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Title: Best Practices

KeaneTel Presentation PRESENTED BY Darren
Suders Channel Manager
At a Glance -
  • Large global presence
  • Sales and operations facilities in EMEA, Asia
    Pacific, Canada, Latin America and U.S.
  • More than 272,000 ports and over 140,000 IP ports
    deployed worldwide

Market leader Conferencing Company of the Year
Frost and Sullivan 2007
Commitment to personal attention More than 600
meeting consultants and account managers, over
1500 operators worldwide
  • Strong customer list
  • Serve 80 of the Fortune 1000, 84 of the Fortune
    500 and 91 of the Fortune 100 companies
  • Support more than 70,000 organizations and over
    1.2 Million unique conference leaders

Financially healthy Executed over 9 Billion
minutes in 2007 with 729,923,803 revenue
West Corporation
  • Founded 1986 and comprised of three business
  • Communication Services, Receivables Management,
  • 2.1 billion in revenue (2007)
  • Over 42,000 employees in North America, Europe
    and Asia
  • 49 contact center locations
  • 29,000 workstations (all three business units),
    including 3,300 international workstations
  • 350,000 IVR ports

Word on the Street
West Corporation was named to the Forbes Platinum
400 List in the category of Business Services
Supplies in 2006.
InterCall ranked as the top conferencing service
Provider in the world based on revenue according
to Wainhouse Research's Collaboration Service
Market report.
InterCall received Frost Sullivans 2005 Audio
Conferencing Service Provider of the Year Award
for our numerous achievements, including
continued growth in market share, revenues and
profitability, as well as innovation in the
InterCall received Frost Sullivans 2007 North
American Conferencing Company of the Year Award
for our numerous achievements, including customer
service, innovation, continued growth in market
share, revenues and profitability.
InterCall Timeline
  • 2002
  • Purchased Mshow web conferencing, a high-end
    event services web conferencing solution.
  • Purchased
  • 2003
  • Acquired, increasing share in
    the e-business and SMB space.
  • 2004
  • Entered strategic partnership with Microsoft.
    Business collaboration tools integrated with
    audio, web and video conferencing. Deep
    integration into desktop applications.
  • Acquired ECI Conference Call Services. Furthering
    InterCalls audio/event capabilities and
    increasing market share.
  • 2005
  • Acquired Sprints conferencing assets. InterCall
    and Sprint have entered into a strategic alliance
    to jointly market and sell conferencing services
    and partner on product development.
  • 2006
  • West Corporation purchases Raindance
  • Wainhouse Research ranks InterCall as the top
    conferencing service provider in North America
    based on revenue in their North American
    Collaboration Service Market 2005 report.
  • 2007
  • InterCall offers Microsoft Unified Communication
    and Exchange Server.

Global Market Leader
A Powerful Combination
Why Sell Conferencing?
  • By 2010, more than 70 of work will take place at
    a different time/different place or same
    time/different place
  • The workplace is often someplace else 82 of
    workers collaborate with people in other
  • An estimated 37 of companies with 100 or more
    employees currently have access to web
    conferencing services
  • There is a need for your customer to communicate
    in better ways, now more than ever.

Source Gartner 2006, Frost Sullivan 2006,
Wainhouse 2005, U.S. Census Bureau
Conferencing Industry Overview
  • The conferencing and collaboration industry has
    seen explosive growth for the past several years,
    with no signs of abating.
  • Introduction of new technologies, such as web
    conferencing have been well-received, and are
    growing in adoption at a fast rate.

