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Welcome to the May 2009 CIO Meeting


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to the May 2009 CIO Meeting

Welcome to the May 2009 CIO Meeting
  • Introductions
  • Assessments
  • Elementary and Intermediate
  • Regents
  • SMS and Level 0
  • Special Education
  • Level 1 Data Warehouse/NYSED Update
  • WNYRIC Contacts

Test Scoring
  • May 2009

Remaining Assessment Due Dates for Elementary
and Intermediate Levels
  • Remaining Assessments
  • Science 4 and 8 Answer sheets due to WNYRIC by
    May 22 (change from earlier notifications).
  • NYSESLAT Answer sheets due to WNYRIC by
    May 29. Districts need to send all secure test
    materials to the publisher (Pearson) by June 10
    (see SAM for NYSESLAT pp. 3, 7, 14, and 15 for
    further details).
  • Social Studies 8 Answer sheets due to WNYRIC by
    June 23.

ELA and Math Updates
  • ELA files are scheduled to be released in early
  • Math files are scheduled to be released at end of
  • ISRs/Parent Reports are scheduled to be released
    in early June

Elementary/Intermediate Assessment Schedule for
  • REVISED Administration dates and Make-up dates
    released on April 13, 2009.
  • http//www.emsc.nysed.gov/osa/schedules/ei-s
  • According to SED for ELA and Math, schools should
    anticipate the same number of scoring days as
    this year (2008-09).

Regents Scanning Process
  • June 2009

Order Answer Sheets
  • Please have all order forms for Regents answer
    sheets to the WNYRIC by May 6, 2009
  • Have one answer sheet order form per exam
  • Be sure to include course and section on the
    answer sheet when ordering
  • On-line ordering of answer sheets is not in
    service for the June regents

Order Answer Sheets
  • Please note
    Test Scoring, Test Scanning, and Data
    Warehouse fax number
  • (716) 821-7432

Other things to consider
  • Please be sure your student system is updated for
    a complete file by May 7, 2009
  • You may need some answer sheets for your middle
    school students
  • Be sure your HS student data is loaded in level 1
    by June regents time

More things to consider
  • Accuracy in filling out the answer sheets is most
    important for timely exporting to the Data
  • Districts are asked to send answer sheets to be
    scanned or in district scanned files no later
    than July 2, 2009.

Geometry, June 2009
  • From the Geometry Memo from David Abrams

  • Please read entire memo at the OSA website
  • Go to the High School page
  • Then click on Important Notices
  • http//emsc32.nysed.gov/osa/hsimportantnotices.htm

  • Do not use a WNYRIC answer sheet for this exam
    for June, 2009
  • Do use the answer sheet from Pearson
  • These answer sheets will arrive in the schools
    between May 15 29

  • After the exam is given, please make a copy of
    the answer sheet per SED request, use this for
  • When you receive the Pearson answer sheets back
    at your district

WNYRIC scanning of Geometry
  • Send the answer sheets to us
  • We do plan to scan the Geometry answer sheets
  • We have a process to make a Teleform overlay over
    the scantron page,
  • This will allow us to send the data to the DW

Integrated Algebra
  • Some districts will be involved in Field Testing
    for SED
  • If you are chosen, please use the Pearson answer
  • After the test is given, make a copy of the exam
    per SED request, use this for scoring

Integrated Algebra
  • When you receive these answer sheets back from
    Pearsonsend them along to the WNYRIC
  • We will scan and send the data to the DW using
    the same process for scanning Geometry

January 28 Snow Day
  • OSA has put out a memo regarding the January 28
    snow day

Snow day
  • This OSA memo refers to
  • Regents Comprehensive Examination in English-
    Second Day
  • Physical Setting/Earth Science Performance Test-
    Part D

Snow Day
  • Please read the entire memo from OSA for all the
  • Go to the High School page
  • Click on Important Notices

Something new
  • Student rosters will be included with the regents
    answer sheets
  • Again fax number 821-7432
  • Do not use Red pencil or pen
  • No Red anywhere on the answer sheets
  • Not in teacher scoring or correcting

Remind students
  • When changing an answer, remind students to cross
    out incorrect bubbles and fill in the correct

Printing Regents Answer Sheets
  • We will begin printing on May 26
  • We will begin shipping on June 2

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Thank You
  • Level 0

  • MET.

  • "SAVE THE FILE" You can save your
  • data files as .txt or .csv without having to
    lock and upload your data first.
  • On Main Menu
  • Click on Information Reports
  • Then choose the data file you want to
    copy to .txt or .csv file and name it

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After running the Verification Report for Program
Services, categories containing errors are now
flagged in Maroon for easy identification.
  • What is the difference between
  • District Import Errors (Error Report 1)
  • AND
  • View Verification Errors (Error Report 2)?

