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Organic and EcoLabels in the Market


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Title: Organic and EcoLabels in the Market

Organic and EcoLabels in the Market
  • Organic Trade Association
  • Board Retreat
  • July 19, 2007

Cynthia Barstow President, Seed to Shelf
  • food that has undergone minimal processing and
    contains no preservatives or artificial additives

-Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary 2007
  • What's Natural? Burt's Bees Asks Rivals to Adhere
    to Its Definition
  • Jack Neff Advertising AgeMay 29, 2007
  • The big problem facing natural personal-care
    products is that the term "natural" technically
    means nothing.

  • The Consumer Reports study found 86 percent of
    those surveyed expect the "natural" label to mean
    that processed foods do not contain artificial
    ingredients. Still, the group said many
    manufacturers call their products natural foods
    even though they contain artificial sugars and
    oils. Doering, Christopher Americans support
    use of meat-origin labeling poll Reuters July
    11, 2007

The Labels
  • How are we different from USDA's Certified
    Organic Program?
  • Besides our affordability and higher standards,
    Certified Naturally Grown stands apart because
  • Answer your questions about farming practices,
    unlike the USDA Organic certifiers which are
    forbidden from giving advice
  • Rely on farmer-to-farmer inspections
  • Employ random testing for chemical pesticide
    residue (at no cost to farmers)
  • Maintain complete transparency by posting online
    each farm's certification documents
  • 500 farmers from 47 states are currently

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  • of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting
    or using a resource so that the resource is
    not depleted or permanently damaged

-Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary 2007
  • 48 indicated that they would choose a product
    that was grown using "sustainable agriculture
  • Source Natural Marketing Institute 2006
  • 54 claim any familiarity at all with the term
  • 93 operate in everyday life with varying degrees
    of what we have come to think of as
    "sustainability consciousness." 
  • 71 say they are "somewhat likely" or "very
    likely" to pay a 10 premium for sustainable
    products.  Source The Hartman Report on
    Sustainability Understanding the Consumers
    Perspective May 2007

Retailers and Sustainability
  • FMI Sustainability Group Seeks to Frame Issues
  • May 9, 2007
  • Supermarket News
  • Food Marketing Institute staged the first meeting
    of a new Sustainability Task Force at the FMI
    Show here yesterday.
  • The task force will seek to frame the issues
    involved in sustainability and help individual
    retailers develop their own sustainability
  • Jan 19 2007
  • Tesco USA to Install 13 Million Solar Roof
  • Retailing Today
  • The fourth-largest retail chain in the world, is
    installing a 13 million solar roof on its
    five-building, 820,400-square-foot distribution

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The Labels
  • Protected Harvest
  • is dedicated to advancing and certifying the use
    of environmentally and economically sustainable
    agriculture practices.
  • The Food Alliance
  • promotes sustainable agriculture by recognizing
    and rewarding farmers who produce food in
    environmentally friendly and socially responsible
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • works to conserve biodiversity and ensure
    sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use
    practices, business practices and consumer

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  • Sustainable agriculture refers to farming
    practices that are healthy for the environment
    and provide a fair and safe work environment for
    people who produce the crops.
  • SCS recognizes organic as an integral part of the
    overall sustainability profile, along with
    several other areas of measurable performance
    that extend beyond the traditional realm of
    organic practice
  • Element 1 Sustainable Crop ProductionElement 2
    Ecosystem Management and ProtectionElement 3
    Resource Conservation and Energy
    EfficiencyElement 4 Integrated Waste
    ManagementElement 5 Fair Labor
    PracticesElement 6 Community BenefitsElement 7
    Product QualityElement 8 Product Safety and

Fair Trade
  • Standards stipulate that traders have to pay
    a price to producers that covers the costs of
    sustainable production and living pay a
    premium that producers can invest in
    development partially pay in advance, when
    producers ask for it sign contracts that allow
    for long-term planning and sustainable production

The Labels
  • Fairtrade Labelling Organizations (FLO)
  • is an umbrella that unites 20 labeling
    initiatives in 21 countries and producer networks
    in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. 
  • Transfair USA
  • enables sustainable development and community
    empowerment by cultivating a more equitable
    global trade model that benefits farmers,
    workers, consumers, industry and the earth.
  • Whole Trade Guarantee
  • Rainforest Alliance and Transfair partnership
  • Meets our high Quality Standards
  • Provides more money to producers
  • Ensures better wages and working conditions for
  • Cares for the environment

Social Justice/Domestic Fair Trade
  • US Domestic Fair Trade Working Group
  • Equal Exchange, Organic Valley, the Farmer Direct
    Co-operative and RAFI-USA
  • translates goals and priorities of the
    international Fair Trade movement into regional,
    domestic and local spheres
  • Agricultural Justice Project
  • Standards for social equity and just working
    conditions consistent with IFOAM principles on
    Social Justice and the International Labor
    Organization (ILO)
  • included five rounds of public comments and input
    from five international forums.