Data source Wainhouse Research Q2 2007
Conferencing Service Provider Spotcheck,
September 2007
Commitment to Green
  • For companies to get business done, they have to
    meet with employees, customers, vendors and
    partners who could be across town or on the other
    side of the globe. Traditionally, that means
    traveling by train, plane or automobile. With the
    growing concern of pollution and global warming,
    there is pressure to be environmentally conscious
    and curb the impact of our everyday activities on
    the world.
  • Increasingly, companies are spending more time on
    the road, which creates more pollution and
    changes the landscape of our planet. Commuting
    distances are increasing as employees move
    farther from the workplace. The U.S. Census
    Bureau reported the following states with the
    longest commutes.
  • Rank State Avg. Travel Time to Work
  • 1 New York 30.8 6 California 26.6
  • 2 Maryland 30.0 7 Georgia 26.5
  • 3 District of Columbia 29 8 West Virginia 25.9
  • 4 New Jersey 28.3 9 Massachusetts 25.8
  • 5 Illinois 26.7 10 Virginia 25.7

Dedicated Site
  • Environmental community and blog addressing
    global business issues carbon footprints,
    legislation, etc.

Commission Potential
  • What can you expect to earn over the course of a
  • InterCalls Agents average a recurring revenue of
    1,000 per customer
  • 1 account 3,000 annual net
  • 5 accounts 15,000 annual net
  • 10 accounts 30,000 annual net
  • 25 accounts 75,000 annual net
  • price point and service dependent, commissions
    are estimated

Why Sell InterCall?
  • You make Significant Money FAST
  • You choose the rate, you control the sale
  • Sell, order and implement conferencing services
  • Dedicated support team
  • Mature program with back office to support Agent
  • Generate revenue quickly
  • Create a recurring revenue stream
  • Conferencing is an exploding market

InterCall Way of Working
  • InterCall has become the largest service
    provider in the world specializing in conference
    communications by delivering reliable,
    easy-to-use conferencing services for over 15
    years. Each day thousands of business
    professionals rely on InterCall to communicate
    effectively, while reducing the time and expense
    associated with business travel. From small,
    impromptu meetings to large scale events,
    InterCalls complete conferencing services are
    perfectly tailored to meet your business
    communication needs.
  • No two conferences are exactly alike. Some are
    formal and require careful preparation and
    follow-up. Others are simple get-togethers
    conducted on the spur of the moment. Thats why
    InterCall offers a variety of conferencing
  • Whether you conduct basic team meetings or highly
    orchestrated conferences, InterCall has you
    covered. Try Reservationless-Plus for instant
    access to a meeting. Or take advantage of dozens
    of Surround-the-Call Features with Operator
    Assisted audio conferencing.
  • An Event Call is any conference call that needs
    extra care because of its importance. Whether
    your event is for five or 5,000 people,
    InterCall delivers expert service and unmatched
    attention to detail. Your Event Calls are always
    in the expert care of our Event Services
    Division, staffed by conferencing professionals
    trained to ensure quality, consistency and your
    complete satisfaction.
  • Our web solutions are powerful tools to
    communicate with anyone who should see as well as
    hear your message. InterCalls web conferencing
    services let you present a slideshow, tour the
    web or share applications and documents. Your
    audience follows along on their PCs in real-time
    as you control the presentation from your
    computer. Our Streaming service sends your
    message to the masses via the Internet, expanding
    your reach to the broadest possible audience.
  • Video conferencing is the ideal solution for
    professionals who value face-to-face meetings but
    want to avoid the cost and hassles of travel.
    InView, InterCalls video conferencing service,
    makes it easy to meet your business objectives
    without losing the element of in person

Conferencing Applications
  • crisis solutions

true video
There is a need for your customer to purchase
multiple types of services that are reliable,
globally scalable, and available from a single
Intercall Conferencing Solutions
  • No Reservation Needed
  • Perfect for day-to-day conferencing
  • Department meetings
  • Updates
  • Last minute meetings
  • 24/7 conferencing
  • No reservations needed
  • No Operator necessary
  • No time limits
  • Leader controls conference via phone or through
  • Up to 125 participants per conference
  • Permanent toll free dial-in numbers
  • Permanent conference codes