Import Errors - Error Report 1
  • These errors happen when importing data to level
    0 based on the data type you are working with.
  • For example
  • On the demographic file, import errors would
    be invalid codes for data field types
  • Invalid location code
  • Invalid grade field
  • Inoculation date cannot be prior to date
  • of birth
  • Invalid format of dates

View Verif. Errors (Error RPT 2)
  • The Verification report is different from the
    Import Error Report in that
  • the verification report compares data from the
    various data types against
  • each other instead of just looking for invalid
  • For example
  • Enrollment record needs a corresponding grade 9
    entry date in the demographics record.
  • A state exit code of 782 requires the next entry
    record to have the same location, different
    grade, and later entry date.
  • An Alt. Assessment record must have an associated
    grade ordinal of K-6 or 7-12.
  • Program code 0231 requires a duration of LEP.

  • Why cant I see the Level 1 C errors in Level 0?
  • There are edit/verification checks in Level 0.
    When all data is cleaned and validated, it gets
    pushed up to Level 1. There are no edits/
    verifications in Level 1. The data files then
    get pushed up to the Level 1 Container where
    there are a complete different set of
    verifications of the data files.
  • Also, since some districts do not enter all their
    data in Level 0, for example assessments, edits
    such as whether or not a student has an
    enrollment record can not happen until the data
    is matched up in Level 1C. Also, since Level 0
    does not contain the NYSSIS id, that edit also
    can not take place in Level 0.

The New Validate Lock Procedure
  • Remember to always validate and lock all of your
    data files for submission to Level 1
  • The DW team has asked us to remind districts
    about validating and locking your data, a few
    districts had locked in time for the Math 3
    thru 8 deadline, then went into level 0 made some
    other data changes, revalidated their data but
    forgot to relock their data files.
  • You can not validate and lock your files enough !

Dashboard Reports
Lock History
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(No Transcript)
Special EducationData Reporting
  • CIO Meeting
  • May 2009

Important Special Education Websites
  • PD Data System
  • http//pd.nysed.gov/
  • Data is refreshed in the PD System every
  • SEDCAR Website
  • http//www.vesid.nysed.gov/sedcar/
  • 2008-09 SIRS Policy Manual
  • http//www.emsc.nysed.gov/irts/SIRS/home

Enrollments Enrollments Enrollments
  • All preschool students with disabilities who
    have received services at any time from July
    2008 to June 2009 must have an enrollment record
  • Includes preschool swd who received summer
    services before transitioning to Kindergarten
  • All preschool age students referred to CPSE
    must have a 4034 record if not already enrolled
    in a PK program
  • student with disability

Special EducationData Collection Training
Presented by Inni Barone May 26th, 2009 10 AM -1
PM Erie 1 BOCES 355 Harlem Road, West Seneca,
NY Room B-2a and B-2b Registration www.e1b.org
Then click on this
Due Dates
  • VR-10 - District Report of School Age Students
    Exiting Special Education
  • Reasons for Ending Enrollment, Disability
    Postgraduate Plans for 200809
  • New Verification Period
  • 06/01/09 7/31/09
  • Data included in the VR-10 are to be certified
    no later than by August 5, 2009.

VR-11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Due Dates
End of Year Data on Preschool Services, Preschool
Outcomes Special Education Events for the
2008-09 School Year New Verification
Period 06/01/09 11/4/09 Data included in
VR11, VR12, VR13, VR14 and VR15 are to be
certified no later than November 4, 2009.
Loading Special Ed Data to Level 0, part 1
Special Ed Program Services data will be loaded
to Level 0 no later than the week of May 18 and
Lock no later than May 26 in order to see
refreshed data June 3 for the VR-10 in the PD
System Nonsupported districts should follow
same timelines
Loading Special Ed Datato Level 0, part 2
  • Special Ed Events, EOY Snapshot and Preschool
    Outcomes will be loaded to Level 0 no later than
  • the week of June 15
  • and Lock no later than June 23
  • in order to see the refreshed data July 1 for the
    VR-11, 12, 13, 14, 15 in the PD System
  • Nonsupported districts should follow same

Loading Special Ed Datato Level 0, part 3
  • Special education data will be loaded in July
  • after the SMS teams have loaded
  • demographics and enrollments to Level 0
  • This will be your last chance to make sure each
  • student with special education records also has
  • accurate demographic and enrollment records

  • Verification Reports for VR 10-15 open in the
    PD System June 1, 2009
  • All students being reported must have accurate
    demographic, enrollment, and program service
  • Data Warehouse will not accept changes to
    enrollment and program service records for
    students with disabilities after July 31, 2009,
    that means the data must be corrected and
    locked to LVL 0 by July 28