The Labels
  • SCS Fair Labor Practices
  • Growers and handlers of agricultural products
    can be independently certified under the Fair
    Labor Practices and Community Benefits label for
    their efforts to ensure a safe, equitable
    workplace and support local communities.
  • Agricultural Justice Project (LFTN)
  • Standards based on OFOAM and ILO with five
    rounds of public comment to create an economic
    incentive for social equity and just working
    conditions. Launching with LFTN
  • Equal Exchange
  • Equal Exchange is "Bringing Fair Trade Home"
    with small farmer co-ops, workers, consumers and

  • What distinguishes a Demeter certified
    Biodynamic farm from a certified organic farm is
    that a Demeter Biodynamic farm is managed as a
    living organism.
  • Derived from Rudolf Steiners Agricultural
    Course, and the spiritual context of
  • According to the Biodynamic Agricultural
    Association, at the heart of Biodynamic is the
    idea of the farm as a self-contained evolving
    organism, whose life relies on home produced
    compost manures and animal feeds, and in which
    external inputs are kept to a minimum.

The Labels
  • The Demeter Association of America is the
    certifying agency for biodynamic farming
    operations. Founded in 1984, Demeter USA has
    established a series of guidelines for
    biodynamic. Demeter Association is a member of
    Demeter International.
  • Demeter-International was founded in 1997 and
    presently has 18 members from Demeter
    organizations from Europe, America, Africa and
    New Zealand. Thus Demeter-International
    represents around 3.500 Demeter producers in 40

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  • of, relating to, or characteristic of a
    particular place  not general or widespread
  • only produce that has traveled less than a day
    (7 or fewer hours) from the farm to our facility
    can be labeled locally grown. Whole Foods

-Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary 2007
Local Foods
  • It is important for my store to have locally
    grown produce 61
  • It is important for my store to have packaged
    foods from local vendors 46
  • It is more important to buy local than buy
    organic 38
  • Among organic users, 25 purchased organic foods/
    beverages in the past year at local farm/farmers

Source The Health Wellness Trends Database The
Natural Marketing Institute, 2006
Local Foods Media
  • Washington Post A Growing Trend Small, Local
    and Organic November 6, 2006
  • The New York Times Why Roots Matter More
    Health Scares and Mass-Produced Food Strengthen
    Demand for Local Growers November 15, 2006
  • There's virtue in knowing where your food comes
  • Think global, eat local, reduce your carbon
  • Ellen Goodman
  • The Washington Post Writers Group
  • June 03, 2007

LocalFood Miles
  • The "Food Miles" concept communicates the
    high-energy consumption required to bring foods
    from far-flung areas to market.
  • Carbon ratings could express the carbon released
    into the atmosphere to grow, package and
    transport goods to market.
  • Source Datamonitor December 2006

The Labels
  • COOL
  • Country of Origin Labeling LAW
  • Buy Local
  • CISA's program was initiated in 1999 and has
    become the nation's longest running buy local
  • FoodRoutes Network provides communications
    tools, organizing support, and marketing
    resources to grassroots chapters throughout the
    US that are working to rebuild local food
    systems and promote sustainable

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Meat, Fish Dairy
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth hormones
  • rBST free
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Ocean-Friendly

The Labels
  • Certified Humane
  • Humane Farm Animal Cares program certifying
    welfare of the farm animal.
  • Free Farmed
  • American Humanes program for animals raised and
    treated humanely.
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • a global, non-profit organization setting a
    standard for sustainable and well-managed
  • Seafood Safe
  • a testing program for mercury and PCBs
    suggesting the number of meals per month.

Meat and Dairy
  • Steak Grass-fed vs. grain-fed
  • Grass-fed beef is gaining in popularity, but
    grain-fed still has its backers.
  • The Orange County Register 5/31/2007
  • FDA plan would OK cloned meat
  • If it's approved, farmers would probably use this
    expensive method for breeding animals.
  • By Peter N. Spotts
  • The Christian Science Monitor 12/29/06

  • Sustainable cobia may be next rage in seafood
  • BY KATHY STEPHENSON Salt Lake Tribune
  • 05/23/2007
  • Free or Farmed, When Is a Fish Really Organic?
  • The New York Times
  • November 28, 2006
  • Buying a pork chop labeled organic is
    relatively straightforward it comes from a pig
    that ate only organic food, roamed outdoors from
    time to time and was left free of antibiotics.
  • But what makes a fish organic?

Miscellaneous labels
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Organic Extension
  • Pathway for Producers
  • Pathway for Processors
  • Regional Guide
  • Key Resources