Reservationless-Plus Features
  • At you can
  • Manage your account
  • Change conference options
  • Edit leaders profile
  • View monthly usage
  • View International Toll Free Numbers
  • Web Moderator
  • Schedule a conference
  • Join a meeting
  • Access archives/ recordings
  • Access Customer Support
  • Key Pad Commands
  • 0- live operator- conference
  • 00- operator assistance- leader only
  • 1- dial out to a participant
  • 2- start/ stop conference record
  • Transcription service available
  • 3- change entry/ exit method
  • 4- private roll call
  • 5 / 5- group mute/unmute
  • 6 / 6- mute/unmute
  • 7 / 7- lock/unlock conference
  • 8- allow/disallow conference continuation
  • - participant count
  • -list available keypad commands

Web Moderator
  • Web Moderator Screen Shot

InterCall MobileMeet Tools
Mobile Assistant Click-to-Call Mobile device
client gives customers a tool to initiate, join
and manage conference calls from multiple mobile
  • Applications allow users to configure buttons
    to automatically dial into audio conferences with
    a single click or tap.
  • Pre-load your most frequently used conference
    info and just tap to enter the call.

Outlook Plug-In
With a single click, your conferencing details
are automatically inserted into an email, making
scheduling your meetings a snap. By using a
plug-in, you can quickly and easily create, edit
and schedule meetings with pre-defined
conferencing information right from your Outlook
International Access
  • Toll Dial in
  • Participant is provided a local, US based, dial
    in number and incurs all long distance charges
  • International Toll Free Numbers (ITFS)
  • InterCall can provide a list of International
    countries in which we provide callers a toll free
  • List and service can be provided upon request
    Operator Dial out
  • Operator dials out to any international
  • All charges are incurred by the call leader
  • International Local Access (ITL)
  • Allows participants from various international
    cities to dial into their conference using a
    local number. Participants will each pay their
    own applicable local connection fees on their
    regular phone bill

Operator Assisted Event Conferencing
  • Operator Assisted
  • Reservation-based service that offers customers
    audio conferencing service 24 hours a day, 7 days
    a week, with the personal assistance of an
    operator and support personnel who manage
    high-touch features
  • Combines feature-rich conferencing with the
    professionalism offered of an InterCall Operator
    and perfect for larger or more formal
  • There are over 40 ways to customize your call.
  • Schedule your reservation over the phone or via
    our real-time Online Reservation system with as
    little as 15 minutes advance notice.
  • Guests dial in to your permanent number and are
    greeted by an InterCall Operator who places them
    into the conference.
  • InterCall does not limit the amount of
  • participants on a call!! (advance notice reqd)

Operator Assisted Event Conferencing
  • Premium Event Calls
  • An operator assisted call with 25 participants
    with one of the following features Q A,
    Polling, or Communication Lines 
  • Event Plus
  • Event Plus provides streamlined conference entry
  • Participant entry by conference access number or
    secure passcode.
  • Direct Event
  • Direct Event provides streamlined conference
  • Automated participant entry.
  • Operator to Attendee Ratio
  • InterCall115
  • Industry 125
  • InterCalls Event Services team has added 235
    members over the past five years.

Surround the Call Features
  • Before the Conference
  • Event Registration
  • Call notification
  • Conference Passcode
  • Branded Annunciator
  • Dial In/ Dial Out
  • Direct/ Music Entry
  • Leader First/ Last
  • Online Reservations
  • PAC
  • Promotional Tape
  • Name Announce
  • During the Conference
  • Operator Assistance
  • Leader-View
  • Polling
  • QA
  • Roll Call
  • Sub Conference
  • Language Services
  • Web Conferencing
  • Streaming
  • Private Roll Call
  • Self/ Group Mute Unmute
  • Communication Line
  • Conference Lock
  • After the Conference
  • Conference Summary
  • Attendee Reports
  • Email/ Fax Confirmation
  • Taping/ CD
  • Transcription
  • Encore Replay
  • Archived Streaming
  • Playback report
  • Toll Free reservations
  • On Line Account Management

