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Civil Rights


Civil Rights Movement. These laws were bitterly opposed. outraged Southern Representatives ... Consider the civil rights or women's movements ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Civil Rights

Civil Rights
  • POSC 121
  • Braunwarth

Civil Rights
  • Equal treatment by government of all citizens,
    and guarantees of equal citizenship for all
  • Do you believe women have complete equality in
    society and in the workplace?
  • African-Americans?
  • Homosexuals?
  • The struggle for Civil Rights is an ongoing

Development of Civil Rights
  • Lofty Ideals
  • Declaration of independence all men created
  • But early Failures
  • Constitution failed to reform slavery

Reform laws came into line with our ideals
  • The 'Civil War Amendments'
  • 13th Outlawed Slavery
  • The 15th Extended voting rights to the former
    slaves and all citizens
  • What was the state of Civil Rights following the
    Civil War?
  • Segregation, Jim Crow Laws, Denied the right to
    vote, etc.
  • Plessey v. Ferguson (1896), can be separate as
    long as equal
  • De Jure Segregation

Civil Rights Movement
  • 1954 Brown v. Board of Education
  • MLK using non-violent civil disobedience
  • Influenced by Thoreau and Gandhi
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • No more segregation and discrimination
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • armed 15th amendment with real teeth

MLK Letters from the Birmingham City Jail
  • Tradeoff between freedom and order
  • Why Civil Disobedience, direct action, tension?
  • Why not other forms of democratic participation?
  • Why not violence?
  • How does MLK justify breaking the laws of
  • What about the moderate who prefers order to
    social tension?

Civil Rights Movement
  • These laws were bitterly opposed
  • outraged Southern Representatives
  • Delayed by Filibusters
  • Only passed because goals were clear

The Breadth and Depth of Equality
  • Consider the civil rights or womens movements
  • What changes and advances have resulted from
    these movements?
  • Are these significant strides?
  • Certainly, but the fight is not over yet

The Breadth and Depth of Equality
  • What about the cultural backlash against
    affirmative action and feminism?
  • Does this reveal the intractability of racial and
    sexual discrimination?
  • These are continuing struggles

Civil Rights in Practice
  • White flight to the suburbs
  • Escape Busing laws designed to end school
  • encouraged by realtors and mortgage lenders
  • De Facto Segregation
  • Achieved in Practice what could not do legally
  • We have, to a large degree, segregated ourselves

Contemporary Effects
  • Disenfranchised inner cities
  • Flight to suburbs was motivated by both race and
  • When middle and upper class left, they took their
    businesses with them
  • Few Economic opportunities remain
  • Especially in post-industrial global economy
  • Individual choices occur in a context

U.S. Per Capita Income, by Race and Ethnicity
Structure of Society
  • Differences are not simply a matter of individual
    choice but are affected by the structure of the
  • But it is very difficult to discuss larger social
    forces in our individualistic society
  • Does not mean that these larger social forces do
    not exist or do not impinge upon individuals.

Contemporary Effects
  • Exacerbated by War on Drugs which
    disproportionately punishes ghetto drugs
  • What group in society uses illegal drugs at the
    highest rate (statistically)?
  • Upper-middle-class White Males
  • What group is more likely imprisoned?
  • More Black males aged 18-28 in prison than in

The Obama Presidency
  • The election of Barak Obama has led to a marked
    improvement in the attitudes of many regarding
    race relations in the U.S.

Women in the workplace (thing 4)
  • How has the relatively high price of labor
    relative to things affected the role of women in
    the workplace?
  • To the extent the price of labor falls, how will
    this affect women positively and negatively?
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