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Northwestern University Settlement Association - Rowe Elementary School


Northwestern Settlement has opened a new elementary charter school in Chicago – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Northwestern University Settlement Association - Rowe Elementary School

  • Ron Manderschied, President

Rowe Elementary School
  • The mission of Rowe Elementary School is to
    prepare all of our K-8 scholars to succeed in and
    graduate from college. We will do so by
    cultivating the expectation that all scholars can
    and will go to college and by delivering an
    academically rigorous curriculum infused with
    unique social and emotional programming led by
    the Northwestern Settlement.

Rowe Elementary School
  • Opened September 8, 2009
  • Prepare all K-8 scholars to succeed in and
    graduate from college
  • Deliver an academically rigorous education
  • Provide social and emotional support with
    Settlement wrap-around services

Rowes Vision
  • Cultivate the desire and expectation to go to
  • Create college-like experiences from day one
  • Deliver an academically rigorous education
  • Focus on literacy and math during an extended
    school day and year
  • Provide social and emotional support
  • Meet scholars basic needs so they can focus on
    academics in a safe and supportive learning

Rowes Academic Goals
  • At Rowe, we set ambitious and feasible goals for
    all scholars
  • We expect all scholars will make 4 levels of STEP
    growth (equivalent to approximately 1.5 years of
    reading growth) and will demonstrate 80 mastery
    on the end of year English Language Arts and
    Mathematics TerraNova
  • Our current results demonstrate
  • 92 of K-2 scholars started below grade level
    benchmarks in September 2010
  • Nearly 100 of K scholars are now on track to
    meet/exceed grade level benchmarks
  • Over 50 of 1st and 2nd graders have demonstrated
    more than 1 year worth of academic reading growth
    in only 5 months of instruction

Distinguishing Rowe Features
  • Longer school day (800am-400pm)
  • Longer school year (184 instructional days)
  • Dedicated teachers recruited from across the
  • A safe, supportive environment
  • A focus on literacy (2.5 hours a day) and math
    (1.5 hours a day) skills
  • College preparation beginning in grammar school
  • Rowes unique culture
  • Instruction based on students assessment
  • Daily enrichment both during school and after
  • Social and emotional learning program
  • All programs of Northwestern Settlement are
    available to provide services to families

Rowe Culture
Classroom Management Culture
Professional Development and Instructional
  • School-wide mindset and approach embellished with
    teacher individuality
  • Consistency with common language
  • Integrated college expectation
  • Culture artifacts and displays
  • Discipline College with dignity
  • Routine based
  • Logical consequences
  • Teacher leadership Lead grade-level teachers and
  • Formal and informal observations
  • Strategic lesson planning
  • Scope/ sequence and assessment development
    Literacy blocks consistency, leadership
    involvement, group rotations

Community Involvement
  • Integrated parent involvement
  • Family Learning Communities
  • Monthly Coffee with the Principal

K-12 Education and Youth Development as Economic
  • Context for examining and establishing relevance
    for the work of settlement houses and
    neighborhood centers in the 21st Century.
  • Understand concerns and recommendations from
    private industry and education that may be a
    catalyst for bridge building across sectors.
  • Deliberate skills training and identify the
    appropriate future orientated skills should be
    taught. Education .. Education .. Education
  • A quality, world class education, is a
    fundamental pre-qualifier for anyone to
    participate in the current or new economies and
    be able to reap economic rewards for themselves,
    their families and communities
  • Our public education system is failing too many
    of our children and we need to step up and
  • Demand school reforms not just more money
  • Participate with charters, vouchers and other new
    ventures to make our schools provide a real
    education for our children

Income By Education Level
There is a very strong positive correlation
between income and test scores
Source College Board
National assessment of educational progress US
Dept of Education
  • Many urban school districts are in crisis, often
    failing to graduate even half of their students.
    In Detroit the graduation rate is just 42
    percent. In Cleveland it is 45 percent. In
    Sacramento it is 48 percent.
  • Minority children consistently score much lower
    on tests of student achievement than white
    children do, and the differences are huge. On the
    2004 National Assessment of Educational Progress,
    for example, African American 17-year-olds scored
    at about the same level as White 13-year-olds in
    both math and reading.
  • For the nations students generally, NAEP scores
    indicate that achievement growth during the past
    30 yearsa very long timehas been modest, and
    that most of our children simply do not know what
    they need to know.
  • Compared to students in other developed (OECD)
    countries, American students score well above
    average in the early grades, but they lose ground
    by the middle school years, and by high school
    they are near the bottom of the rankings.

The failing public school system is not only in
financial disarray, but is the moral and civil
rights issue of our times and we as community
based organizations, are positioned to play a key
role in addressing the challenges head on.
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