Be proactive the best defense is a good offense
  • Go into the Level 0 and the PD System early and
    often to check for accuracy
  • Remember that it takes up to two weeks for the
    data to migrate from Level 0 to the PD System
  • Set earlier internal deadlines to make sure you
    are able to certify no later than the final
    verification date
  • Certify complete and accurate data promptly
  • Call WNYRIC for support

  • Level 1
  • and
  • NYSED Update

2008-2009 Certifications
  • Final Deadline July 31, 2009
  • Last date to review nySTART July 28,2009
  • Last date to review nySTART, make corrections and
    see them in nySTART before certifying July 21,
  • nySTART AVRs Availability June 2, 2009
  • Pre-AORS Available July 2, 2009
  • Information is posted on SEDs website.

Changes to Website for IRT
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(No Transcript)
Verification Process Start Now
  • What can you do before nyStart reports are
    published and/or refreshed? Use Level 1 Regional
  • Data locked to level 0 is loaded to level 1 and
    available for viewing in level 1 reports within
    48 hours.

Level 1 Reports Use level 1 reports to monitor
data locked in level 0 is loaded to level 1.
  • General Verification Reports Found under
  • Public Folders District Reports Verification
    Reports - Other
  • Student Enrollment Verification Report
  • Program Participation by Program Type
  • Student Inquiry Report by Local ID - Multiple
  • Last Date Modified - Level 1 Student/Enrollment/Pr
    ograms for 08-09
  • Last Date Modified - Level 1 Student/SE Events/SE
    Snapshot for 08-09

Level 1 Reports Use level 1 exception reports to
identify data integrity problems.
  • i.e.High SchoolData Integrity
  • Missing Gr 9 Entry Dates -Cohort Validation
    Report (found in Verification-Other folder
    referenced on previous slide)
  • Multiple Gr 9 Entry Dates - Cohort Validation
    Report (found in Verification-Other folder
    referenced on previous slide)
  • Graduate Data Integrity Use to check local or
    Regents graduates have a valid diploma type, a
    799 exit code and a post grad plan. Public
    Folders High School Cubes Reports Regents
    Graduation Data Reports    
  • Diploma Type Report Identifies student records
    with a diploma type. Check to ensure student
    record has the correct corresponding exit code.
    Public Folders High School Cubes Reports
    Regents Graduation Data Reports    

Level 1 Reports Use level 1 to Verify 3-8
Assessment data
  • Student Data and Assessment Detail Excel Export
    (select 3-8 assessment) Public Folders
    Elementary and Intermediate Cubes Reports 3-8
    Assessment Reports    
  • Student Data and Assessment Detail Report
    (select 3-8 assessment)
  • Individual Student Assessment Report by Local ID
    Number   Public Folders District Reports
    Verification Reports - Student / Assessment Lists
  • Student Assessment List by Location Public
    Folders District Reports Verification Reports
    - Student / Assessment Lists Counts

Level 1 Reports Use level 1 to Verify Regents
Assessment data
  • Regents Discrepancy
  • ReportPublic Folders High School Cubes
    Reports Regents Graduation Data Reports    
  • Student List by Location-Regents Scores Public
    Folders High School Cubes Reports Regents
    Graduation Data Reports    

Regents Discrepancy Report
  • Shows discrepancies between reported score and
    scanned score.
  • Plan is to publish the Regents Discrepancy Report
    the week of July 13, 2009.
  • Dependency on districts to input scores and
    ultimately lock scores in level 0 and timely
    submission of answer sheets for scanning.
  • Districts are asked to send answer sheets to be
    scanned or in district scanned files no later
    than July 2, 2009.

And speaking of Regents cubes
  • Plan is to have first round of Regents cubes
    available in mid-July starting with Global
    Studies, Living Environment, Earth Science and
  • Dependencies on data and Regents Item maps
    created by instructional experts.

Attention Instructional Experts
  • Are you certified in a particular Regents
  • Do you like new experiences?
  • Do you want to see your favorite Regents cube in
    a timely fashion?
  • We are looking for a few good men or women to..

Adopt a Regents Cube and provide it with an
item map for June 2009.
Our target is to receive item maps by July 1,
2009 to allow time for formatting and loading to
LVL 1. If you can help, sign up for an item
mapping session near you. For more information,
contact Fran Ogletree at 821-7615 or e-mail
fogletree_at_e1b.org or check Online Event
Registration on the Erie1 BOCES website.
Verification/Certification Process
  • Compare nySTART counts and data to source system.
  • Use level 1 reports for comparison as applicable
    if source system reporting is not available.
  • Level 1 Regional Reports can help with data
    analysis and investigation of discrepancies.
  • Once discrepancies are identified, make necessary
    corrections in level 0 and source system.
  • Certify data based upon nySTART reports refreshed
    on Tuesday, July 28, 2009.
  • Certifications must be sent no later than
  • Any final corrections to 2008-2009 data must be
    locked to level 0 by end of day on Tuesday, July
    28, 2009.
  • LVL 1 DW team will ensure LVL 1 data including
    corrections are loaded to L1C by end of day on
    Friday, July 31, 2009.
  • nySTART reports will be refreshed on Tuesday,
    August 4, 2009 with any corrections from the
    review of the July 28, 2009 reports.
  • You are strongly encouraged to save a copy of the
    Aug 4, 2009 nySTART reports for your records.