Why Web Conferencing
  • Situation Today Business Challenges
  • Connecting the disconnected
  • Distributed workers Over two thirds of
    information workers collaborate with parties in
    different regions
  • High cost of travel and meetings Travel costs
    average 1,000 per day per worker
  • Simplifying online communication tools
  • Web Conferencing has not crossed the chasm Less
    than 15 of Information Workers use Web
    Conferencing today
  • Online training and events are even more
    underutilized Worker globalization and need to
    reach a broader customer base drive need for
    online learning and events
  • Situation Today IT Challenges
  • Meeting the needs of the changing IT charter
  • Managing scarce resources
  • Reducing implementation and operational risk
  • Serving the global, remote and extended workforces

Sources Frost Sullivan, Gartner
Web Solutions
  • InterCall offers a range of web conferencing
    solutions designed for use with different types
    of meetings from less formal on-the-fly
    get-togethers to carefully structured
    company-wide conferences or training sessions.
  • InterCall Web Meeting Bringing people together
    with web conferencing saves you time and money
    while making you more productive. Whether you
    need to host a small group meeting to collaborate
    real-time or conduct a seminar for hundreds of
    people, IWM gives you two solutions to meet your
  • Live Meeting powered by Microsoft, offers a
    flexible meeting environment that spans
    applications from larger, event-like
    presentations to smaller, more interactive
    sessions. Leaders have full control of the
    presentation including slides, web tours and
    other enhanced features like self-serve recording
    and audio controls.
  • Mshow allows leaders to show multimedia
    presentations via the Internet. Leaders have full
    control of the multimedia presentation including
    slides, web tours and enhanced features such as
    Flash animation and integrated audio and video
    streaming. Custom content creation services are
    also available.

Web Solutions cont
  • MeetingCenter delivers web conferencing
    capabilities in a highly collaborative
    environment. Leaders have full control of the
    presentation including slides, web tours,
    application sharing and other enhanced features
    tailored for interactive, small group meetings
    such as file transfer and multipoint webcam
  • TrainingCenter allows trainers to deliver live,
    interactive training to geographically dispersed
    employees, partners or customers via web
    conferencing. Share and annotate presentations,
    documents, whiteboards, applications, desktops,
    or Web browsers. Poll and test attendees, just as
    you can in a traditional training environment.
  • SupportCenter provides all the tools to make your
    Technical Support Representatives (TSRs) as
    efficient and effective when working remotely as
    they would be on-site. With Suppor tCenter, TSRs
    can view, diagnose and solve customer problems
  • EventCenter provides everything needed to deliver
    cost-effective and successful online events
    from event planning and promotion, to delivery
    and post event follow up and campaign reporting.

InterCall Web Meeting Pricing
  • Ideal Customer
  • Flexibility with use of large platform and small
    collaborative meetings
  • Multiple webcam functionality
  • Pricing
  • Flexibility of product purchases
  • Per Minute
  • Seat
  • Named Host
  • Named Host Flex

MShow Pricing
  • Ideal Customer
  • Needs large platform - up to 10,000 participants
  • Needs real-time video streaming (TV quality)
  • Streaming video hosting availability
  • Pricing
  • Flexibility of product purchases
  • Per Minute
  • Seat
  • Event packages

Live Meeting Pricing
  • Ideal Customer
  • Needs large platform - up to 1,250 participants
    for professional license (15 participants for
    standard license).
  • Microsoft based office
  • New to web conferencing
  • Pricing
  • Flexibility of product purchases
  • Per Minute
  • Named User

WebEx Pricing
  • Ideal Customer
  • Needs multiple applications
  • Familiarity with WebEx
  • Pricing
  • Flexibility of product purchases
  • Per Minute
  • Seat
  • Committed Minutes
  • Bundled/Campaign Pricing
  • Named Host
  • Enterprise Named Hosts (includes all Meeting,
    Training, Event and Support Centers)

Video Equipment
  • The opportunity to sell equipment directly from
    Polycom, Tandberg, and LifeSize to your video
    conferencing customers
  • When you uncover an opportunity to sell video
    conferencing equipment to a current or potential
    customer, you will follow the standard process of
    engaging your video overlay representative.
  • Once all of the equipment specifications have
    been determined, the respective Polycom,
    Tandberg, LifeSize sales representatives and
    engineers will be brought in to assist in
    finalizing the sale.