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  • 2007-07-02  Grocers gain organic certification  
    2007-06-29  Kraft debuts organic Oreos  
    2007-06-25  Organic milk prices may drop  
    2007-06-21  Whole Foods to sell 35 stores  
    2007-06-15  Dean Foods lambasted over Rachel's
    yoghurt   2007-06-11  Consumers reject recalled
    products   2007-06-07  Organic milk takes larger
    share of market  2007-06-06  Whole Foods
    acquisition of Wild Oats hits hurdle   2007-05-23
     Nature's Path adds to toaster pastries  
    2007-05-22  Stonyfield launch organic yoghurt in
    UK   2007-05-21  Newman's Own expands snack lines
      2007-05-14  Locally grown food no better than
    mass market   2007-05-11  Whole Foods expands in
    California   2007-05-09  Farm-raised fish given
    tainted feed   2007-04-30  Organic baby food
    sales rise   2007-04-26  Organic fast food
    restaurant expands 2007-04-25  U.S. has appetite
    for organic food   2007-04-23  FDA knew of
    contamination dangers   2007-04-17  Texas AM
    bans trans fats   2007-04-13  Consumers still
    think produce is unsafe 2007-04-13  Wal-Mart
    still supplying organics 2007-04-12  Target
    expands organics, private label 2007-03-28
     Randalls unveils new style  2007-03-26
     Scientists confirm organic health benefits
    2007-03-23  Organic milk supply to surge
    2007-03-23  Whole Foods to sponsor farm loans
    2007-03-15  Price Chopper expands natural,
    organic offerings 2007-03-14  Whole Foods helps
    shoppers slim waste 2007-03-13  Sales of
    genetically engineered alfalfa halted 2007-03-12
     FDA issues guidelines for fresh-cut produce
    2007-03-09  Meijer rolls out organic line
    2007-02-28  Private label pasta goes premium
    2007-02-28  Safeway expands organics line to kids
    2007-02-27  Del Monte expands organic offerings
    2007-02-21  Whole Foods to acquire Wild Oats
    2007-02-08  Flaxseed oil reduces blood pressure
    2007-02-06  General Mills launches Worldwide
    Innovation Network 2007-02-02  Charlie Trotter
    launches organic sauces 2007-02-02  Target to
    open fresh foods distribution center 2007-01-29
     Mr. Peanut goes organic 2007-01-23  Climate
    changes threaten Cali wines 2007-01-22  Wal-Mart
    accused of organic deception 2007-01-18
     Wal-Mart's organics questioned 2007-01-17
     Wisconsin boasts most organic milking cows
    2007-01-10  Organic wheat carries no nutritional
    difference 2007-01-09  Schnucks launches organic
    line 2007-01-09  Organic Valley pushes for
    healthy school lunches 2007-01-08  Delicious
    Planet launches detox menu 2007-01-08  Clif adds
    flavors to nutrition bar lines  2007-01-08
     Organics increasingly moving online 2007-01-02
     E. coli outbreak incites revamped guidelines
    2006-12-19  OTA calls for more organic acreage
    2006-12-19  NY senator calls for produce tracing
    2006-12-18  Newmans Own offers organic mints
    2006-12-15  Produce outbreaks on the rise
    2006-12-14   Wild Oats, Shop n Save offer meat
    education 2006-12-13  Salt goes upscale
    2006-12-13  Food fear on the rise in the U.S.
    2006-12-08  Utz expands natural and organic line
    2006-12-08  Kosher cooking incorporates organic
    2006-12-07  U.S. still uncomfortable with biotech
    food 2006-12-05  Roundy's expands organic line
    2006-11-29  Wild Oats to launch magazine
    2006-11-21  Survey reveals concern over food
    safety 2006-11-15  Kettle Chips increases
    organic, alters packaging 2006-11-15  Lake
    Champlain Chocolates launches organics
    2006-11-14  Wal-Mart accused of misidentifying
    organic 2006-11-09  Pathmark to sell Wild Oats
    products 2006-11-08  Dole opens organic banana
    farm 2006-11-03  Hain Celestial sales rise
    2006-11-02  Price Chopper to sell Wild Oats
    products 2006-11-02  Supermarkets give produce
    growers time limit 2006-10-25  HEB's Central
    Market debuts organic hot dogs 2006-10-19
     Hershey buys Dagoba Organic Chocolate
    2006-10-17  Organic prices scare consumers
    2006-10-13  PowerBar launches nutrition bars for
    women 2006-10-10  United Natural Foods appoints
    Shamber CFO 2006-10-06  Gourmet, organic boost
    private label sales 2006-10-06  Supervalu plans
    50 Sunflower Markets 2006-10-02  Woodlake Farms
    offers organic ice cream 2006-10-02  Organic
    Center launches Mission Organic 2006-10-02
     Organic baby formula sales rise 2006-09-28
     Target going organic 2006-09-27  College
    campuses go organic 2006-09-25  Hospitals offer
    organic meals to patients 2006-09-19
     Anti-organic campaign launches 2006-09-19
     Wal-Mart launches private label organic milk
    2006-09-18  Illnesses linked to tainted spinach
    rise 2006-09-14  USDA to invest in organic
    production 2006-09-14  SunOpta expands
    production 2006-09-14  Wild Oats, Peapod expand
    partnership 2006-09-14  Earthbound Farm names
    new execs 2006-09-14  Wild Oats promotes heart
    health 2006-09-13  Chiquita promotes Fresh
    Express executive 2006-09-08  Fact to launch
    organic products 2006-09-07  Hain Celestial
    profit up in 4Q 2006-08-31  Country Choice
    offers organic cookies 2006-08-30  United
    Natural Foods reports higher income
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