Changes to Historical Data
  • May 2009 SED LVL2 is again loading historical
    data ie for outstanding special ed certifications
    and districts identified as having 2004 Cohort
    graduate data problems.
  • During the month of May We will load 2007-2008
    data as locked to level 0 and will load to L1C
    for loading to level 2.
  • June 2009we will begin accepting data changes
    related to nySTART certification e.g. Total
    Cohort for years prior to 2007-2008 using a
    manual process as done last year. Notifications
    will be sent as we get closer to June.
  • District must notify us if deleting
    enrollment,program fact, special ed snapshot or
    events data. We need to submit purge/reload
    request for these transactions.

Tools to Use as Aids for Verification/Certificatio
  • Level 1 Reports
  • AND
  • L2 nySTART Supplemental Reports (new)

L2 Supplemental Reports
  • New Initiative
  • Reports developed to supplement nySTART AVRs
  • Certification is still based on nySTART reports.
  • Data is from LVL2
  • Access is through regional RIC via LVL 1 Cognos
  • WNYRIC plans to participate
  • Challenges
  • Longer term plan TBD

L2 Supplemental Reports
  • 3-4 Reports Planned to be developed and made
    available to RICs for deployment by June 1, 2009.
  • Implementation Plan still in process.
  • Currently in test Tested/Not Tested Confirmation
  • In Development Accountability Reports


nySTART AVR Reports (Tues)
Supplemental L2RPT reports (Tues) Via LVL 1
Cognos Portal
PD Reports (Wed)
SIRS Level 2 Production/Summary Tables SED SIRS
Level 2 Staging Tables
Data Reporting Components
SED Level L1C
Data Collection Flow
LVL 1 Regional Reports And Cubes via Cognos
Portal wnyric.dataview.org
WNYRIC Regional Level 1 DW (Data Visible w/in 48
hours of lock in level 0)
Level 0
Data Extracts
Clear Track/IEP Direct and other Program Service
SMS Data
Sample L2 Supplemental Report
Your District
Your school
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Upcoming DW Workshops
  • Verification Reports
  • May 12, 2009
  • May 22, 2009

Other SED Initiatives UIAS
  • Unique Identifier Audit System (UIAS)
  • Two initial reports are being piloted
  • False Drop-Out
  • Disappearing Student
  • Distribution through RICsat least initially.
  • Districts will be asked to review and make
    corrections as necessary.

False Drop-Out
  • The False Drop-Out Report Identifies students
    who have an enrollment record that classifies
    them as dropped out but who also have a
    subsequent enrollment record that shows them
    enrolled in the same school year in the original
    district or elsewhere in the State.

False Drop-Out
Disappearing Student
  • Enrolled in district or Charter School at the end
    of last year.
  • Does not show up as being enrolled in district or
    Charter School this year nor in any other.

Disappearing Students
New Yorks Differentiated Accountability Pilot
  • Same Goal All students will demonstrate
    proficiency in reading and mathematics by
  • Methods/Interventions used to close the
    achievement gaps are being redefined.
  • Board of Regents will adopt regulations required
    for implementation of plan by July 2009.
  • Districts are encouraged to check NYSED website.
  • http//www.emsc.nysed.gov/nyc/DifferentiatedAccoun

WNYRIC Contacts
Joann Lukasiewicz Student
Management Systems 716-821-7126 Linda Nobile
SIS/eSchool Data
716-821-7431 Susan Brady SIS/eSchool Data
716-821-7319 Robert Gottschall
Power/ Mac/ Winschool/ SASI 716-821-7180 Caro
l Weichmann Charter Schools 716-821-7172 Beth
Muscoreil Cleartrack/IEP Direct 716-821-7459 Ge
orgette Kenney Non-Publics/ Semi-Supported
716-821-7268 Barb Burgstahler Test
Scoring 716-821-7088 Karen Witoff Regents
Scanning 716-821-7173 Maggie Maloney Data
Warehouse 716-821-7466 Bonnie Fosbury Data
Warehouse/nySTART 716-821-7189 Fran
Ogletree Data Warehouse/DataMentor
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