Vit-Power
  • Female Problems Fem-Away
  • Skin Mama Peggys Peaches Cream
  • For Stressful/Emotional Lives N.C.P
  • Weight Loss Blast Weight Loss
  • Fulvic Minerals Catalyst Water, Energy Mineral
    Boost, Immune Mineral Boost, Silver Vitamin
    Boost, Derma Vitamin Boost
  • Natural Cleaners Clean Scent Laundry Powder,
    Clean Scent All Purpose Spray Cleaner Spot-Less
    Dish Washing Liquid
  • Friendship Fragrances 100 Soy Candles

Natural Guardian Product Line
  • We Offer (4) Easy Ways To Start Your New
  • Home Based Business
  • 1st Starter Kit Cost 99.95 Sponsor earns a
    25.00 Fast Start Bonus.Value 163.95
  • 2nd Leadership Kit Cost 149.95 Sponsor
    earns a 50 Fast Start Bonus.Value 214.95
  • 3rd 5 Up Infinity Kit Cost 499.95 Sponsor
    earns a 100 to 250 Fast Start Bonus, plus could
    earn BIG money in the Roll-Up program!!!
  • (Remember) 10,000 in 90 DaysGet Excited.
  • 4th Join FREE with a 50 PV order place an
    Auto-Ship method on file. (Auto-Ship) required
    to be placed in matrix
  • Ask for your enrollment form now
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