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Chapter 8: Confirmation


... roads and straight paths, dying and rising happens through many experiences ' ... Certain birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. Certain awards. Baptism / confirmation ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Chapter 8: Confirmation

Chapter 8 Confirmation
  • Celebrating Growth in the Spirit

The Spirits life in us
  • Emilys life had been a dull routine
  • Her pent-up emotions helped her to deliver a
    moving speech
  • Mrs. Daly recognized Emilys talent and invited
    her to join the speech team
  • Emily reluctantly agreed and released a new
    source of life from within herself
  • Emily probably wouldnt have made this leap of
    faith without some encouragement

What does Confirmation Celebrate?
  • Lifelong Growth in the Spirit
  • Some gifts needs to be confirmed before they
    truly blossom Sometimes we need help discovering
    our gifts.
  • The Breath of God The apostles felts a dramatic
    wind on Pentecost, but other times the voice of
    God is a gentle breeze or some timely compliment
    or advice from a friend or from someone we look
    up to as a role model.

  • Consciously Accepting the Gift The Holy Spirit
    is the always already present source of our life
    and our spiritual growth. But would your know it?
    We need to consciously accept the Spirit before
    our gifts are confirmed.
  • Baptism bestows the gift of the Spirit, however,
    a person must consciously embrace that Spirit for
    the gifts of the Spirit to be released in full
  • Scripture speaks of a baptism with the Holy
  • Those who receive the Spirit in this way know it.
    They feel the Spirit present in their lives as
    Guide, Guardian, and Source of Life and

  • Needing Other People As children mature there
    are several people in their lives who compliment
    them and help them to build their self-esteem.
  • Others try to form the child with specific ideas
    and concepts.
  • Those who confirm the child do not try to make
    the child something he or she is not, but rather
    confirm a gift they see in the child that needs
    nurturing and recognition.
  • Which persons have confirmed my identity?
  • Who have been the primary revealers of the Spirit
    for me?
  • Who have been my sponsors and mentors?

  • Sponsor ideally the sponsor for Confirmation
    would be a godparent from Baptism
  • at any rate the sponsor should be a baptized
    person who is fully initiated
  • has been Baptized, Confirmed, and actively
    receives and participates in the Eucharist
  • Acts as a mentor to the person studying for
  • Learning in Community RCIA takes place in small
    groups of intensive faith sharing. People share
    their life-stories and life-questions in a caring
    and supportive environment

  • Catechism
  • Catechumenate those preparing for full
    initiation into the Church at the Easter Vigil
    usually through the RCIA.
  • CCD Catholic Christian Doctrine classes for
    young people baptized as infants and later
    preparing for Confirmation
  • Where does Confirmation take place? Typically
    young people are confirmed in a group at their
    local parish church by the Bishop of the Diocese.
  • What do confirmation classes teach? Much of it
    revolves around an understanding of the 7 Gifts
    of the Holy Spirit and how to live the Christian

  • The Gifts of the Spirit Unfolding
  • Describe the assignment Handout 8A
  • Describe the activity for tomorrow
  • 1. Wisdom
  • 2. Understanding
  • 3. Right Judgment
  • 4. Courage
  • 5. Knowledge
  • 6. Reverence
  • 7. Wonder and awe in Gods presence.

  • Left to Tell Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan
    Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiaza (Hay House
    Inc., 2006)
  • The public library has about 20 copies and the
    book is widely available in bookstores, etc.
  • 1st Day of class 2008-2009 an assignment is due,
    see Mr. Anthony Corders website by June 4 to get
    the study guide.

