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The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program


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Title: The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program

The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program
  • Mark Tusa, Regional Manager, ING Financial
  • Mike Sotile, Lead LSU ING Representative
  • Linda Alumbaugh, ING Representative
  • Colette Riha, ING Representative

Why Save for Retirement?
  • Because you want to live as well as you can
    during your
  • retirement.
  • Because your pension and Social Security
    benefits may
  • not be enough to replace your current
    income in retirement.

You may need to live without a paycheck as long
as you lived with one.
Todays healthy 65-year old will likely live
20-30 more years.
50 of males age 65will live past age 80.
50 of females age 65will live past age 84.
Based on current Annuity 2000 Mortality Table
assuming relatively good health (2005)
Tax Deferral and the LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement
  • Saving through the LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement
    Program a 403(b) program - allows you to
  • Set aside money for retirement on a pre-tax
  • Save through payroll deduction.
  • Lower your current income taxes and/or receive
    possible tax credit.

Saving under a 403(b) Program
The LSU EZ-Enrollment Retirement Program allows
pre-tax contributions, which can turn 70 into
Out of every 100 you make,
you can put 100 into your plan, AND your 100
can grow tax-deferred, building your nest egg
you can let the government take 30 in taxes and
save 70
Assumes state and federal income taxes of 30.
How Does Your EZ Plan Work
  • Assumptions
  • Salary - 1,000.00 Monthly
  • Saving 100.00
  • Tax Bracket 20 (Federal and State)
  • Traditional Salary / Tax / After Tax / Savings /
    Take Home
  • 1000 200 800
    100 700
  • EZ Plan Salary / Savings / TI /
    Tax / Take Home
  • 1000 100 900
    180 720

The sooner you start, the sooner you reach your
Assumes each accounts earns an annual
tax-deferred rate of return of 8.00 and is for
demonstration purposes only. Not based on the
rate of return or the incurred costs of any
particular investment. The effects of fees and
charges would reduce the numbers shown. Not
intended to serve as financial advice or as a
primary basis for your investment decisions.
Taxes are generally due upon withdrawal. Dollar
cost averaging does not ensure a profit nor
guarantee against loss. Investors should consider
their financial ability to continue their
purchases through periods of low price levels.
Savers Tax Credit
  • Individuals who contribute to an Employer
    Retirement Plan or to an IRA may qualify for a
    Savers Tax Credit. This credit is equal to the
  • 50 of Contribution
  • Married Filing Jointly (0-30,000)
  • Head of Household (0-22,500)
  • All Other Filers (0-15,000)
  • 20 of Contribution
  • Married Filing Jointly (30,001-32,500)
  • Head of Household (22,501-24,375)
  • All Other Filers (15,001-16,250)
  • 10 of Contribution
  • Married Filing Jointly (32,501-50,000)
  • Head of Household (24,376-37,500)
  • All Other Filers (16,251-25,000)
  • Remind your tax preparer that you could qualify
    for a Tax Credit
  • Neither ING nor its representatives offer tax or
    legal advice. The taxpayer should seek advice
    from an independent tax advisor.

What happens if Im Not Happy with The EZ
Enrollment Plan?
  • You can move your money to any qualified
    retirement plan offered by the LSU System.
  • There is NO Deferred Sales Charge
  • Participants can move your money at any time.
  • Participants may be assessed an early withdrawal
    penalty if distributions are taken prior to age
    59 ½ and no exemption applies.
  • Contributions made on a pre-tax basis (as well as
    earnings on those contributions) are subject to
    federal tax when withdrawn

Simplification - Easy Investment Options
Target-Date Lifecycle Funds
Sophisticated Asset Allocation Techniques Made
ING Solution 2045 Portfolio
ING Solution 2035 Portfolio
ING Solution 2025 Portfolio
ING Solution 2015 Portfolio
ING Solution Income Portfolio
Asset Allocation Mix
Years to Goal
ING Solution Portfolios
  • A portfolio is chosen based on your goal
    retirement year and risk tolerance, and INGs
    professional investment managers do the rest.
  • Professional fund managers can be more aggressive
    for those with a longer time horizon and are more
    conservative with those with a shorter time
  • Over time, the asset allocations within each
    Portfolio become more conservative as the
    participant moves closer to the time they may
    want to withdraw the assets to help fund their

Local Service and Commitment
  • ING provides a committed local service team
  • Team of experienced and credentialed
    representatives with on-site experience
  • One-on-one and group education meetings
  • Variety of financial and retirement planning
  • Focus on customer relationships
  • Annual Reviews, Review of Statements, and
    Seminars for Specific Departments

Personalized Solutions
Information and transaction capabilities via
toll-free line or Internet
  • Quarterly Statements and
  • newsletters
  • On-line statements
  • Account information and activity
  • Education library
  • Investment information
  • including one pagers and
  • performance
  • Internet Access
  • Toll-Free Access
  • Enrollments
  • Investment option changes
  • Interactive calculators
  • Asset allocation guidance


How to get started
  • Its as EZ as handing the EZ Enrollment Form to
    someone at the meeting today.
  • You can also hand in the EZ Enrollment Form to
    the Human Resource Department.
  • Your ING Representative will do the rest.
  • An ING agent we make sure you understand the plan
    and the benefits of saving for retirement through
    the LSU EZ Enrollment plan.

  • Mike Sotile
  • Linda Alumbaugh
  • Colette Riha

Important Information
  • You should consider the investment objectives,
    risks, charges, and expenses of the variable
    product and its underlying fund options or
    mutual funds offered through a retirement plan,
    carefully before investing. The
    prospectuses/prospectus summaries/information
    booklets contain this and other information, and
    can be obtained by contacting your local
    representative. Please read the information
    carefully before investing.
  • The Internal Revenue Code generally prohibits
    withdrawals of any contributions and attributable
    earnings prior to death, disability, age 59 1/2,
    severance of employment, or financial hardship.
    (The amount available for hardship is limited to
    the lesser of the amount necessary to relieve the
    hardship, or the account value as of 12/31/1988
    plus the amount of any salary reduction
    contributions made after 12/31/1988 (exclusive of
    any earnings.)
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