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Foreclosure Investing: Tips For Making Money Off the Foreclosure Market


This presentation will show how foreclosure investing can reap thousands of dollars in profits. Homes purchased up to 60 percent below their market value can be sold at or near market value with some minimal to moderate repairs and modifications. For additional information on foreclosure investing, visit – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Foreclosure Investing: Tips For Making Money Off the Foreclosure Market

Foreclosure Investing
  • Tips for making money off the foreclosure market

Foreclosure Investing
  • Foreclosed homes can be purchased for up to 60
    percent below their market value. With some
    modifications, these homes can be resold for
    near, or at, market value, giving you a sizable
  • Even more profits can be made by buying
    distressed properties in need of repair, fixing
    them up and selling them back into the real
    estate market.

Foreclosure Investing
  • Foreclosure Investing is an easy way to make
    thousands of dollars fast.
  • Investors who are particularly handy can make a
    lot of money by buying, repairing and reselling
    fixer upper homes. Even investors with little to
    no experience in home repair stand to make big
  • The key to making money through home investing
    can be achieved by following some basic steps.

Tip 1 Pre-Qualify for a Loan
  • Unless you plan on buying foreclosures entirely
    in cash, you will likely need to take out a home
    loan to afford a foreclosed property.
  • If you are able to pre-qualify for a loan, it
    greatly improves your chances of making a
    successful bid.
  • In a judicial foreclosure state where a lis
    pendens is involved, you may be required to prove
    your ability to pay before the sale can be

Tip 2 Research Neighborhoods
  • Many foreclosure investors assume that its best
    to buy the nicest house in a bad neighborhood.
    This is a huge mistake because the poor quality
    of the surrounding homes will drive down the
    value of the property.
  • Meanwhile, buying the worst home in a nice
    neighborhood will bring up the value. Once youve
    renovated the property, the value will only
    continue to increase.

Tip 3 Research Foreclosures
  • If you plan to buy auction homes, attend an
    auction as a spectator first so you know what to
  • If you plan to buy REO properties, form a
    relationship with lenders that list REOs.
  • If you plan to buy foreclosure short sales,
    contact the homeowner and/or seller named in each
    listing to ask questions about the property.

Let's Review
  • Try to pre-qualify for a home loan to increase
    your chances of making a successful bid on a
  • Research foreclosures and the value of the homes
    in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Learn local foreclosure laws and become familiar
    with foreclosure buying methods.

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