QZ8 List and define each gift.Match each bag of
symbols to one of the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • ___ 1. Wisdom define Hints on page (162)
  • ___ 2. Understanding -
  • ___ 3. Right Judgment -
  • ___ 4. Courage -
  • ___ 5. Knowledge -
  • ___ 6. Reverence -
  • ___ 7. Wonder and awe in Gods presence -

What is Confirmation?
  • Confirmation is the second of the three
    sacraments of initiation (from a theological
  • It celebrates the full outpouring of the Holy
    Spirit on a baptized person, completing and
    strengthening the grace given by the Spirit in

When do people receive Confirmation?
  • at the age of discretion
  • at the age when a person is able to make moral
  • in practice, the age of Confirmation varies
    across countries and regions (age 7-18)
  • for those baptized as older children or adults,
    Confirmation is celebrated at the time of
    initiation, with Baptism and the Eucharist,
    ordinarily at the Easter Vigil

Why prepare for Confirmation?
  • for young persons who were baptized as infants,
    preparing for Confirmation serves as a stage
    similar to the catechumenate (at baptism they
    were anointed with the Oil of Catechumens)
  • a Confirmation preparation program (1-2 years) is
    meant to give young persons the chance to learn
    about and grow in the faith they are consciously

What does the Bishop do at Confirmation?
  • Bishops are the successors of the Apostles,
    Confirmation by one's bishop is a vivid sign of
    full incorporation into the Catholic church
    handed down from the time of Jesus
  • the Bishop is the ordinary minister of
  • sometimes local Pastors may confirm with the
    approval of their Bishop

Two Models of Maturity
  • the destination model we travel through
    adolescence until one day we arrive at our
    destination-maturity as an adult, after that, our
    life remains much the same.
  • the journey model understands life as a
    continuing process of growth, filled from start
    to finish with peaks and valleys, rough roads and
    straight paths, dying and rising happens through
    many experiences

Magic Moments
  • List certain times and events in life that seem
    to be moments when a person has become mature

Destinations or Doors ?
  • Certain birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Certain awards
  • Baptism / confirmation
  • Death of a loved one
  • Major loss

Christian Faith Journey
  • The journey model of maturity suggests that
    maturing is a lifelong process
  • Journey is a more consistent Christian vision of
    how we grow
  • Life is full of challenges to our sanity,
    patience, compassion, and mercy.
  • Life is also a celebration of all that is good
    and life-giving.

Jesus did it. To be faithful to Christ we must
continue to do it too. What is it?
  • Community Service gives candidates a taste of
    living Jesus life of ministry
  • It enables them to try out their own gifts
  • The experience helps people to develop social
    skills (caring for and interacting with others)
  • It could help a person to learn or to discover
    new ways to serve humanity in the future

Bell Work BWBased on 164F
  • If you were helping someone prepare for
    Confirmation and they needed to do some service
    activity, what service project would you suggest
    to them?
  • Explain your choice in writing.
  • Describe why that particular service project
    would be a good choice for someone new to the
    idea that service is an essential part of the
    Christian Way of Life.

Requirements for Confirmation
  • (1) Willing to profess the Catholic faith
  • (2) In a state of grace (not conscious of any
    serious sin that is harming your personal
    relationship with God and/or with others)
  • (3) Intending to receive the sacrament (must be a
    free conscious decision)
  • (4) Willing to take on the role of a disciple of
    Christ (Community Service is an essential part of
    Christian life)

Confirmation inWords and Symbols
  • (168-169)
  • Renewal of Baptismal Promises
  • The Laying on of Hands
  • The Anointing with Sacred Chrism
  • General Intercessions
  • Blessing

CONFIRMATIONIntroduction pp.479-486
  • Dignity of Confirmation
  • Continues Christian initiation
  • Builds up the Christian to live the Faith
  • Marked with a seal that cannot be repeated
  • Offices and Ministries
  • Bishop
  • Pastors
  • Catechists
  • Sponsors
  • Parents
  • Recipients

  • Celebration of the Sacrament
  • Essential Form
  • Anointing with chrism on the forehead done by
  • Laying on of hands and the words
  • Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Two fold symbolism
  • Laying on of hands biblical gesture for H.S.
  • Anointing with chrism perfumed oil signifies
    spreading the fragrance of Christ
  • Adaptations
  • Preparations
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