InView Video Conferencing
  • Bridge management (on customers premise or on
    InterCalls premise)
  • Remote endpoint management
  • Web-based scheduling and conference room resource
  • Dedicated personnel to support video conferencing
    usage, call monitoring and equipment maintenance
  • InterCalls public room rental program enables
    organizations to conduct meetings over video with
    other companies who have not yet purchased video
    conference equipment, or who are located in
    remote areas without adequate access to the
    equipment or network requirements.
  • Reserving a public room for yourself or for
    another party is easy. All the information you
    need to get started is outlined below.
  • Over 8,000 locations available globally at
    250-400/per hour rental

Video Pricing
  • Ideal Customer
  • Needs to get to a rental within 48 hours.
  • Needs to acquire equipment
  • Needs to add multi-point bridging (off of
    internal network)
  • Wants to have hosted service off internal network
  • Pricing
  • Public Room Rentals 250-400, depending on
  • Bridging Per minute .20 10/min, depending
    on location(s)/connection(s)
  • Personal Video Equipment starts at 4,000
  • Small Video Conference Room starts at 5,000
  • Medium Video Conference Room starts at 9,000
  • Large Video Conference Room 15,000
  • InterCall Wholesale recently sold an equipment
  • worth over 300,000!
  • Do the MATH!!!

New Products and Services
  • Consecutive Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive During your conference the
    interpreter(s) and all participants are in the
    same conference and everyone hears all the
    languages that are spoken..
  • Simultaneous With simultaneous interpretation,
    separate conferences are held for each language
    that is spoken. The speaker hosts the main call
    in English as interpreters simultaneously render
    what is spoken in separate conferences. This
    allows for an uninterrupted conference free of
  • Relay Conference Captioning
  • Relay Conference Captioning is a unique service
    that provides live, real-time text streamed
    captions from your conference to deaf or hard-of
    hearing participants through the web and provides
    a captioner to be the voice for them.
  • Outlook Plug-In
  • Create one-click access to conferencing
    information using buttons in your emails toolbar
    and the Outlook meeting invitation window.
  • Easily add audio or web conferencing information,
    including conference dial-in numbers, passcodes
    and web conference URLs, to your Outlook emails
    and meeting invitations.
  • Send meeting requests via your Outlook iCalendar
    allowing attendees to accept, decline or
    tentatively accept the meeting invitation.

The IntelliCast Solution
  • Personalized interactive messages for effective
    and efficient communication
  • High-Scale Delivery Capacity
  • 4,700 production ports deliver 500,000 voice
    messages per hour
  • System can also deliver 1.3MM email/SMS and 3,000
    fax pages per hour
  • Geographically disperse and fully redundant data
  • 98 answering machine detecti
  • Multi-Media Delivery Options
  • Traditional Voice (Landline and Wireless)
  • PDAs (Voice, SMS and Email)
  • Pagers (One and Two-Way)
  • Email (Text and HTML)
  • Fax

Note West has provided notifications since 1994
and currently supports 175 client campaigns that
will delivered 50 million notifications in 2006
InterCall Online
  • Single sign-on access to all services
  • Online reservations, reports and account
  • Multiple versions for brand specific and region

Sales Success Tools
  • Partner Extranet
  • Product information, sales tools and marketing
  • https//

Training Program
  • Selling Power
  • 60-minute sessions focused on the selling process
    and how you can leverage InterCall's full suite
    of conferencing services to maximize sales

  • Partner Communications
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Weekly Selling Power invitations
  • Send e-mail to

InterCall Support Team
  • Anne Guenther
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • 303-928-2835
  • Taryn Stinson
  • Associate Marketing Manager
  • 773-867-7051
  • Andy Goethals
  • Channel Sales Manager
  • 703-339-4454
  • Tom Sullivan
  • Darren Suders
  • Channel Manager
  • 303-928-2452
  • Angela Lehman
  • 773-867-7048
  • Rebecca Bohadlo
  • 815-230-5674
  • Sean McDonald
  • Channel Manager - Web and Video Conferencing
  • 773-867-7012

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