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Corporate Social Responsibility


A presentation on the new trend, corporate social responsibility that focuses on its main fields. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Corporate Social Responsibility

Approaching the Corporate Responsibility
  • Arold Zhukri
  • 08059241

  • What areas would taxonomy of business
    responsibilities cover?
  • Is this a good way of approaching the Corporate
    responsibility discourse?

What is taxonomy?
  • Taxonomy is the practice and science of
  • Taxis meaning order or arrangement
  • Nomos meaning law or science

Approaching the Corporate Responsibility
  • Corporate responsibility has been an issue
    discussed by many scholars, it has been described
    differently in various articles and several
    definitions of it have been provided but yet we
    do not have a specific one for it

Taxonomy of the areas of corporate responsibility
  • A taxonomy of the business responsibilities of
    corporations means a classification of these
    responsibilities in a technical order underlying
    the most important categories of those

  • The most important areas that CSR covers are
  • Legal Compliance,
  • Philanthropy and Community Investment,
  • Environmental Management,
  • Sustainability,
  • Animal Rights,
  • Human Rights,
  • Corruption and Corporate Governance.

  • Legal Compliance
  • The minimum responsibility towards the society
    from a company is to operate according to the
  • Philanthropy and Community Investment
  • Philanthropy is not considered to be a legal
    duty, it is one of the most important features of
    corporate responsibility. Market leaders like
    Coca-Cola and Ford donated large amounts of their
    annual profits to community investments such as
    building water pipes and houses for those in
    desperate need for basic life conditions.
  • Environmental Management
  • Many corporations have recognized the importance
    of environmental management and protection.
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainability has been defined as the ability to
    sustain a high quality of life for current and
    future generations.

  • Animal Rights
  • Animal Rights have been one of the primary
    concerns of corporate responsibility in the 80s,
    some scholars consider animal rights as of the
    same level as human rights
  • Human Rights
  • The universal declaration of human rights has
    been a very important approach setting out the
    fundamental human rights.

  • Corruption and Corporate Governance.
  • Corruption has been defined as the abuse of
    public power for personal gain. Corporations
    always tend to bribe public authorities.
  • Corruption always has consequences in the economy
    of a state, which results in low wages, unsafe
    working conditions, child labor and unsafe

  • Corporate governance has been seen as the way in
    which rights and responsibilities are shared
    between different corporate actors as an
    essential part of corporate responsibility
  • Considering the Enron case as an evidence, since
    it was well known for its corporate
    responsibility leadership but despite this Enron
    did not succeed in Corporate governance

Is this a good way of approaching the Corporate
responsibility discourse?
  • Corporate responsibility does not stand still but
    it evolves together with the society
  • This taxonomy helps the Corporate responsibility
    discourse in order for us to understand its
    importance and values to our society as a whole.
  • We can consider the categories of corporate
    responsibility as a group of issues that show us
    the worlds temporary concerns
  • this taxonomy benefits the corporate
    responsibility discourse since it opens our eyes
    to the importance of corporate responsibility and
    its evolution.
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